Happy Wednesday!! I miss blogging OH so much. I never realized how much time I spent reading/writing until I could no longer use my computer… Now i’ve been sucked into trashy reality tv. But, I’m not complaining. It makes me feel so normal and down to earth. Not that I ever thought I was weird…

Anyways. It’s that time of the week again!! What I ate Wednesday 🙂 If you haven’t joined in the fun…Do so now and link up to Jenn’s post!

Here’s the breakdown:

Wow, I really got my fruit in for the day didn’t i?? During the Summer I usually eat A LOT of fresh fruit. I don’t hate it. I also had a sugar free jello for dessert… Because my day is NOT complete without a lil sumptin sumptin.

Workout consisted of an hour of bootcamp that kicked off at 5:45 am followed by 10 minutes on the arc trainer! I’ve been LOVING my morning workouts. Every time I hear my alarm go off at 5am I am almost (dare I say) excited to get my workout on. It feels good to accomplish a workout by 7am.  Today we worked on a lot of strength training – my arms and abs are SO weak. I need to pay more attention to them!


  • Dress: Navy One shoulder – Forever 21 ($10)
  • Belt: Francescas Closet (came with a dress)
  • Flip Flops: Rainbows. So comfortable($48)
  • Bracelet: Francescas Closet ($18)
  • Earrings: White House Black Market ($28)
  • Hair pin: J Crew ($15)

Close up of the bracelet and earrings:

Unfortunately my little peanut Maddie fell on Saturday and busted up her face pretttty badly. 

So we’ve been keeping ourselves inside to prevent her scab from scarring… Can you guess what we did??

Bowling! They actually did pretty well… Averaging a score of 80 for Maya (5 years old) and 60 for Maddie (2 years old). We also played arcade games, won some super lame cheap prizes, and enjoyed the bowling alley to ourselves with a dance party or two.

My mom has been kind enough to let me use her computer until I move so I should be posting a lot more! Enjoy your night 🙂

QUESTIONS: Do you feel lost without your computer? I clearly depend on technology a wee bit too much.

30 Comments to “WIAW”

  1. Um, why does your breakfast look so phallic 😉 hahahaha…

    I just joined the WIAW party — yay!

    And yes totally addicted to my computer / internet / iphone etc!

  2. Your daughter is absolutely precious!

  3. i’m totally addicted to the internet! i recently moved and there was a gap between getting internet installed and our move-in date. our old house was still ours for a few days and the internet was still connected. needless to say, i spent a few days in an empty house. yup, addicted!
    i LOVE summer fruit, too!

  4. I don’t have to go computerless too often, but when I do I feel lost. I rely on my computer way too much.

  5. I am lost without technology, it’s really quite pathetic. If my cable’s out I start aimlessly wandering around the house talking to inanimate objects. (Glad you can blog again on your mommas computer!)

  6. When I don’t have internet I use my iPhone… So, yeah I am super dependent on technology, it’s probably not the best thing!

  7. I’m a mess without technology. maybe it’s the complete ADD fool inside me, but if I don’t have my blackberry, I feel so naked. gah!

  8. Love bowling!! Adorable little kids, too!!

    Love your eats–that dinner looks especially tasty 😀

  9. i wouldn’t know who i was or what to do with myself if i didn’t have my computer! ok, maybe not that bad, but it’s definitely something i rely on a lot so i understand how you feel! and all that fruit looks delicious! fresh fruit is at the top of my list for best summer foods! (it comes in a close second to ice cream lol)

  10. I depend on my computer like it was my baby!! I can’t function without it 🙂 Great eats girl!

  11. I’ve had to do the no computer thing a few times when my internet has been down and it was ROUGH!! One time I even went to Panera to use their free internet because I couldn’t take it! Now that I have an iPhone I actually dont use my comp as much! I do almost everything on it that i would normally do on my computer whenever I;m bored and it actually saves me a lot of time I would have spent in front of my computer!

  12. I don’t know what I’ll do without ANY internet or phone for an entire month.. crap. When is the big move coming!?

  13. I love your pictures with all that text!
    Poor little girl and her nose – what a great idea to take them bowling!

  14. Bless her heart! I hope her nose gets better soon. I would be totally lost without a computer – I’m on it all day.

  15. It’s sad to admit, but I would totally be lost without my computer!

  16. #1 your breakfast looks so dirty haha and #2 I am in love with your dress!!!

  17. I LOVE the faux-Polaroids and the outfit snap, lady! Perfect 🙂

  18. seriously LOVE THAT DRESS!!!! you look adorable! love your dinner too!

  19. I love your outfit!!! Super cute! I do feel lost without my computer, for sure!!

  20. Your dress was $10 at Forever 21…shut up! 🙂 I love it.

    Get well soon to your sweet little friend!

  21. Love that outfit! It looks good on you… must be all that bootcamp. 😉

  22. Your outfits is super cute!! I love Forever 21, especially ordering online. Check out my blog, Beautiful Busy Bee. Thanks!

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE your earrings and bracelet!!!! so super cute! and your fruity eats look fabulous as well! welcome back my love! i’ve missed you! ❤

  24. I’m pretty sure your girls would beat me at bowling! Just sayin’. 😉

  25. i just started getting up at 6:00am to go running along the Charles before work – i love it!! its tough to get up, but totally worth it.

    where do you find the time to cook all that delicious food every day?! my diet basically consists of a pack of oatmeal in the morning, a sandwich in the afternoon, and something simple for dinner.

    love your blog!! 🙂

  26. I love how you did your food pictures in this post!! So cool! You look great in your outfit picture, girl!! I love when your posts have some fashion in them! 🙂

  27. I love how you did your little breakdown, you need to keep that 🙂 And I love Francesca’s! I could blow my entire bank account on the jewelry and randomness in there!

  28. omgggg love the pics they looks great 🙂

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