Breakfast lover

After yesterday’s indulgent afternoon, I needed a GOOD sweat. I headed to a gym with Adam around here because they offered us a free pass. When we got there a bootcamp class had just started so I headed in while Adam went to do his meathead stuff 😉

I walk in and the instructor tells me to grab some weights. I grab 7 pounders (I’ll admit I have weak arms) and she glares at me and says in her russian accent “what you gonna do with those” and attempts to hand me 15 pounders. I politely declined and she continued to glare me down. I kept thinking to myself that i should probably make a run for it because the instructor clearly already had it in for me.

When it was time to run in the resistance bands guess who wanted to be my partner?? The instructor.

(p.s. that’s not us)

Let’s just end this horrific story by telling you that I felt like I was going to vomit when I left. I also was forced to run a mile home in the pouring rain after being tortured at boot camp class. Lovely.

I needed a wholesome feel good dinner so I made something simple.

Grilled lemon pepper chicken on a bed of sautéed spinach with garlic chips, whole wheat couscous and roasted zucchini.

Today I’m sore from my class in hell at the gym and might just walk/bike ride around town.

Every meal so far today has been breakfast-y.

Breakfast: 3 cereal combo – Kashi Honey Sunshine – Fiber One 80 calories – Kashi Heart to Heart

w/ strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon and chia seeds in almond milk

Snack: Yogurt with blueberries

Lunch: Rice cakes w/ almond butter, sugar-free strawberry jelly, banana slices, chia seeds and the rest of the banana w/ almond butter

Afternoon snack will probably consist of some cottage cheese w/ pumpkin seeds

and then I might go all out and make some pancakes or a breakfast sandwich for dinner. What do you think?

QUESTIONS: If you could eat one type of meal all day what would it be (breakfast, lunch or dinner)? Should I make pancakes or a breakfast sandwich for dinner?

20 Responses to “Breakfast lover”

  1. Pancakes for dinner…duh.

    Hmm, I think I could eat Mexi food every meal of the day

  2. I love breakfast for dinner. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love a good fried egg sandwich with bacon and cheese. Yummy!

  3. breakfast foods are my absolute favorite so i could easily live off only those! i’d vote for pancakes for dinner (brinner)! =)

  4. Damn that sounds like one intense bootcamp class- I once did something like that and literally my knees/entire body was shaking for 48 hours afterwards. I suppose lunch would be my one meal since I can have either dinner-esque or breakfasty (eggs) items for then. And have pancakes for dinner ‘cuz pancakes are bombbbb 🙂

  5. Oooh, a breakfast sandwich sounds delicious! But so do pancakes! Decisions, decisions. 🙂

  6. breakfast sammy! or you could do a breakfast burrito?! sorry about your bootcamp nightmare!

  7. Sounds like that instructor had it out for you!! Sometimes, that makes the best workout, even when it’s not the most fun….

    I would absolutely suggest breakfast sandwich…. all the best things from breakfast… in ONE BITE!

  8. Hmmm- the one upside to this bootcamp is that perhaps it tipped you over the edge to finally be strong enough to kick the instructor’s ass for being such a B&*$*#? well, way to power through it I’m impressed! Plus, I use 5 lb weights so you’re already my hero haha

  9. I would prob eat breakfast for all my meals if it gave me enough protein lol

  10. You had me laughing about the boot camp class!

  11. I would eat breakfast all day for sure. I would do oats for b-fast, a smoothie for lunch and a fried egg sammy for dinner.

    Honestly, you have my respect for surviving that bootcamp class! Ohmygoodness, absolutely crazy stuff, really.

  12. Awww, love your breakfast bowl – so cute! I would totally have breakfast all the time! It’s my fave!!!

  13. I’m obsessed with your cereal bowl! Where is it from?

  14. Oh wow that instructor sounds intense! I’m glad you survived, haha!

    And your breakfast looks so yummy! 🙂

  15. Hey, I just found your blog 🙂 Pancakes all the way– I’m in Italy right now and just introduced the family to pancakes for dinner. They are in love!

  16. I LOVE breakfast!! 😀

  17. I could certainly eat breakfast ALL day!!!!

    And that does sound like a KILLER class. The instructor sounds scary.

  18. love mah breakie 😉 I could eat eggs, french toast, and oatmeal every day! haha glad you came out alive after the gym 😉 I have really weak arms too. I would have been rocking the 5 pound weights!


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