Monday dinner at Mom’s

Happy Monday!! Errrr, I’m usually not so cheery on Mondays…But in case you didn’t know Christmas is FIVE days away!! I have been in extreme Christmas mode since Thanksgiving hit. This year I attempted Black Friday shopping at 10 pm on Thanksgiving night. By the time I reached Target at 4 am, I realized I was insane. I looked down in my cart and had an easy bake oven, a 24 pack of play-doh and a dvd…At that point I vowed to never venture out on Black Friday again. It really is unnecessary unless you are trying to get a big ticket item…and clearly I wasn’t. I have listened to Christmas music non-stop for the past month, I’ve baked 10 different types of desserts (recipes to come!) and have completed my shopping and wrapped all 1,000 of my gifts. I’m not sure what I’ll do with all my spare time once Christmas is over!

Last night I devoured enjoyed the soup I had thrown in the crock pot earlier in the day… In the words of Rachel Ray it was Yum-o! I made a low fat version so it wasn’t as thick and creamy as a normal baked potato soup…But it also probably had hundreds of calories less so I was happy with it. Here is what the final outcome looked like.

Umm…ya. So, I realize that doesn’t look super appetizing but this was taken with a camera phone. I will start using my regular camera so I don’t gross you out 🙂 I subbed greek yogurt for sour cream… If I didn’t tell you, you would never know! I still have plenty of leftovers so I froze them for a lazy day.

I am headed to my mom’s house tonight to decorate the Christmas tree with my brothers and make them all dinner… Last night my brothers texted me to say they were upset that I wasn’t coming over because my mom had decided to make them Velveeta and biscuits. (She is a little challenged when it comes to anything kitchen related). I will figure something out though…and they will love it. Anything will be a step up from Velveeta and biscuits! (Sorry mom 🙂 )

This morning I woke up and did level 2 of the Jillian 20 minute shred video. I also did 10 minutes of Core Pilates. LOVE the OnDemand exercise video’s from Verizon. I hope to get some cardio in while the girls are napping. Breakfast was another simple favorite:

Southwestern Burrito. Serves 1.


2 egg whites

Multi grain low carb wrap

1/2 of a low fat mozzarella string cheese stick



Fresh southwestern salsa (black beans, tomatoes, corn, onion, peppers)

Slices of avocado

1.) Place egg whites in skillet with spinach and mushrooms (add seasoning if desired)

2.) Place peeled cheese on wrap and put in skillet (or microwave) to melt the cheese and warm the wrap

3.) Add egg white omelet to wrap – Top with salsa and an avocado slice.

This will leave you satisfied and fill you up for HOURS.

I’m off to work! After 5 days off it’s going to be a longgg day.


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