Good Start, Bad Ending

Good Morning! I don’t want to say Happy Monday because I’ve never been a fan of those people who say it every week… How was everyone’s weekend? Fun? Relaxing? Busy? Mine was perfect…until the end. But, I’ll get to that later!

Friday night my boyfriend arrived around 10 and we were both so extremely tired we just watched the movie “No Strings Attached” and called it a night. The movie was not so good, not too funny and pretty predictable. I wasn’t expecting it to receive an Academy Award or anything but throw me a curve ball or two!

Saturday morning we had a lot of errands to run… Somehow we accomplished all of them from my house. Thank YOU technology. How was I living without a computer for 2 weeks!?

We had plans to meet up with my best friend to enjoy some of Maryland’s finest.

Did anyone else know that you weren’t supposed to wear light/white clothing while picking crabs?? Well, this Marylander didn’t. I ended up ruining my tank top, shirt and white shorts with Old Bay stains. Next time, I’ll need a bib.

I guess my boyfriend knew that rule.

So did my best friend…

Sometimes my brain thinks fashion…not function. I’ve already washed the clothes 5 times… Still hoping for a miracle.

If you’ve ever had crabs you know their not that filling. Or maybe I just always have room for dessert? Regardless, we decided to go get some fro-yo to fill our bellies up.

That my friends is $17 worth of fro-yo. Glutton much? I love that my boyfriend and I totally thought this was normal. I mean… It is, right? Mine is on the left (toppings queen). I had cookies n cream and peanut butter gold swirl. I added reeses pieces, pretzel m&ms, peanut m&ms, dark chocolate snow caps, capn crunch, cheesecake bites, yogurt chips, brownie bites, andes mints, marshmallow and caramel topping. It’s really a thin layer of toppings… So don’t judge me too much. Adam’s cup consisted of red velvet, cake batter and cookies and cream fro-yo. His toppings were cheesecake bites and brownie bites smothered in marshmallow and hot fudge. Two peas in a pod I tell ya.

We then walked around Target trying to purchase things for our place. We had to keep talking each other out of it because we really need to wait til we actually move in to see what were working with! Usually I don’t leave without spending at least $150 there. You didn’t get me that time Target!!

Sunday morning we got up early and I cleaned, made breakfast for us and did laundry… Adam watched baseball and looked up baseball stats on his computer. Typical boy. We  I wanted to get out of the house so we headed up to Baltimore City. Adam wanted to walk around and find a good lunch spot but our plans changed as soon as we walked about 10 feet and it started to pour. We ran into South Moon Under to wait out the rain but that was just bad news. I love everything in there and need to not spend money on clothes right now! Across the street was a Whole Foods so we ate there.

I got the “Value Meal”. Broiled Salmon with grilled asparagus salad and orange flavored couscous. Light and healthy…. Just what I needed after our fro-yo from the night before! The rain stopped so we headed out to walk around the Inner Harbor.

From pouring rain…to beautiful sunshine. We walked, shopped and people watched. Adam bought me a couple of dresses/accessories at H&M but I can’t find any of them on the website to show you. I’ll just have to do a mini fashion show for you sometime soon 🙂

We didn’t feel like walking back (um why did i wear wedges!?) so we took the Water Taxi over to Fells Point. We thought it’d be about 3-5 dollars per person. They don’t ask you for your money until your on the ferry of course. $10 per person…oh boy. At least it was a pretty ride.

We ate again before he was to catch his bus back to NYC. Shocker. I ordered a personal veggie pizza ate 2 slices and a side salad. They had the most amazing looking reeses cake dessert but we were in a rush so i had to politely decline… My hips thank me.

I dropped Adam off at the bus stop and the sky literally turned black (at 5pm) ready for a big storm… Adam told me to be careful and text him as soon as I got home and we said our good-byes.

Sounds like a good weekend…right? It was….  Until I began driving home.

The rain started coming down SO hard. I had my wipers on as fast as they could go and was going under the speed limit. I ended up hydroplaning and scraping the jersey wall on my left. I then fishtailed off of the wall and spun into the middle lane where 2 cars (1 suv) hit me. 5 cars proceeded to hit those 2 cars. We now have an 8 car pile-up in a torrential downpour which shut down 295 completely.

I freaked out but we couldn’t get out of the car for at least 20-25 minutes because it was raining that hard. Police showed up… The people who could move their cars moved over to the right lane and we were there for about 2 hours before they finalized all the paperwork. EVERYONE was OK. Some cars were totaled, some cars had to be towed but everyone was scratch-free. THANK GOD. I was so upset because I kept thinking to myself I caused this and I’m very thankful that everyone including myself is OK. The crazy thing is my car only has a scratch. I clearly have an angel looking out for me. I guess I got that miracle I was hoping for earlier, huh?

I came home and did what any normal girl would do.

I baked. I ate cookie dough. I ate cookies. It made me feel better 🙂

Once I take better pictures I’ll post the recipe! They’re Vegan blueberry oatmeal and carob chip cookies. SO good.

