Accessories…Kitchen Style

Good Morning! Even on my day off I can’t sleep in… So might as well make the most of it. I’ve decided to start off my day by watching Regis & Kelly and the Rachel Ray show. Two of my favorites! I rarely watch TV so this is a treat and I’m definitely just going to relax while doing so. (and look up recipes, and eat, and  possibly do some online shopping – I’m not good at this relaxing thing)

Yesterday the family I nanny for gave me my Christmas gift… They nailed it 🙂 See below for the cutest apron EVER.  

It’s from Anthropologie – They also gave me a gift certificate there…and an AMAZING bakers cookbook from Williams & Sonoma. Who doesn’t love that store? I have a love-hate relationship with them (the store – not the family!).  Love, because I’m a kitchen freak; Hate, because they carry almost everything I want and they are NOT cheap. Some things I’m currently pining over include: Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake PanBreville Panini PressKitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, and a Staub Round Cocotte, 2 3/4-Qt. I cant even pronounce half of those words…But i need them. I want them. I have to have them. Of course there are plenty more…but I’d keep you here forever naming them all. Feel free to send me any of the above items. 🙂

WELLL….Since I have a new apron and a new baker’s cookbook… I think I should put them to good use today! So this little baby will be getting bookmarked up. 

You can thank my employers later.

After work I headed to the gym with thoughts of taking a spin class… My gym is in the middle of a shopping center – Which just happens to have the Anthropologie store. Since I had the gift certificate and they had a “SALE extra 25% off” sign in the window, I had to stop in…before the workout. Why I never stop in here – I have no idea. But my bank account thanks me. An hour and 7 items later, I left the store. I headed to my car to put the bag away and then “accidentally drove away” without hitting up the gym. I then got home and poured some dark chocolate chips on a plate for dinner to try and convince myself that this behavior was OK. Here is one item I bought.

Isn’t it the prettiest lasagna pan you ever did see!? Must.use.asap.

Finished wrapping my gifts. 6 paper cuts later.

Done painting wine glasses. Not 1 broken! Knock on wood.

I also came across these napkins that I can bring to our Christmas Eve party tomorrow. So appropriate.


Since I’m having a lazy morning – I had a frozen breakfast. Vans Wheat Waffles (Gluten and Dairy Free) with frozen blueberries on top. Mmmmm.

On the agenda today :

  • Quick workout
  • Spray tan
  • Grocery store

A whole lot of nothing basically. I’m bringing some appetizers to the annual Christmas Eve get together tomorrow. I’ve decided on these 3 items.

  1. Mac and Cheese Muffins
  2. Trio of Cookie Dough Dip (Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Double Chocolate Fudge -)
  3. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Note to self – Wear elastic pants tomorrow.

I will post recipes on these tomorrow or maybe later tonight if I’m feeling super nice. It will be an early Christmas present from me to you because I guarantee you will run out to the store to whip these up to impress your family/friends/significant others. And it will work.

Oh by the way – The results from the poll the other day made me feel a lot better about myself. 100% said they could absolutely not bake something and not taste it 🙂

Is everyone ready for Christmas!?


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  1. Just signed up!

    Not to just say this because I’m your dad, but, this is very… good. I’m looking fwd to more.


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