Joisy Shore

We’re back, we’re tan and we’re worn out! We headed to the beach early Saturday morning and immediately put on our bathing suits. I love that my boyfriend loves to lay out as much as I do… It’s nice to have company while laying still for hours on end.

Plus, he’s cute πŸ˜‰

After burning bronzing our bodies we got ready to head out for a nice dinner with Adam’s parents.

We headed to Red’s Lobster Pot

which had BEAUTIFUL views

We started out with appetizers such as a lobster quesadilla and spicy grilled clams. Delicious.

We ordered our main meals and I chose the lobster roll.

It came on a hot dog bun and it was the perfect size and not too mayonaisey (which I hate). Β It also came with a side of fries that were just like boardwalk fries! So yummy.

Someone just had to order the 2 pound lobster.


After shutting down the place we headed to one of our favorite ice cream spots, Ralph’s Italian Ice’s. They had a flavor on special I couldn’t say no to.

Peanut Butter Fudge Pretzel. Yep, it was as amazing as it looks.

We all passed out as soon as we got back to the boat. When we woke up the next morning we went on a walk to eat breakfast. On the way we saw some of the prettiest houses!

All of the houses were beautifully landscaped

Oh and they’re all on the beach

I. need. a. beach. house.

When we got back we went on a boat ride.

Silly us didn’t realize being on a white boat, with the water reflecting onto us would equal major sun. SPF 30 just wasn’t cutting it. No complaining though because it was a perfect relaxing weekend!

When we got home Adam prepared dinner..

Carba Nada Pasta with Turkey Meatballs and pasta sauce w/ a side of Texas Toast!

He also cleaned the dishes, put them away AND let me watch Julie & Julia. Must’ve been my lucky night.

I really love the movie Julie & Julia… If you’ve never seen it and you’re a blogger its a must see. It’s about a girl who aspires to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook in 365 days and starts a blog that eventually leads her to her dream job. All of the recipes are fancy, full of butter and time consuming.. I don’t think I’d ever be able to make 524 things in one year!?

I started thinking about what inspired me to start cooking and besides growing up and baking with my grandma every year at Christmas time I would have to say that Rachel Ray was my inspiration.

In 12th grade I got mono and was sick for 3 months which meant I had to be home-schooled. Since I had so much free time I started going to the grocery store for my mom and preparing our nightly dinners. I watched the cooking channel (all day, everyday) and took interest specifically in 30 minute meals. They were easy, fresh and delicious and they fed our entire family quickly!

Is it ironic that I’m currently watching the Rachel Ray Show? I still love her (almost 10 years (WHAT!?) later)!

QUESTIONS: What/Who inspired you to blog/cook??

23 Responses to “Joisy Shore”

  1. Ooo that’s a toughie…I don’t know who really insprired me. Perhaps my Grandma to some extent and also that I just wanted to be more domestic than my Mom.

  2. Peanut Butter Fudge Pretzel?!?! That sounds like the most heavenly flavor ever created! I NEED SOME OF THIS!

  3. Gahh that ice cream looks to die for I love the salty pretzel addition

  4. I have always loved cooking, i think when you make something delicious that everyone loves it inspires you to create more! yay for bronzed bodies ❀

  5. awwww sounds like a blast! ❀ I've never tried a lobster roll and i'm 100% certain i'm totally missing out! and lobster quesadillas?! what! mine!

    love your kitchen inspiration and omg I cannot believe she's been on the air that long! let's not talk about how old i feel right now πŸ˜‰ haha

  6. that looks so pretty! I’ll take a beach house, too please. πŸ™‚ oh.. and maybe your tan. heheh

    ps, love the instgram pictures πŸ˜‰


  7. What an amazing vacation! πŸ™‚ So glad you guys had fun!

    I think eating Hamburger Helper inspired me to cook! πŸ˜‰ (I was so sick of eating crappy boxed meals, I knew I needed to learn!)

  8. what a great weekend & i love those pics! (also loooove julie & julia!) have you read julie’s book?

  9. Woah, in 12th grade I got mono too and felt like I was sick forEVER. I couldn’t play soccer my senior year and slept at least half the day, awful times! I didn’t have to be homeschooled luckily, but with all my free time from not doing sports or other activities I spent a ton of time reading healthy living and food blogs which inspired me to start my own blog!
    My enormous sweet tooth without a doubt inspired my love for baking! At 6 years old I was making my parents taste test all my concoctions…!

  10. Ummm….I did cook, it just didn’t taste good!

  11. Just found your blog! I loveeee Julie and Julia, such a beautiful and inspirational movie! I first got into blogging from reading some of my favourites (Snackface, and this other blog no longer in existence)- and as for cooking, I was always inspired by my mama and I used to watch Tyler Florence obsessively (and funny enough he now lives in my town, opened a restaurant here, and i run into him and his family AT LEAST once a week unless he’s traveling).

  12. My mom inspired me because even when she was working, she would make sure we always ate a nutritious breakfast and had healthy dinners on the table. I loved sitting down to dinner as a family in the evening. Such a lost art!

  13. Peanut Butter Fudge Pretzel Ice Cream? That looks amazing!

  14. I would LOVE that ice cream, pretzels in there, yes please!!!!
    U and your man are so sweet! Love the cute pic!

    And who inspired me to blog, I used to read this blog eat like me, and thats when i decided it would be fun to start my own, and it is the best thing I ever did! xoxo ❀

  15. Lady, you are a feaster after my own heart – that dinner/dessert combo just looked to die for!

    p.s. TOTALLY didn’t realize how ridiculous the sun would be in the Mediterranean either. I definitely know what you mean about the feebleness of SPF 30…hahaha…The tragedy of it all.

  16. Learning to cook was out of necessity. I was raised by my single father and as much as I love him, he couldn’t cook. As the oldest, I took the helm and eventually adapted my grandma’s recipes for the family. Later when I started watching Food Network, I was amazed by the ideas at my fingertips. Blogs are a huge inspiration as well!

  17. P.S. If the dark brown you wanted on your headboard would still show the grain of the wood (aka not solid paint) yes, I think you would want to stain and refinish.

  18. that is so awesome he likes to lay out!!!! i LOVE those carba nada noodles, sooo good!

  19. NOTHING says summer like being outside all day and then eating by the water! You have totally captured the beach/summer feel in this post. It makes me wish it were daytime and I had the day off πŸ™‚

  20. Though I’m still not a whiz in the kitchen, I honestly think that when I decided to change my eating habits and lose weight, that’s when I was inspired to cook… not by any one cook, just by the idea of cooking for myself and cooking healthy.

    few things:
    -lobster roll looks dank
    -pretzels + ice cream = one of my favorite combos
    -love the shore. so. much.


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