Shoed Up

This morning when I woke up I didn’t feel like working out. I wasn’t feeling so hot last night so I decided to lounge this morning and will do my workout this afternoon.

Breakfast was literally the same exact thing I had yesterday. It was even in the same bowl. (Clean of course)

Cereal Combo – Kashi heart to heart, Fiber one 80 calorie, blueberries, strawberries, lots of cinnamon, chia seeds and almond milk.

After reading some of my favorite blogs I turned on Regis and Kelly and unpacked the last of my boxes to fill the dresser drawers. It feels good to have all of the boxes out of the house!

Yeah, we both have to share that… Good Luck, Adam šŸ˜‰

While I was unpacking I realized that I have A LOT of shoes, A LOT of clothes and A LOT of jewelry. I always thought my shoe collection was impressive until I read this article a couple of weeks ago. Suri Cruise’s shoe collection is worth $150,000. Way to get shown up by a 5-year-old, Alyssa.

Suri is a big fan of Marc Jacobs and has most of her shoes custom-made so she can have a heel… She even owns a pair of Louboutin’s. Um, yeah I’m totally jealous over here……

I’m going to finish putting away my pathetic shoe collection and go for a long bike ride.

I have 2 bananas that want to be baked into something yummy later – Any ideas??

QUESTIONS: What do you have a lot of? Clothes, Shoes or Accessories? What should these bananas be baked into!?

13 Responses to “Shoed Up”

  1. I think I’m doing a shoe dump this weekend — I want to get rid of at least 5 pairs…do I donate or sell? Hmmm..

  2. Mmmhrmmm banana bread!!! Or you could freeze them, then blend them for banana soft serve (tastes like ice cream!). Suri Cruise is spoiled rotten!!! I wish I was her.

  3. i’ve never been jealous of a 5 year old until Suri. That article is funny. She is so glam i can’t even take it. Next time someone asks me who my fashion icons are i’ll say: “Suri Cruise, Kate Middleton, and Lauren Conrad”

  4. that’s kinda sick. let’s think about this… you’re rich as crap. what’s more important… the price tag of your kid’s shoes? or the poverty going on all over? the millions of charities for medical research?

    now I’m just really annoyed with Katie Holmes. give that money to Susan G. Komen or something.

    okay. I’m done. šŸ™‚ freeze those naners to put on some oats or bagelthins or yogurt!

  5. I have a lot of everything – but I that is because I have a problem. I like to shop and buy new things. I look at my wardrobe like there is always something fun I can put together in there and the more the merrier!!!! haha
    Make some sugar free banana bread with those bananas! šŸ™‚

  6. Banana bread, cake, or muffins? Yum, want all of those post haste!

  7. I have a ton of earrings- which is okay because they don’t take up much space šŸ™‚

  8. Suri is adorable and trendy but honestly? That is riduclous!!

    Make banana bread! LOVE!

  9. I would go for some bananna bread. I have too many clothes…my problem is that I don’t like to give any away because I always think that I will wear them sometime, so my closet just gets overloaded…I admit I have a shopping problem lol.

  10. I definitely have A LOT of clothes and also a lot of makeup!! I do still have a decent shoe collection but shoes were never my thing! And I used to have a lot more jewelry but being lazy means I usually keep the same earrings and necklace on all the time and never ever change them or add any other jewelry! The makeup is an obsession of mine…I barely wear makeup which makes it sort of ridiculous but on the rare occasion that i do I like fun colors and using different things!

  11. I love shoes. And, Alyssa. I’m now also jealous of Suri Cruise. Haha. You are not alone!

  12. I have way toooooo many shoes and clothes, and I know, a girl can never have enough, but I really need to go through stuff, I have 2.5 closets I take over in our place, one day though when we buy a house in the next year, a walk in closet is a MUST, it just is needed, lol!


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