Date Night

Date Night started off with a bouquet of long stem roses 🙂

How did I get so lucky 😉

We planned on taking the ferry to NYC which actually turned out to be nice and not sweltering hot.

OK, maybe a little sweaty but for 110 degrees it wasn’t THAT bad. The cab to the restaurant was actually 67 times worse.

We arrived 5 minutes late and the couple we were meeting were already there so we didn’t have time to sit in the bar area which I thought was very charming. Next time we’ll have to be on time!

We started out with a bread basket, some wine for the ladies and beer for the men.

I picked a piece of bread that had cranberries, it was REALLY good. I also had a bite of Adam’s which seemed to be a pretzel roll that was also good.

Appetizers for 3 of us were the mixed greens salad

It had a nice kick to it which we all agreed was some type of horseradish flavor.

For our main meal Adam and I were going to split so we could have a little taste of everything. I ordered the crab cakes while he chose the filet mignon and a lobster tail.

We also got a couple of side dishes to split at the table.


The hash browns were also delicious. The potato was perfectly cooked. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

This rich meal didn’t stop there. We all ordered dessert…

I chose the cheesecake

which was absolutely amazing. You can tell everything is handmade.

Adam ordered the chocolate mousse cake

It was also really good but when it comes to chocolate cake I’m not that big of a fan. The desserts left us really full and wishing for someone to roll us out of there and into our beds.

Unfortunately we still had a trek back home… On the ferry back with our full bellies we admired how pretty the city looks at night

and remembered just how lucky we are to have a nice dinner out, with good friends, in a beautiful city. Even though it was hot, things could be a WHOLE heck of a lot worse.

Date Night success. I’m off to the Outerbanks with my family! Weeeee.

QUESTIONS: Where was your last date night??

19 Responses to “Date Night”

  1. Love that last picture of you two with the skyline behind, cool!
    Last date night was out to see Horrible Bosses. And tonight we are going to see Friend With Benefits with some of our friends! Have fun in OBX:)

  2. U look so pretty! U and your man are a smoking couple !

    Love date nights! You need to get games for a game night!

    Last date night was last night at Catablu ; )

  3. I want that Mac & Cheese!!!!!!!!!!! You look gorgeous as always!

  4. That all looks glorious- filet mignon and lobster are some of my favesss! Haha I haven’t had a date night in yearsssss…seriously can’t remember haha

  5. All the food looks amazing! Gorgeous flowers!

  6. Looks like you had a blast! My last date night was to the Oceanic at Wrightsville Beach and it was a blast!

  7. aww roses too! have fun in the obx! im making something extra special for you tomorrow and will send the post to ya!

  8. My last date night was out to dinner with friends, also. It was really fun. That food sounds amazing!!

  9. I just heard that Smith and Wollensky has the best bread! I’m sad I haven’t had a chance to visit that restaurant yet.

    The NYC heat was ridiculous. As sad as I was to leave the east coast I must say that I welcome the nice 75 degree LA weather!

  10. This is so cute, I love having date nights! My bf and I went to the movies last night so that was kind of our date night. Before that we went to eat at Texas de Brazil which was delish 😀

  11. Cuuuute! Any guy that buys flowers is a keeper 🙂

  12. I think our last date night was…a week ago? Which is crazy, because we’re not going to have time to sneak another proper weekend date in until mid-August. I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around it.

    P.S. I can’t remember the last time I went out with Marcus and ate an entire plate of my own food…we share everything too…hahaha.

  13. Cranberry bread and AMAZING mac and cheese?!? amazingness.

  14. I love that ferry! I didn’t actually realize it went to Hoboken!?! Looks like a ton of fun! enjoy your vaca!!


  15. Oh, wow! Now THAT is the perfect date night! All of the food looks incredible! Plus, the ferry, night sky, roses. Wow. You did that date night right!

  16. Oooooh mac and cheese visual eye-gasm…. However, my last date night featured an amazing edamame burger and, EVEN MORE AMAZINGLY, HP7 part 2. That, much like your mac and cheese, was an eye-gasm unto itself.

  17. you guys are precious! this looked like a beautiful night. I couldn’t tell you about my last date night… it’s been that long. haha


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