Why so happy?

After Regis and Kelly ended I headed out to start my errands…

First up on the list? Home Goods. I LOVE this store. I could spend a million dollars in there. But, I don’t have a million dollars so I’ll settle for a shower rod. I had a couple of more things in my cart like a bamboo salad bowl, tongs, a bag of jelly bellys and an ipod alarm clock but then I remembered I didn’t have a job. Whoops.

I snacked on a clif mountain mix bar (my new obsession) while browsing a furniture store across the street.

Good news, we finally have a dresser and can stop living out of boxes 🙂 I found one on clearance at the furniture shop and we can pick it up tonight! Wahoooo.

I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things and then almost gnawed my arm off because I was so hungry. I came home, made a quick lunch and sat down to watch a little TV.

Leftover pulled chicken with buffalo sauce, spinach and pickles on a sandwich thin. I also had an un-pictured banana while making the sandwich so I didn’t fall over and die. Have I ever mentioned I was dramatic? Hm…

I was craving a little something sweet so I added peanut butter to a rice cake and topped it with a few dark chocolate chips.

OK, OK a lot of dark chocolate chips. I can’t help it if the bag accidentally tipped over geesh.

While I was eating my lunch I couldn’t help but watch the final decision in the Casey/Caylee Anthony trial. I am truly disgusted that our justice system has chosen to find her not guilty. Why else would someone report their 2 year old daughter missing a MONTH after she went missing? I’m 26 years old and live in a different state than my mom and I can guarantee she would know that I was missing in less than 24 hours. The defense team smiling as they walk out and Casey’s lawyer saying “I just saved someone’s life” almost made me vomit up my lunch. How could Casey be SO happy to be found not guilty? Now she doesn’t know who killed her daughter? But she left smiling. I hope karma does bad bad things to her.

OK, I’m going to pick my jaw up from the floor now and stop the rant. I need to get in the shower before Adam gets home from work!

QUESTIONS: Did you follow the Casey Anthony trial? How do you feel about the outcome?


18 Responses to “Why so happy?”

  1. Phew! I thought you were going to say you were *happy* about the verdict. I too was extremely disgusted and could not believe that she was acquitted after her huge web of lies that just scream “I lied. I did it. I’m guilty.”

    What a sad outcome.

  2. I love Home Goods!!!

    I don’t have the words for the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial. It is just way too sad and sick the way everything turned out. I just hope that everyone remembers little Caylee in all of this.

  3. i feel the same way. after her happy tears were wiped away from hearing she wasn’t guilty i wanted to slam my head into my monitor! i was sick to my stomach!

    we need pics of the new place so we can come stalk you!

  4. You can be sure I’d know & report you were missing in less than 24 hours! Didn’t follow the trial but people had so many different “theories”, I was afraid the defense had created a “reasonble doubt” – looks like they did.

    Congrats on the dresser!!

  5. I disagree with what you said. Lots of people feel the same way that you do about the trial and the outcome. However none of them saw everything that happened during the trial and nobody at all except Casey knows exactly what happened. It’s kind of unfair to judge it yourself when you don’t have all the facts. Your sandwich looks super tasty!! 🙂

  6. I definitely agree with you, I think it’s disgusting what happened and how the jury decided their verdict. She’s totally guilty and needs to be punished for her actions instead of just getting a slap on the hand…

