Friday I treated myself to a lunch out in Hoboken. I usually wouldn’t do this. Especially because I’m currently unemployed, but I had a Living Social deal so it was kind of free?

The restaurant’s name is Rejuiceanation. Their about us section on their website says “Rejuiceanation makes it a priority to promote nutrition and its vital role in helping people uphold healthy and active lifestyles.”

When I got to the restaurant I was overwhelmed by all of the choices on their build a salad menu… I had to be choosey though because everything was quite pricey. $1.75 for avocado? $1.75 for artichokes? $1.00 for asparagus? $2.25 for grilled chicken? $1.00 for sprouts? Add that to my $2.00 lettuce bed and we were looking at a $10 (HALF) salad.

The salad was small but good… It had a lot of avocado (not complaining) but I could’ve made the same thing for A LOT cheaper.

I also ordered one of their fresh squeezed juices. Red Velvet – Apple, Beets & Carrots

That was another $5. My total was around 16 or 17 dollars for the salad and juice. Whole Foods might even be cheaper than that!?

I’ll go there again, but only because I have enough left on my gift card for one more salad and juice. After that I don’t think I’ll be visiting there unless I’m feeling REALLY lazy. Which probably means in 2 weeks.

Adam got home early from work (weeeee) and we wanted to see Horrible Bosses so I made a quick Taco dinner.

Ground Chicken, Vegetarian Refried Beans, Romaine Lettuce, Salsa, Mexican Cheese, Greek Yogurt (used as Sour cream)

I made a taco salad with all the fixins and made us each half of a cheese quesadilla on a flat out.

We took public transportation to the movie (eh, i need to get used to this).

But the view ended up not being so bad.

Even if the people were a little creepy 🙂

Horrible bosses in our opinion was hilarious. It’s definitely a crude type of comedy but the laughs were consistent and I’m always down for a night of giggling. We snacked on a small popcorn which made my belly sad but there’s something about movie theater popcorn that tastes SO GOOD!

I think were heading out to explore NYC. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

QUESTIONS: Have you seen horrible bosses? What is your favorite type of movie? I like a good romantic comedy (typical girl)

15 Responses to “Rejuiceanation”

  1. I haven’t seen Horrible Bosses- my favourite types of movies are dramas, but I also love a good lighthearted comedy- did you see Bridesmaids?

  2. what a rip off! That drives me crazy. No wonder people would rather drive through McD’s and pay $3 for a full meal. Most healthy options cost you a day’s pay. Ok rant over. Enjoy the rest of your weekend love 🙂

  3. while that salad and juice look great that is ridiculously expensive! A month away and I haven’t even heard of this ‘Horrible Bosses’–I’ll have to check it out

  4. i agree – $16 for a salad and juice is just a little ridiculous. do they have a saladworks by you? they’re not as expensive and generally pretty good food.

  5. That juice sounds delicious! Although the price for that and the salad seems a little out of whack!

  6. There is a movie coming out soon that I just saw the preview for and want to see! Its a definite romantic comedy- “Crazy, Stupid, Love”. Looks cute!

  7. I haven;t seen it but everyone has said that it is hysterical

  8. Love Flatout wraps!
    I saw Horrible Bosses and can definitely understand why some people might not like it or find it humorous but I LOVED it, I laughed pretty much the whole time.

  9. I have yet to see Horrible Bosses but my brother said it was hilarious!!

  10. I LOVE public transportation. Driving in Los Angeles for way too many years will do that to you!

    I am in NYC and would love to hang out if you have a chance…feel free to shoot me an email at ameenadin at hotmail dot com if you have any time this week. Even for a cup of coffee!

  11. 17 dollars?! That’s INSANITY!! but it does look delicious 😉

  12. That lunch looks good, but the price is a bummer! That’s how I always feel at the whole foods hot bar!

    I like documentaries… because I’m a total nerd! But not like history ones… I like health ones, social ones, etc

  13. Just saw Horrible Bosses last night and it was hilarious! I would love to visit Rejuiceanation, my kind of place!

  14. it is STILL that expensive. Just bought a soup, smoothie and wheat grass shot and it was $17. I suppose that is because i should have chosen EITHER soup OR smoothie but whatever.


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