Food Success

Whew, Tuesday’s eats were a million bajillion (yes, that’s a word) times better than Mondays. Thanks for all of your OIAJ and OOIAJ tips – I have prepared them for Wednesdays wake up! I kicked my morning off with one of my favorite staples…Oatmeal! I just realized its been weeks since i had this. Unacceptable. I also topped it with some banana fro-yo that was blended with chocolate amazing grass and some of my favorite granola (Yogi blueberry).

I knew from this meal my day was going to be I’m sure you’ve had oatmeal and banana fro-yo but if you never had them together now is the time. You wont regret it…and if you do, give me a call and i’ll come over and finish it for you.

We had a little snow on the ground this morning which meant work would be a tad delayed so I thought I’d get my workout in. I attempted to do Jillians Yoga Meltdown – but i only lasted 17 minutes. Sometimes her voice annoys me and today happened to be one of those days. Instead, I switched to a Pilates Core Sculpt video On Demand and called it a day. It wasn’t the best workout, but it was something! Do you ever do the On Demand videos? What is your favorite? PS: Check out my favorite boots to wear when it snows – No more ruining of the uggs!

Lunch was a shredded chicken breast with BBQ sauce on a sandwich thin. My favorite BBQ sauce is Kraft’s Thick and Spicy Brown Sugar. It’s probably easy to re-create and I should do just that because when I read the ingredient list I wasn’t too thrilled… Oh well, I’ll forgive myself this time because it was delicious 🙂 (sorry iphone pic)

I also tested out another goodie from my lo-carb purchase… Ding, Ding, Ding…We have a winner!! This made up for the failure of the Banana Supreme pancakes I attempted yesterday. This 1.5 oz bag had 15 grams of protein and 14 carbs, can’t beat it. They also tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch 🙂 I’m not sure if I can buy these in stores around here so I’m going to purchase a 12 pack online. If you’d like to try them you can buy them HERE. $9.25 and free shipping for over $25 (i always find other things to buy – its amazon so you can buy ANYTHING – oh and for those who asked where i got the donut pan it was amazon)

I came home and had a quick bowl or two of cereal before heading to Chuck E Cheese for my two favorite girls birthday party!


On the third day of self-love week I gave myself a facial… I would post a picture of it but I guarantee you would be scarred for life and I still want you to read my blog 🙂

Day 26: Your Dream Wedding – No words necessary…Just pictures and dreams.

Lots of sweets, pink and orange everywhere and a warm summer day. Sounds perfect to me 🙂 I’m all about the details!!

Tomorrow I plan on doing a post on something that effects more people than we think in honor of NEDA week. I am also going to wake up and try my OOIAJ! It should be a great Wednesday. Have a happy humpday 🙂

QUESTIONS : Do you use the Video On Demand workouts? What is your favorite? Do you think orange and pink for a wedding is too flashy? It’s always been my dream!

41 Comments to “Food Success”

  1. i love your wedding pics! i think pink and orange would be a great color combo for the summer! and lots of cake pops – your fav!

  2. I LOVE those wedding colors!! It looks so bright and beautiful! I’ve never done the on demand workouts, but I do love the bodyrocktv workouts!!

  3. My wedding colors are that pink and bright yellow – my favorite colors ever! Even though I am getting married first Saturday in Sept., I am still going all out with summer colors and theme!

    Will you post the process of making OIAJ? Pretty, please. I know its easy, but I just keep seeing it referred to as OIAJ and not how we get those lovely OIAJ. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Your dream wedding looks like a candy cane paradise!!! I love it! Hope your ooiaj come out great, can’t wait to see them 🙂

  5. I have those exact hunters, and a couple fleece inserts….although the inserts make the boots super tight on my apparently ginormous calves!
    Glad today was better than Monday!
    Love the dream wedding pics:)

  6. Girl, those were my exact wedding colors! They make such a fun, vibrant environment! 🙂

  7. I think orange and pink are perfect! Your dream wedding makes me smile inside! 🙂

    Love the snowboots, by the way! Smart girl!

  8. First, love the boots! I need some of those for all the Cali rain!

    And I think the wedding details are beyond faboosh! It’s happy, upbeat, slightly whimsical, beautiful, and worth remembering. Well done!