  7. Laws need to be changed when it comes to protecting our Children and Women.
    Obviously a Child’s Murder is not taken seriously and if You have the right Defense Team, even if You can’t afford it
    You can get away with Murder!
    In this Case the State paid for Casey Anthony’s Dream Team.
    A Child was murdered and No One was held responsible for her Death!
    The Prosecution in this Case did a wonderful Job, they did whatever they could to seek Justice for the Victim Caylee Marie Anthony. I applaud them for their Devotion to Caylee and their hard Work!
    I can’t imagine how they must feel today. They weren’t in for the Money or the Fame in this Case, they were standing up for Caylee and the Truth!
    Also let’s not forget All Law Enforcement including FBI which worked tired less on this Case to bring Justice to that beautiful little Girl who’s Life was taken away from her before she even could reach her 3rd Birthday!
    Today is not a Day for Celebration and who was right and wrong about this Case Outcome.
    Today is a Day when we remember more than ever a little Girl, her Name is Caylee Marie Anthony, she was murdered and thrown away like Trash in the Woods, 15 Houses away from the Anthony’s Home.
    Caylee did not receive Justice today, at the same time she is in Heaven and in God’s Arms where she is save.
    God, Casey Anthony and Caylee knows what happened back in June of 2008.
    The Anthony family can celebrate or not when Casey comes home, that’s up to them! The black Cloud what has been done to Caylee will be hanging over them whether they realize it or not,
    Caylee Marie is gone forever and her Murder has never been paid for.
    Casey knows what she did and will have to live with that the Rest of her Life.
    Today is Not a Day to celebrate Lady Justice, I feel she let Caylee Marie Anthony the real Victim in all of that down!

  8. I agree with you, that entire case was just a mess. Im so sad for that little girl, and I hope her mother one day pays for what she did to her!

  9. I am beyond flabbergasted and disgusted at such a misuse of JUSTICE, which our country is founded upon. The piles and piles of circumstantial evidence just SCREAMED “casey did it!!” How do you, as a quote on quote “loving” mother, report her missing a MONTH after she “disappeared”? And her “Bella Vita” (the beautiful life) tattoo she got AFTER caylee was gone…it just makes me SICK. The prosecutors did the BEST job they could have, and Jeff Ashton is pretty much the bomb dot com. I feel like Caylee got NO justice. And especially NOT GUILTY on aggravated child abuse–didn’t report her missing for A MONTHHHHH. If that’s not “child abuse” then I don’t know what is.
    I could go on an on. But I’ll end with this… In the end, God knows what she did, and I strongly believe that what she did WILL come back to haunt this socio-path, psycho crazy woman. Caylee is looking down right now and wondering WHY she hasn’t gotten justice. WHY no one protected her from her insane mother.

  10. UGH! That trial makes me SICK!
    I was right next to the court house (since I work in downtown Orlando) & it was a MAD house. There were people chanting, they thought there might be riots. It’s nut.
    & I just cannot believe the outcome. It’s SO obvious how guilty she is. I just hope she plans to move FAR FAR FAR away where people don’t have tv’s…or read the news. Orlando is NOT the city for her.

  11. I loveee home goods and any home decorating place really! I can;t wait to have a house so I can spend lots and lots of time (and money!) decorating and furnishing it!

    I am in totally agreement with you on the Casey Anthony trial. How anyone, let alone Casey herself, smile after that is disgusting. It’s very very sad.

  12. I always go to the Home Goods store for something quick and end up dawdling forever in there… every time….

    As for the Casey Anthony trial, I didn’t really follow it closely until I moved in with my current roommate- she would dvr the coverage! It’s upsetting that everyone’s gut instinct is that she did kill her daughter, but there’s just no evidence that can 100% say without a doubt that it happened. There’s not much to be done now other than pray for the poor little girl that suffered because she was born of a mother who was not mature enough or of the right mindset to be taking care of her own child in the first place. It’s awful.

  13. 1. rice cake pb chocolate chips=genius 2. i am sooooo mad about the trial too i was ligit JUST ranting about it to my boyfriend haha …but karma will most definitly bite her in the butt

  14. I was absolutely SHOCKED with the verdict. My guess is that if they didn’t go after the death penalty the jury would have been more inclined to find her guilty. Nevermind that the evidence was circumstantial, something didn’t add up with that chick!

  15. I didn’t really follow the trial, but it was blowing up my twitter feed today! No one seems happy with the outcome :/

  16. I was sickened by this case. Truly sickened and sad. Now Casey will be free and will most likely have a reality show or make millions from her ‘story’. I can only hope that society will shun her and the rest of her life will be miserable.

  17. That whole trial was a joke, and I am quite ashamed at my Stat’es DA for being so wholly unprepared and showing NO evidence. Because that woman can never go to trial again, and she will walk, yet that precious baby is still dead. I knew they were going to find her not guilty because the State completely made a mockery of trial prep. I hope she finds some justice on the street.


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