Since they have fruit and oatmeal in them I can have them for breakfast………right???

QUESTIONS: What makes you feel better after a stressful incident? Have you ever been in a car accident?

25 Responses to “Good Start, Bad Ending”

  1. That is so incredibly awful, but again, thank God you’re ok!! Car accidents are so scary and it makes you not want to drive again for like at least a month. Be careful love!!! Can’t wait to see what you got from H&M tho 🙂

  2. what a fun weekend the end, not so much i’m just glad everyone is safe. my aunt and cousin were in an accident a few weeks ago where the same thing happened, so scary! I would have eaten cookies too!

  3. I’m glad the weekend started off well! But sorry it had to end with that accident!!! SO GLAD you are okay!!
    I’ve never gotten in a car accident like that, I’ve just been rear ended a few times – and always when I was sitting at a red light!
    Love what you did after the accident. Cookies make EVERYTHING better! 🙂
    Once again, glad you’re okay! ❤ ❤

  4. Alyssa! I’m so happy to hear you’re ok.

  5. Oh my goodness how horrible but thankfully you are ok. What a trauma. Look forward to your cookie recipe

  6. I’m so glad you’re ok. I’ve never actually eaten crab!! I’ve had crab cakes made with imitation. I’d never thought to put blueburrs in cookies! 🙂

  7. Girl, I am so glad to hear you’re OK…as well as everyone who was involved.

  8. Holy moly that sounds scary — so glad you and everyone else was okay. I’ve never been in a car accident with another moving vehicle..I tend to hit objects..nice huh?

    Baking always makes me feel better!

  9. Oh my GOD that sounds terrifying! I am so glad you’re okay! And everyone else of course.
    Cookie dough and cookies are usually always the answer. 🙂

  10. mmmmm – that froyo sounds delicious!!! I mean, maybe not so much worth almost $20, but pretty dang good, nonetheless!

  11. I usually eat after a stressful incident, but I can’t say it makes me feel any better. (At least I’m honest!) I’m bummed I haven’t had FroYo yet. Now that I know they have yogurt chips, I’m determined to try it out though!

  12. wow i have never seen so much fro yo in one sitting! im totally jealous!!! and i am so completely glad you are okay! that must have been so scary. baking off stress was the best way to go! when i am stressed i like to just go for a run sometimes a long one sometimes a fast one, running completely takes my mind off of everything!

  13. I love your cookies and cream fro-yo!! I love to layer on the toppings 😀 Ha I love that you came home to bake lol I wish I had your kind of inspiration 😉

  14. I am glad you are okay!! What a scary encounter!! I fishtailed on ice a couple years ago and hit a tree on the side of the road – no one was hurt but it was the most stressful and scary thing to deal with!

  15. Thank goodness you’re okay, that sounds very horrifying and also dangerous, so glad you’re all right.

    When I have something like that happen to me, part of me wants to stress nibble on everything around me, and another part likes to relax and do something like… a bath.

    Sometimes, I do both.

  16. I’m all about the froyo toppings! Do you pay by the ounce? The place near my house charges 30 cents per ounce, so it’s pretty cheap- somehow mine ends up being expensive because I load it up!

  17. oh my gosh that’s crazy about the accident! i’m so glad you and everyone are okay!!! i don’t handle stressful situations like that well at all so i probably would’ve spent the entire night crying into a pint of ben and jerrys and making my parents stay on the phone with me telling me happy and distracting things. you totally did the proactive thing by baking haha.
    your froyo looks delicious…you definitely beat my cup from the other night =)

  18. I have so many comments on this post!

    1. that fro-yo made me so jealous…now i want some RIGHT NOW!!! sometimes I think about the amount of toppings I put in and wonder how in the world it still tastes good! then I remember, duh, it’s candy, of course it tastes good!

    2. Target always gets me too! they just have everything you could possibly want in one store! you can walk out with books, cd’s, clothes, food, plates, etc etc!!

    3. Again, I am so glad to hear you and everyone else are OK after that! SO scary! I have only been in 1 or 2 fender benders and they were so so minor, I think I would totally panic If I was in a bad accident (knock on woooood!)

    4. Cookies always solve everything!

  19. Baking solves any problems..even pouring rain and traffic 😀

  20. i’m so glad your okay that must have been terrifying. cookies are def the right way to solve problems

  21. Thank goodness you’re okay!

  22. Cookie dough does fix all. Glad its over, right? Your crab adventure sounds fun!

  23. OMG, I’m so happy you’re ok!!!! I have to agree with the angel comment, though it sounds like God was protecting everyone, since noone was hurt. Cars are replacable, people are not.

    I’m glad you had a great weekend otherwise! And, girl, I have to disagree. I think No Strings Attached is one of the funniest movies ever. Haha. 🙂

  24. oh my goodness beautiful! While I’m glad you had a great weekend with the man I’m even wayyy more glad that you’re okay from that accident. Sounds like a nightmare. Cookies fix everything so I hope you’re smiling today ❤


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