Valentine Fashion & Vegan Day 1

Day 1 of being a Vegan was….challenging. I’m not sure if I was over thinking my meals or if that many items really are made with animal products. When I went on the Peta website to check out the approved list, EVERYTHING seemed so unhealthy: 7-11 apple pies, candy galore, famous amos cookies and kettle chips. I was looking for guidance on what type of Salad dressings I could use, not what type of processed foods I could load up on! In the end, I stuck to my goal of eating Vegan for the day (6 more days to go!) but got a little frustrated come dinner time when I was ready to gnaw off my arm after the gym and didn’t want to think of what I  was and wasn’t able to  eat.

Here were my meals…


Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal

Oatmeal w/ Almond Milk, Better n Peanut Butter, Banana, Vegan Carob Chips

Snack: 100 calorie pack of almonds & clementine

Lunch: Apple and Avocado Spinach Salad

Dinner: Every single vegetable in my house with a half of a pita and pureed black beans

Dessert: Frozen Banana Ice Cream

After work I ran 3.5 miles and tried to come up with some more exciting recipes I could eat during the week so I wasn’t on Veggie overload. Stay tuned to see how I do!

I have been on the hunt for something to wear for Valentines day.. I don’t need or care to be decked out in hearts, pink and red but I do like to have a little something to represent love. Here are some looks I put together. Some of the items are WAY too pricey but it gives you an idea of what to look for…



QUESTIONS: Do you usually dress up for Valentines Day? If you are Vegan, post a link of your favorite Vegan meal… OK, I know this isn’t a question. But I still want to know 🙂

Day 13: Goals

To be honest I’d rather tip toe through the daisies, wandering down my creative path, creating my own recipes, blogging, and not worry about where I’m headed or what I’m accomplishing. Except that it’s quite clear I’m not accomplishing as much as I’d really like to be. And there’s this strange feeling in my gut that has a slight dissatisfaction about it. So, I set goals… Life goals, Relationship goals and Hobbie goals.


  • To be trustworthy.
  • Earn a good living.


  • Respect the feelings and rights that my partner has in the relationship. Don’t become overbearing.
  • Don’t ever let the fun fizzle out of your relationship. Do keep an open mind and try new things.


  • Run a marathon one day.
  • Cook 10 new recipes a month.



24 Comments to “Valentine Fashion & Vegan Day 1”

  1. Sorry to hear your first vegan day was so tough 😦 I hate finding little hidden ingredients in things. I’m cutting off sorbitol and didn’t realize some of the stuff I was eating that had it. And I don’t really dress up for V-Day. I’ll wear red or pink but usually we stay in and cook a nice meal. Not very traditional =/

  2. I think you did a pretty fab job being Vegan day 1 and you’re making it known that it’s not that easy, right?

    Love the idea of V-day but always get frustrated that restaurants are so packed and service is crappy.

  3. Sorry that things were challenging on Day 1. But I’m sure it’ll get better!! I think I’m going to wear the dress I won from you for V-Day so I’ll definitely be getting dressed up 🙂

  4. I will dress up when we go out with friends for Valentine’s meals, but it probably won’t be anything with hearts on it!

    Make some baked kale chips to eat as a snack or on top of a salad 🙂

  5. If I have something special to do on Vday I definately like to dress the part 😀

    I flirt with veganism a lot (hence my blog name)… I love my Tofu Stir Fry ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Sorry the first day was so rough. I hope it gets better!

    I love dressing up, so yes, I definitely will! Though nothing with hearts or anything like that. Not sure what I’ll be wearing yet… I should look in my closet!

  7. You’re a trooper girl, I’m sure your vegan journey will get better (as everyone else has already been telling you!) I do appreciate the picture of vegetables just overflowing from the pita though…. so many nutrients!

    I alwayssssss dress up for Valentines day; pink/red clothing, flower in my hair, heels, the works! I figure, when single and fabulous, it’s a prime opportunity to show off. Hahahaha. 😀

  8. I think for Valentines day you will have to order something non-veggie! It will be your first day back! If you love mexican you should try miguels in baltimore, they have the most amazing margaritas!

    Keep up the good work! I didnt make it past dinner last night! I need your level of effort!

  9. Since valentines is my bday, I always try and dress up. I feel like its MY day to dress up you know? I unforuntely have to work this year since its a monday, but I am going to hit the stores this weekend and see if I cant find a work appropriate dress. Then I will probably throw a blazer or cardigan over it for work and then at night spice it up a bit for my hubby 😉

  10. Mmm, avocado!!

    So I’m not doing the vegan-for-a-week challenge, but I did have vegan snobby joe’s last night! I’ll be posting the recipe later this week…so good!

  11. Great job on going vegan for a day!! Looks like some yummy vegan eats you had!!

  12. It looks like day one went wonderfully! And banana soft serve is the perfect ending!

  13. For v-day I usually wear pink or red but I’m gonna go all out this year I think 🙂

  14. I really liekd how you set up this post! It was easy to navigate from your meals to your fashion to your goals. It was overall a great one

  15. I think I should also try being a vegan for a week or so.

  16. Congrats on completing day one! Looks like you didnt miss out in the taste department 🙂 I love to dress up for dates, valentines day included!

  17. Sorry your first day was so challenging. Although I definitely have to give you credit- I know I would definitely struggle eating vegan. All your meals do look great though! 🙂 I don’t really go too over the top with dressing up for Valentines day. Maybe just a pink or red shirt, but usually nothing decked out in hearts or anything.

  18. You did a great day 1-don’t think about everything you can’t eat, think of everything you can!!!!
    I love to dress up (when we’re going somewhere obvi) BUT i’m all about sweats on the couch cuddlin w/a good movie!

  19. I love hearing about everyone’s vegan challenge! I am so surprised that PETA lists all those processed foods- how sad. Your eats look fabulous though! 🙂

  20. Shame you’re finding it so tough 😦 Why don’t you go and stalk the Ohsheglow’s recipes? Thats what I did when I first became vegan. Mama Pea and Chocolate Covered Katie have great vegan recipes too 🙂

  21. Oooh!! Love the oatmeal! And banana softserve; ah I absolutely adore both of those things! (especially together!) looks like you had some great vegan eats…one day this week is going to be my “all vegan day!” so I’m thinking tomorrow or friday…ah can’t wait!

  22. Ooh I love those Valentine’s Day fashion ideas! Have you decided what you’re going to wear? Make sure to take pics! I always wear something red or pink on V-day, but don’t dress up unless I have a sweetheart to impress (I’m still on the prowl for prince charming!).

    I was vegan for a few months in college and it definitely WAS hard! It’s easy to to turn to carby, packaged convenience foods because it seems like almost everything else (except LOADS of veggies) is off limits. But you’re doing great! Maybe try incorporating some tempeh and quinoa into the mix. 🙂

    One of my favorite vegan recipes is this coconut curry soup with tofu!

  23. Ugh, that sucks about the vegan stuff 😦 I hope you find more recipes that are actually enjoyable..rather than just a plate of veggies. That can get old, quick!
    As for V-day- I’m actually searching RIGHT now for a cute outfit to wear- we are celebrating on Friday, so I’d like to dress up a little more than usual for our night out 🙂

  24. I have never had a valentine…but hey, I still dress up and get drinks with my friends. I love banana soft-serve!!!!!

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