Balanced Eating on Vacation

Hi from the Outerbanks!! I have my first guest post for you today – from a stylish mommy to be named Shanna. She blogs about some of my favorite things and even dedicates each Tuesday to a new pair of shoes called “Shoesday”! Enjoy the post and make sure to show Shanna some love 🙂

Hello Fashion Fitness Foodie fans, I’m blogging for the lovely Alyssa while she is on vacay in Maryland.  Alyssa and I became blends over 6 months ago because we have a love of sweets, working out, and most importantly shoes  (she won my first shoe giveaway 😉 )! Would you believe we even have the same size feet?

Okay, back to the post at hand, I should probably introduce myself, I’m Shanna at Shanna, like Banana (the blog title reflects how to say my name, not some unusual love of the phallic fruit).

Alyssa casually through out having me blog about eating healthy while on vacation.  Baahahahahahaha.  Silly Alyssa, don’t you know I pig out while on vacay? 

In all seriousness, I believe in balance while on vacation.  If you want to read about eating healthy while on work travel, you can read this blog.  While on vacation I believe indulging, balanced with activities to keep you movin’ and fit.

I encourage getting your mai-tai drinking on (Kauai, Feb 2011)

And diving head first into authentic Egyptian food (Sakkara, Egypt, Nov 2009)

Oh and let’s never feel guilty about having multiple desserts (Port Orange visit to Mom May 2011)

What was this post about?  Oh yeah, balance 😉

While on vacation, I encourage taking advantage of your local surroundings, whether it’s hiking the Kauai coastline or doing yoga moves with your bestie on the beach (Kauai 2011)

Or using the free bikes to roam the streets in Paris (Paris, August 2006)

Europe is a great place to walk wherever you go – take advantage (Milan, Feb, 2010)

And try new adventures, like Paddleboarding (Tahoe 4th of July 2010)

So there you go, those are just some tips how to have balance on vacation. 

What are your best tips for a healthy balanced vacay?

And where are you off to next?   Since we have a bun in the oven, our next trip won’t be until next year probably (minus US trips) and I’m hoping for Argentina or Thailand!


14 Responses to “Balanced Eating on Vacation”

  1. So exciting! I have been wanting to try paddle boarding! I love kayaking though!

  2. I love her! hi Shanna!!!

    I like to enjoy while Im on vacation, I eat everything I want, especially new foods I have never tried, especially new desserts ; ) Hula Pie in Hawaii! Oh yeah!!

    Its all about balance and moderation! xoxo ❤

  3. Argentina is in my top two as well- along with Italy 🙂
    Tasty looking vacation foods- I wouldn’t have passed them up either!

  4. Sometimes, hotel fitness rooms are actually VERY well suited for some great workouts, especially when you’re the first one awake in your room!!

    I love to mix in indulging in some local flavor with a decent amount of walking to get from place a to place B, if only for the added challenge. Also, if you’re on vacation and you have access to a discotheque/club…. all the more reason to burn off some calories on the dance floor!!

  5. is it weird I’m obsessed with Dairy Queen while on vacay?

  6. ooh I was just talking about paddle boarding last night it looks like such a blast!

  7. Love all these tips–staying active on vacation can be easier than at home sometimes!!

  8. I think the best way to stay fit on vacay is to have a bestie along with you. No better way to stay fit than to have a fitness buddy to keep you motivated! 😉


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