It’s that time of the week! What I ate (wore and did) Wednesday 🙂

This morning I woke up ready for a run… I checked the weather and it was only 55 degrees! I threw on a long sleeve shirt to keep me warm. Redskins represent!

I look way to excited for 6am! (Please excuse the mess, I’m packing)

Today wasn’t just any normal run though… Today I did something I’ve NEVER done. I hit the pavement sans iPod. My iPod was charged but I wanted to clear my mind so I tried running without entertainment. It worked! I  knocked out my 4 miles in 32 minutes. Go me 🙂 I also came home and did a 10 minute ab video On Demand. I forget what it was called but the trainer sure was handsome!

The reason I wanted to clear my mind this morning was because today marks 3 years of my Uncle Chuck passing away and I knew my morning could get rough. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and passed away about a year later. It’s definitely been one of the hardest things my family has EVER had to deal with.

So this mornings run was for you ❤ Missing you everyday.

After my workout I had breakfast… and it wasn’t cereal for once!

I headed into work around 10:30 so the girls and I headed straight over to my Aunt’s house. My grandma wanted to plant flowers in memory of my Uncle and I didn’t want to miss it – Plus, the girls love these types of activities! My brothers, cousins, aunts and grandma all attended and ordered pizza for lunch. I however had already packed my lunch and am not one to waste food.

Definitely not as fun as pizza…But still delicious 🙂

When lunch was finished we all went out back to get our gardening on.


Putting the soil down and breaking it up



Dig the hole

Plant the flower

Add more soil to the top

Water the plant

Voila. In between planting the girls also took some breaks to do some trampoline jumping. Someone may have jumped on someones face… But it was nothing a little ice cream couldn’t fix!

Naps were taken by the girls. I enjoyed a snack or two while catching up on blogs.

I got home around 615 and immediately ate dinner. I like to eat early!

Meh. Just so-so. You know what comes after dinner right? My favorite time of the day.

By the way – Thanks for all of your recommendations on the cookie name… I think I’ll go with Shanna’s – Breakfast Cookies!

I may have had one more after taking a picture of those two above…

But shhh…let’s keep that our secret 😉

Last but not least here are the details for my outfit today


  • Dress – H&M (new purchase)
  • Belt – H&M (new purchase) – close-up below
  • Necklaces – Black circle – White House Black Market – Gold Feather – Forever 21 (close-up below)
  • Bracelet – H&M (new purchase) – close-up below
  • Gold Flip Flops – Old Navy
  • Starfish Earrings – J.Crew (close-up below)
  • Watch – Michael Kors


QUESTIONS: Do you run with an ipod or listen to your feet hit the pavement?

20 Responses to “WIAW”

  1. I need music to keep my mind off getting too caught up in my running. I obsess about my form, breating etc. so I like a distraction 🙂
    You look super cute, but I have to tell you….
    I HATE the Redskins!!! GO EAGLES!!! heh heh…xo

  2. Love your outfit, girl!!

    Sorry this morning was tough–love that you’re running for him though ❤

  3. What adorable kids! Looks like a fun day

  4. oh, i NEED an ipod! i get so bored without some distractions! i admire people who can go w/out – seems very calm & tranquil. i can’t stand it though – probably why i hate yoga, too!

  5. Haha I love that you covered everything in Chia seeds!!! I love chia seeds on pretty much everything 🙂

    I can’t run without music!

  6. Whoop whoop! Breakfast cookies they are. Since I named them, do I get to eat them? 😉

  7. So sorry to hear about your uncle 😦

    I really prefer using an ipod. I never realized how much I rely on them until it died a mile into a 19 mile run- it was ROUGH!

  8. Cute outfit!! I never run with an ipod. I’m pretty focused on performance, and an ipod seems like i’m distracting myself. Sorry about your uncle 😦 and your breakfast was a frowny face

  9. So sorry to hear about your uncle. Ive lost a lot of people in my life, so I know how hard their death anniversaries can be. We just have to remember on those days to not be sad, but instead cherish the beautiful memories we have of them. It will never get easier, but one day we will understand why they had to be taken ❤

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your Uncle. I love that you ran in honor of him though. & you ROCKED it!
    Colon cancer is so scary. It is sad how many people are diagnosed with it, definitely one of the cancers that kind of goes untalked about.
    Love that your family got together to plant flowers in his name, so sweet.
    & your outfit is SOOOOO cute!!!

  11. Great job on the run! I’m impressed.

    I too like to eat early. When 6:30 comes, my belly’s rumblin!

  12. I mostly run with an ipod – however I took my rottweiller on a run with me last week and didn’t want to juggle too much so I didn’t take the ipod – my dog pooped out on my rather quickly – time to get him in shape LOL

  13. I never run with music if I’m outside, but always have it if I’m running inside. Probably because indoor running bores me to tears and I need something to distract me. It’s nice to be alone with your thoughts sometimes, though. I’m sorry about your loss, but I’m sure he would be proud of your run 🙂

  14. i’m sorry to hear about your uncle, but i love what you and your family did to honor his memory.

    i could never run without an ipod or some sort of distraction! i get too bored otherwise! like this morning at the gym during my run i hooked my ipod up to the treadmill tv to watch an episode of degrassi to make the time go faster! 🙂


  15. I run with an ipod. Right now I need something to distract me from my runs.

  16. cutest. I love your outfit!! What a nice gesture for you to run for your uncle. What an honor for him.

  17. Love the outfit!!! It’s soooooo pretty!!!!!! I’m sorry to hear about your Uncle. My cousin passed away from melanoma a few years back. Then my godmother passed from the same thing 2 years ago. It’s so difficult to go through, watching a loved one fight and lose that battle. 😦

  18. Aww sorry about your Uncle 😦 That was so sweet of you to run for him!
    Such cute little girls! It looks you guys had a great time 🙂 And I LOVE you outfit!

  19. ahhh! I love absolutely every detail of your outfit! I’m so so sorry to hear about your uncle. He’s hanging out with my fam members that also passed away from cancer i’m sure and they’re all best of friends =)

    keep running girl! ❤


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