Italy is Eataly

Adam and I slept in until 10 am yesterday! 10 am!? That is unheard of for me 🙂 Naturally I was starving when I woke up so I headed straight to the kitchen. If you follow me on Facebook you are already aware that I made a delicious breakfast pizza.

One egg (plus a little extra egg whites), 1 piece of turkey bacon crumbled, crabmeat, 4 cheese, old bay on a low carb tortilla.

The best apart about it? It was a dippy egg!

My absolute favorite. This breakfast is so easy to make – If you’re interested I will do a post on how to make one 🙂

After our bellies were full we headed into the city to check out a museum I had a groupon deal to.

I won’t be posting any pictures from inside for your sake.

When we were heading back to the Path (public transportation from NYC to Hoboken) we came across this.

I’ve read reviews from a couple of bloggers so I knew we had to eat lunch here!

If you live in the NYC area and you haven’t been over to check out Mario Batali’s Eataly, get over there now! It’s awesome. Eataly boasts thirty-two thousand square feet of Italian delights. The first floor of the building  houses an epic Italian specialty foods market and multiple restaurants which pair gourmet foods with artisanal wines and beer. It’s crowded but worth it! And the second best part is the eight thousand square foot rooftop brewery/beer garden/restaurant which just opened. The first being the gelato, of course 🙂

fresh handmade pastas

dessert cases

SO many choices

I chose a spicy pepperoni and provolone panini

I ate half and saved the other half for dinner… Had to save room for gelato!

I ordered the vanilla with chocolate covered cornmeal cookies (right) and Adam ordered banana and raspberry flavors (left). We ended up switching after a couple of minutes because we both liked each others way better than our own. Plus, his had more 😉

We enjoyed our meal outside because it couldn’t have been more beautiful out.

Call geico?

After walking for a total of 5 hours we came home and passed out. Who would’ve thought walking and eating would’ve made us so tired?? Good news is, I have no work today…

But, I still do have that to do list I’ve been working on for over a week now. Seriously, how did I ever work and get everything done before?? Gotta get to it! Vacation in 5 days 🙂

QUESTIONS: What helps you cross everything off your to-do list? I keep getting sidetracked and need some tips!!

29 Responses to “Italy is Eataly”

  1. Ooo lucky girl. I want to go to Eataly (Mario rocks btw!).

    Hmm, I’m a big list person and I am also type A so that alone helps me get things crossed off pretty efficiently. Good luck!

  2. Ah I’ve read so much about Eataly- I really need to make a trip to NYC! For me, I actually have to pencil in from what time to what time I’m going to do things on my to-do list, then try to beat my own time. That way when it’s in your planner- that’s what the time is for to do it 😉 Good luck

  3. Eataly looks awesome- I would probably end up wandering around and around like a lost sheep, unsure of where to start haha! I’m curious about your breakfast pizza because it looks tasty- but what’s a dippy egg? like sunny side up?

  4. ah sounds like you have had such a lovely trip in NYC!! ah next time i am there i definately need to stop by eataly – I would just be in an indecisive heaven! i am so bad at choosing one thing to eat because i just want a tiny bit of everything! good thing you have off today! REST AND RELAX

  5. mmmm…eataly prime rib sandwich..mmmmmm

  6. I can’t believe I live here and still haven’t gone to Eataly — seriously I’ve heard too many good things about this place!

    I’m a huge to-do list person, and I found that I’m able to get the most done by keeping my to-do list in the notepad section of my BlackBerry. This way I always know exactly what I have to do — and there’s no awkward carrying around of any little pieces of paper. Also, I feel most rewarded by being able to delete each item off my list right after it’s done. Immediate gratification at its finest!

  7. We ate at one of his other market/restaurants just outside of Portchester in Connecticut and it was great. We also left with bags of goodies from the market.

  8. Omg Eataly looks so amazing. So many yummy treats! That breakfast pizza looks fabulous too 🙂

  9. i’ve been to the museum of sex! it was interesting to say the least…haha
    where are you going on vacation? i’m going away next week too but only down the shore =)

  10. oh my! That panini looks stellar! I still have to get to NYC! Looks like such fun!

  11. You will be close-ish! Wish I was in OBX so we could meet!

  12. Your gelato looks so good! My sister is in Italy right now so she’s been enjoying more than enough of the authentic stuff! Needless to say, I’m beyond jealous.

    As for today lists, I try to break it down by day. When I have a mile-long list, it becomes daunting, and I end up completing close to nothing. Instead, I try to split the week up and get only a few things done each day. Also, I try to separate the unnecessary from the dire to-dos. I’ll put silly things on my lists, like bake banana bread (which clearly isn’t urgent), so I try to make sure that I do the important stuff first, like go to the post office. Hope this helps!

  13. I just started reading and I LOVE your posts! Although I am about 3 hours away from NYC (in Albany) I will def have to check some things out when I get down there again! (Although I’m also unemployed currently so we’ll see….)

    As for the to do list, I am a huge to-do lister. Immediately wiping things off (or if you’re into the actual paper method, crossing things off) feels great and is a little reward in and of itself. But to keep myself on top of my to-do list, after I get one thing done (or a few, if the one thing is a small thing) I treat myself to a mini-reward, whether it is a quick jog with my puppy, or a frozen yogurt, or simply enjoying being outside for 20 minutes or so. It helps to push thru the list because you know there is a little something waiting for you on the other side. Good luck!!!

  14. Eataly!

    Bwahahah…When we were in NYC over Labor Day last year, we rented someone’s apartment for the weekend and the neighbors not only informed us that this new restaurant/market called Eataly had opened up like, the day before, but that it was literally a block away!

    It was the most fantastically confusing and wonderful restaurant concept ever – we had a charcuterie plate there and it was TO DIE FOR. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you went 🙂 And yes, it was worth the lots of caps.

  15. for long to-do lists, i make myself rules or i get sidetracked, too.
    no blogs until i cross this many things off.
    no personal emails for one hour.
    it seems to help…. but wait, i’m on the blogs… damn it! 🙂

  16. I have long lists of to-do’s this week! I need to get cracking!!

    Love you and your groupons girl!

    And that gelato looks amazing! I had some yummy gelato in Maui!!

    xoxo ❤

  17. Your egg just needs cheese and sauce 🙂

    I’m the biggest, worst procrastinaoter so am of no help for tips at all!

  18. Damn girl take me out to lunch!!!! I would go shit crazy over Eataly. Gimme dat food.

  19. I want to go to Eataly! The gelato alone makes me want to board a plane. Cornmeal cookies?? Want to tryyyy!

  20. that looks delicious!! definitely post the recipe. 🙂

  21. I think I would enjoy that museum. If we’re being completely honest… lol

  22. Fresh homemade pasta, gelato…uh…yum! 🙂

    I think I become more motivated to cross things off my to-do list if there’s a “prize.” (Like a coffee, lunch out, etc.)
    Good luck!! 🙂

  23. i keep the to-do items i think of “on the go” on my blackberry notepad when I’m sitting around with nothing to do thinking about how i need to get things done. it’s a lifesaver for me!

    and sigh.. i miss northern italian food so much.

  24. mmm that panini looks great!

  25. ahhh eataly, YESSSS. love ittttt!! 🙂 🙂

  26. Now THAT is my kind of breakfast! Haha love it! And I would have ordered the exact same gelato flavors as you (I bet) although… I would not have switched 😉

  27. I bet we were in Eataly at the same time! I also walked by the same Museum so it’s too bad we didn’t have a chance to meet up! Next time for sure and I hope my next time in NYC comes very quickly!!


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