Blender Mishap

This morning I got up and headed out for my run… It was a little rough. I’ve been slacking on the stretching and boy could I notice. I ran about 3 miles and had to walk the fourth. I can guarantee I’ll be doing some of this later.

I came home sweaty as ever and wanted something nice and cold! I pulled out our new blender to make a smoothie bowl. I must’ve not put the blender together correctly because as soon as I pressed the blend button…I had a big mess.

Awesome. Happy Thursday to you too.

I ended up figuring it out and gave it another shot.

Whew, much better.

Strawberry Cake Batter Smoothie Bowl: 1 1/4 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop cake batter protein, 5 fresh strawberries, 2 pinches of xanthan gum (for thickness)

This one looks prettier than the first anyways 🙂

Summer to Do List

This morning I was thinking about how fast this year has gone by (especially Summer) and decided to jot down a quick list of things I want to accomplish before Summer is over.

1.) Find a job preferably as an Event or Wedding Planner in NYC – my dream

2.) Make new friends – Since I just moved to a city where I only know my boyfriend and his guy friends I’m going to need a little girl time here and there too!

3.) Have a picnic in Central Park

4.) Get a chocolate chip cookie from Levain’s Bakery in NYC

5.) Visit the Peanut Butter & Co. in NYC

6.) Take as many free workout classes outside as possible. I’ve already found yoga and belly dancing classes

7.) Visit the beach at least once a month

8.) Do a DIY project for our bedroom – ex: make a headboard

9.) Take a cooking class

10.) Read a book from start to finish. I have major ADD and usually get halfway through and start another.

I still have things to cross off my to do list but there is not a cloud in the sky and from the looks of yesterdays picture of myself i DESPERATELY need a tan. To lay out or run errands? That is the question.

QUESTION: What is something YOU want to accomplish this summer?


17 Responses to “Blender Mishap”

  1. cake batter protein exists?! what brand is it?? i want some! that’s a great list – jenn and i were just talking about ours this morning and planning some day trips for next week. and maybe we can help you with #2 because we’ve got our 5K in hoboken next week! 🙂

  2. haha that is awful! I’ve taken the lid off while mixing before and gotta splashed and overfilled my food processor and ended up with a full-on countertop mess- it’s the worst.
    That sounds like a great list of goals. You should check and see if there are any paid internships for event-planning companies bc that’s an awesome way to get your foot in the door + experience which is good for the old resume.

  3. Oh my god, what a great list! I love it. As for the Wedding Planning, do your homework on what classes are available and reputable in your area. You may also want to join groups like NACE, AWP, etc..just start googling away. Also try to get on the list for vendor shows — great networking opportunity and often cheap to attend (but you get to sample awesome foods and wines).

  4. Omg I would love love love to visit the Peanut Butter & Co. in NYC!! And I bet you are going to find that dream job of yours for sure! 🙂

  5. I was also freaking out about how quickly the summer has been going! By the end of summer, I hope to have made my home office paperless, gone to the “safari” thing we have in these parts, and do more art projects!

  6. Your summer to-do list sounds so great!! I’m constantly fighting between laying out by the pool or productivity/errands! A little bit of both usually works quite well! 🙂

  7. I need need need need cake batter protein. like right now. stat.

  8. Oh you poor thing!! I totally put my iced tea in the fridge yesterday to chill a bit but I didn’t secure the lid I guess. When I opened the fridge it fell over and spilled over EVERYTHING, I was NOT happy!

  9. I need to get some cake batter protein batter. Your smoothie looks good!
    I love your to do list. It all sounds like so much fun.

  10. Ooh you should be a wedding planner that would be awesome!!! I want to go to PB&Co so bad. I want to read tons of books!! 🙂 I’ve already read 4.

  11. Oh no! That has probably happened to all of us!

  12. Ahh! So much fun stuff you have planned for the rest of this summer!! I love that you are hoping to be a wedding planner! I can’t wait to hear all about it if you find a job that fits you! 🙂

  13. Girl you have me! I’ll help you cross some of those things of that list! Free workouts and PB&Co. sound perfect 😉

  14. I had a very similar blender disaster a year ago! Except it wasn’t delicious smoothie that splattered everywhere, it was oily, green pesto! Not good. And I definitely ruined a dress. 😦 Lessons learned: never make homemade pesto again and proceed with extreme caution when using blenders. Ha!

    You would be an amazing wedding or event planner! I hope that dream comes true! And PB&Co is a peanut butter-lover’s HEAVEN! Just make sure you go hungry, because you’ll want to sample every peanut butter flavor three times each and then order one of their delicious sandwiches.

  15. Oh no!!! The same thing happened to me twice last week 😦 It’s such a pain to clean up!

  16. I don’t have a goal right now. I probably should make one! Haha. Love yours, though! I know what you mean about making girlfriends. Next month when I move to North Carolina to be with MY boyfriend, I’m on the hunt for chicks to hang out with!!


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