RA ah ah ah ah

I have been a HORRIBLE blogger lately. Forgive me? I have a feeling that will change next week when I’m jobless and bored though. Next thing you know you will be overloaded with 3 posts a day from me and you will wish I was still a horrible blogger 😉

Since we last talked (read?) I was heading out with my girlfriends for one last night out before my move. We started out at RA Sushi which happens to be my favorite sushi of all time! They have exciting rolls such as:

Viva Las Vegas

Crazy Monkey Roll

Mango Lobster Roll

Viva Las Vegas (to die for)

RA is a chain sushi restaurant so if you have one near you definitely check it out… They also have the best fried ice cream but alcohol and dessert usually don’t go together for me so I had to pass!

Two things I learned. 1.) My friends are like really really pretty. 2.) Never buy another dress. Rent the Runway never disappoints.

Obsessed with the dress I can’t afford.

The next day I spent recovering with my family… They made my favorite foods 🙂

Sweet Summertime.

My plate – Pre 2 chocolate chip cookies and a serving or two of “THE DESSERT” (recipe to come in the near future) Post – eating my weight in crackers & cheese, pita chips & hummus, more shrimp and baked ruffles with greek yogurt french onion dip. When I stuff myself silly I tend to get a little silly.

Or maybe that’s normal. I really don’t know anymore.

Today I met up with my friend Christina who wasn’t able to make it to my last night out. We had lunch plans at a restaurant I’ve been dying to try for about a year.

Lure’s Bar & Grille in Crownsville, MD is owned by a married couple.

It’s small, comfortable and cute.

We sipped on some wine and tangerine crushes while we browsed the menu…

I ordered the “Best Turkey Sandwich Ever”

Fresh sliced turkey, havarti cheese, bacon, avocado, spinach and red onion with honey mustard. It came with a side of sweet potato fries that I dipped in old bay. Ahhh heaven.

Christina ordered the next best thing on the menu… Pulled Pork!

That is one stacked sandwich. I tried it (obviously) and it was DELICIOUS. The food is fresh and doesn’t make you feel bleh when you leave. They also add a goldfish to every meal as presentation which I thought was super cute.

Good wine, good food and good company 🙂

Thanks for lunch Chrissy ❤

Other than these 3 days my life has been pretttty boring these past 3 weeks. I’ve been eating quick meals and trying to get rid of the food I have without going to the grocery store.

Eating huge bowls of cereal while I’m driving at stop signs.

Taking leftover grilled chicken and making buffalo chicken sandwiches or bbq chicken tortilla pizzas. Anything to not eat plain chicken over and over again 😉

I’m almosttt done packing (this doesn’t include my storage unit!)

and my boyfriend will be SO proud that I’ve gotten rid of A LOT of clothes – this bag comes up to my chest!

I’m going to end my boring Saturday night with a cup of Tasti D-Lite in honor of one of my best friend’s birthday’s!

If you can’t be with em… Eat dessert for em 😉

Happy Birthday Ash!

Countdown til I move: 4 days!!

QUESTIONS: How do you recover from a big night out?

29 Comments to “RA ah ah ah ah”

  1. Okay everything in this post has me salivating… But I am particularly jealous of both your sushi and tasti d lite excursions. And I hate packing so congrats on being at least partly done 🙂


  2. Got rid of clothes?! Ahh such a sad day 😦

    But yay that you’ll be hear soon! Dinner date for sure!! And I turn 21 soon, so drinks too 😉

  3. Sleeeep sleep and more sleep. And water and a light workout too!

    Dress is faboosh!

  4. You and your friends are gorgeous!
    I go for sleep and tons of water and fresh fruit for rehydrating.

  5. Ok, I’m super sad that I’m not going to get to meet you before you leave Maryland. How did our meet-up not happen?!?! Major boo. I guess this means that either I’ll have to come visit you, or you’ll have to drop into DC next time you’re home. Sound like a plan? Good. 🙂

    I’m loving everything in this post: to-die-for sushi, gorgeous dress, corn on the cob, girls’ night out, cute goldfish, and Tasti D-lite! Mmm. Good luck with the rest of your packing! xoxo

  6. What a delicious array of food you have shown

  7. I love Ra! I have one near my house and I’ve only been there once but omg the ambiance and food is delicious. That fro-yo looks amazing, yum!

  8. Sooo exciting!! I’m moving in August to be with my boyfriend, and I am so excited!!! Have fun, and it looks like you really know how to throw a going away bash!!

  9. Watch movies and bake!!! 🙂 Haha I had a big night out right the night before my birthday but i got up early to go running anyways.

  10. i’m glad you’re having such a good time! the big move is coming & you must be so excited! after a big night out, i eat really simple & plain the next day. it’s almost like a “flavor detox” just really basic foods.

  11. i looove sushi and all those rolls look amazing!! i’ve been cleaning out my clothes too but not because i’m moving, just because i have too many!

  12. That dress is gorgeous! And so are you 😉 Good luck with the move!

  13. RA is the best! One of my besties lives in Baltimore and RA is always on our must list. The Vegas and Hot Mess rolls… and those giant tsunami fishbowls… gotta love it! Good luck with your move! 🙂

  14. It looks like your having some great fun before your big move.
    After a night out I lay on the couch moaning, thinking that I will never stay out late or drink too much ever again.

  15. I sleep in, eat a leisurely meal, and enjoy a good, solid breakfast 😀

    Looks like you’ve been having some DELICIOUS eats!!

  16. Gosh i seriously love your blog so much Your posts are always so fun and those sushi rolls look AMAZING! 🙂
    Ok So in order for me to recover from excess driinking i lay in bed all day then run like 6 miles later on at night after chugging water all day. I feel like it gets rid of all the alcohol hahaha

  17. Looks like a fun weekend! And yes… your friends (and you!) are very pretty. 🙂

    I recover with an epic film, a couch, and something delicious. Meatball sub, perhaps?

  18. I like to recover from a big night out by laying in the sun on the lake 🙂 You and your friends are gorgeous!

  19. sleeeeeep until i can’t sleep no more and drink a ton of water every time i open my eyes 🙂

  20. maawww, it makes me so sad you’re leaving! but that all looks so fun. AND I love your RTR piece!

  21. Pancakes are my favorite for “the day after”. Trust me on this one…

  22. That Tasti D-lite concoction looks insanely delicious!

  23. Found your blog on Alyssa’s and I love it!!!! I always need to run or hit the gym (anything to sweat out all the alcohol)! And I literally drink my body weight in water, and diet snapple. I love Tasti D-Lite too, yours looks extra large and amazing–good luck packing, lady!

  24. That dress was GORGEOUS! Love it, lady!

    After a wild night out, I start with a fried egg and try to move forward from there. It’s a survival mechanism more than anything else.

  25. I love RA sushi! Been to the one in miami and Chicago!!!!!! Love the rolls you got!! Yum Yum!!!

    I missed you girl! Yay for your big move soon!!!!!!!!! xoxo ❤

  26. Sooo many good eats, I love the names of those sushi rolls! Tonight is going to be full of debauchery, so I’m certain that tomorrow’s breakfast is going to consist of something like eggs and bacon!

  27. I love rent the runway! that dress is so cute!!! (catching up here, LOL)

    – courtney

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