  9. I love those winter boots you have!! I hate to say I kind of ruined my favorite pair of Uggs in the snow here… they are stained 😦 I think that is a gorgeous wedding idea – bright and cheery summer wedding, and pink & orange look great together. I do on demand work out’s all the time. I really like the body by jake rock hard abs right now its 20 minutes and the workout is great on the abs and it goes by quickly. you should try it out – I think the trainers name is Steve Marcesa or something along the lines of that 🙂

  10. Cute rainboots, chica!

    I love the wedding colors. Totally goes against the grain, which I love 🙂

  11. All those wedding pics are gorgeous!! Love the colors! Yoga Meltdown is so tough for me. My sis and I did it once and we started laughing at how bad we were halfway through! The bday party looks like so much, and the girls are adorable!!

  12. Love those wedding photos! They’re so pretty and colorful. 🙂 Hope your OIAJ turn out great, I’m looking forward to hearing how they go.

  13. That definitely is my dream wedding!

  14. I think those are awesome colors for a summer wedding! Do it girl! Haha.

  15. I love that color combination. If I had a summer wedding I think I would go something along those lines.

    I can’t get into video workouts-I have tried before but I’m just not a fan. I teach step aerobics so it just seems strange for me to be led by someone else.


    I like pink and orange! My wedding colors were rose and a tealish looking color! Detail is the best part of wedding planning

  17. Those little girl are too cute!

    Love the pink for a wedding! I don’t think it’s too flashy at all! But after all, it’s your wedding so do whatever colors you like 🙂 If you’ve dreamed of pink and orange, then I think that that’s what you should do! 🙂

  18. Seriously picking colors for my wedding was the hardest thing ever.My fav color is the rainbow (no joke) so my colors would change everyday!! I think I should be a wedding planner, I mean I just ADORED everything about the planning!

  19. no way, jose! those colors are beautiful for a wedding. and I like yo style with that candy bar… that’s totally on my dream wedding plan.

    p.s. I’d still read your blog, facial picture or not. c’mon, you should know better! 😉

  20. love these pics! That candy bar is adorable!!!

  21. Let me just say, I love those boots. Too cute. The shredded chicken breast looked amazing and I’m sure you will come up with a lo-carb remedy for it. Also, the wedding pictures look amazing. Very girly and cute. It definitely fits you. Nice post as always 🙂

  22. I love the colors of that dream wedding! So fun! I’d probably tone my own down but only slightly. I would LOVE to be a wedding planner… um, except I’m not the go-to details person… I just like decorating things. 😉

    LOVE that shredded bbq chicken! That’s my kind of meal. Did you make the chicken or buy it shredded? If you make it yourself, how did you prepare it?

  23. That looks like a fun, festive wedding that I would want to attend!!

  24. Those wedding pictures look so perfect and joyous! If I were you, I would totally do my wedding like that. I love all those candy filled jars too.
    I do not do videos on demand. I just go to the gym or we have a gym in the basement of our house too with all that I need too.
    I want to try banana fro yo on my oatmeal, yummy!

  25. I think the orange & pink would be great for a summer, outdoors wedding. Plus, it’s your special day, so if you like it, then that’s what matters! I can never get into workout videos, I much prefer a group class.

  26. If I had my wedding to do over again, it would definitely be those colors!

  27. Good call on the new boots. I ruined my first pair of Uggs in the snow and now I’m scared to even wear my second pair! 😛

    Those wedding pictures are the cutest. I’m in love with those colours!

  28. Love those colors in weddings! I think it is classic and fun!

  29. Ping and orange together looks great! Very spring looking to me 🙂 I needd to try these “cinnamon toast crunch” pretzels DELICIOUS!

  30. Love the orange and pink for spring/summer wedding colors – they can be very fun if they’re not too crazy! My wedding colors are purple and white — I wish I was brave enough to do something bright like that!

    Also I love workout videos on demand! I know they vary depending on the cable provider, but Optimum does great workouts through Sportskool – mini cardio/weight/resistance videos and longer yoga workouts. It’s a fun alternative if you ever get tired of the usual DVD library!

  31. I just got hunters and I am in lurrvveee with them! And I got the blue socks to match the rain and my rain coat 🙂

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