Das Boot

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6am and decided to head out for a run… I completed 4 miles in 35 minutes and came home and did the 10 pound slimdown yoga video. If I don’t get my workout done in the morning its likely it wont happen!

After a quick shower I whipped up some protein oatmeal. Because everyone likes hot oatmeal after a sweaty workout in 100 degree weather, right?

In the bowl: 1 packet of strawberries and cream oatmeal, 1/2 smashed banana, 2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 scoop cake batter protein, 1T chia seeds and the other 1/2 of the banana sliced. SO GOOD.

Side Note: I’ve had this bowl for 10 years 🙂 Isn’t it perfect?

I cleaned the entire apartment yesterday (which is small) and it took me all day. I clearly have ADD. I took a break for lunch and grocery shopping!

Leftover sloppy joe, an ear of corn cut of the cob and romaine lettuce

I have to remember to only stick to my list when I go grocery shopping on the bike! I almost hit about 8 people on my way home because the weight of the bags steered me in every which way direction. Whoopsies!

I threw dinner in the crockpot and headed to a free fitness in the park class. The flyer said it would be a hip hop class…When I arrived the teacher explained that the hip hop teacher couldn’t make it but she would be happy to teach modern dance. I was cool with it…or so I thought. WORST WORKOUT EVER. I couldn’t even call it a workout. She had us prancing around, rolling around in the grass and crossing our legs like a butterfly. I left 25 minutes into the class and snapped a picture of the prancing while running away.

Not my thang.

On my walk back home I noticed there were pieces of paper all over my car.. I walk up and bam.

I’m booted. Seriously Hoboken? Ticket me and boot my car. Thanks for ruining my day!!!

Thank goodness dinner was ready when I got home. The crock pot saves me once again.

French Dip sandwiches on whole wheat buns and a side of roasted zucchini.

I get A LOT of searches on my blog for Pot Roast so I thought I’d share this recipe because it couldn’t be ANY easier.

Pot Roast in the Crock Pot


  • 2 lb Chuck Roast (trim the fat (but not all of it)
  • 1/4 cup red wine
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 Lipton Onion Soup packet
  • Add all ingredients to slow cooker
  • Cook on low for 6-8 hours
  • Pull apart beef for sandwiches
I topped Adam’s with cheese and poured a little extra sauce on the sandwiches since I didn’t have enough to dip them.
I don’t like to toot my own horn but….beep beep. These were good!
Dessert was something that was definitely on my agenda tonight since I was SO angry about my car.
Graham cracker spread with natural peanut butter, dark chocolate chips and sugar free cool whip. Might be seeing this one quiiite often.
I have a long to do list to tackle today…and more brown bananas so I’m thinking of making banana cupcakes! Who wants some?

QUESTIONS: Has your car ever been booted? Have you ever taken a modern dance class?

28 Responses to “Das Boot”

  1. Nooo not a boot! So sorry to hear that! Hope your day gets better!

    Strawberries and cream oatmeal. Yum!

  2. THE BOOT! Ahh. I’ve somehow managed to avoid that thing my whole life, even in college when I repeatedly parked in the forbidden parking lots. Sorry girl, but how cute are you grocery shopping on your little bike?

  3. ug…a car boot!? Glad I’ve never had one of those!

    Yummy looking graham treat!

  4. haha – so sorry about the workout. I enjoyed your comical recap though. I can just imagine people prancing around outside like that. The morning run sounds great though – way to knock it out early!

  5. thats how i imagine zumba class so i never go! love your bike!

  6. I love your ice cream bowl, soo perfect!! Ive never been booted but ive had plenty of parking tickets on campus!

  7. Yikes! A boot…no fun!!

  8. never had the boot, phew! oddly enough i had hot oatmeal this morning–they are predicting record high temps today haha

  9. I tried Zumba, looked ridiculous and ended up leaving early 😦

  10. My car HAS been booted, in Chicago. I cried like a baby and they took it off 😉

  11. i give you props for staying for 25 minutes of that class…i would’ve been gone within the first 2! modern dance is NOT my thing! and that sucks about the boot =(
    i had hot oatmeal this morning and tried to enjoy it while jenn read me today’s forecast and told me about the heat advisory…

  12. My friend got a boot on his car when we stopped for cheap mexican food after the bars one night. He parked knowingly in a parking lot he shouldn’t have and they had some company booting people who did it… most expensive drunk tacos ever…

  13. Prancing around, haha! I’ve never got a boot put on my car before…how does it work? Do you pay the fine to get it removed? Sorry about that- but those French Dip sandwiches sure look delicious!

  14. That’s rough, lady! I’ve never been booted, but I’ve definitely had my share of tickets!

  15. Sorry about the boot girl!! Ive never had that happen before, but I have gotten a parking ticket at my school before! I was like for real? I get a ticket for going to class? lol

  16. Bahahah!! Girl you rock! I cant believe you were just like ‘eff this, this aint my thang!’ and peaced out! You rock. And nice time for that 4 mile run – youre quick!

  17. EEK! What a bummer! On a better note, that pot roast looks delish! I need to dust off my crock pot, I forgot how amazing that thing is!

  18. My brothers car was booted in Hoboken. They are notorious for that. what a scam!

  19. What a pain in the butt! I can’t say my car has ever been booted, but I am notorious for parking in restricted zones and not getting tickets- knock on wood!

  20. Oh no! You got a boot. 😦 Boo!

    On a happier note, that bowl is unbelievable cute!

  21. *knock on wood* My car has never been booted/ticketed/towed. I hope that it stays that way for a long time!

    I did a bit of modern dance exploration in a college jazz dance class. It was great for body/spatial awareness but it’s absolutely not a workout.

  22. My car hasn’t been booted yet..I hope it stays that way. Prancing…did she think y’all were ballerinas 🙂

  23. “She had us prancing around, rolling around in the grass and crossing our legs like a butterfly.” haha ya, um no thanks! 😉

  24. why do peeps think they can go around booting cars?!! crazy! Sorry about that girl, and wow that hip hop sounds like it was flop, ha!

    love ya!

  25. I have the weirdest fear of taking modern dance classes; maybe one day I will push myself to give it a swing.

  26. I live in LA so I follow the posted parking signs like it’s my job. Two trucks literally hover around waiting for someone to make a fatal error…

    I’m so sorry about your car!!

  27. smores are one of my fav desserts!!! ahh so yummy and so easy and quick to simply whip together! — ahh the infamous boot – hoboken hoboken hoboken, what a debby downer for the day!!! at least you finished your day with a sweet treat : )


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