Good Advice from Alyssa #2

My vacation is half way done 😦 As you all know I just moved to Hoboken to be with my boyfriend where I know not one single girl. My girl Alyssa moved to Virginia Beach last year and seems to be miss popular so I asked her for some advice! Take it awayyyy.

I’m Alyssa from Life of bLyss, where I blog about running and getting big muscles, my puppy, my adventures, and some food. As my twittersays, “I’m driven by fun, food, undercooked brownies, and too much wine. I like to run till my legs hurt, pretend I’m Ke$ha, and paint wine glasses.”

It’s all true.

I’m careful to say I’m from South Jersey to avoid the “Noyth Joysey” remarks, the “dirty Jerz” comments, and the “armpit of America” cracks.

If you can’t tell, I get a little defensive of my home state.. and for a good reason. I grew up in the pretty suburbs in the Pinelands. It’s really nice. I swear.

Which is why the OTHER Alyssa (you know, the girl whose blog you’re presently reading) is so lucky to be relocated to such a great place. 😉 And she has asked me to indulge you guys in a little How To post.

How To Meet Friends …in a New State. 😉

I’ve now lived in Virginia Beach for a year. I knew almost nobody upon moving, so I’ve learned a lot about meeting new people.

1. Reach out.

Use your Facebook and other social networking. Ask everyone you know if they have any friends who live in the area where you’re about to move. You may even be surprised – old high school friends you rarely speak to may live right near your new abode. 😉

2. Do your research.

Put that Google search bar to use. Google “fun things to do in _____.” You’ll learn of all kinds of fun places to visit where you may meet people like you.

3. Take advantage of coworkers.

That donesn’t exactly sound right. But if you have a job already, ask your boss/coworkers where they hang out. Invite them to have happy hour after work with you. They’ll know all the good local spots, and you may turn a coworker into a friend!

4. Don’t fear the locals.

If you’re shy, this can get difficult. But I’ve learned the locals ALWAYS know best, and they’re typically pretty happy to help.

Unless your new home is in New York.  (…that’s a joke ;))

5. Get into your hobbies.

When I moved to Virginia Beach, not only did I need friends, but I also needed running buddies. I Googled a running group in the area, picked one, and showed up. Everyone was so nice, and I’m so glad I tried it.

6. Join a gym.

Well, this is an obvious. But the same people generally go to the same classes at the same time. Built in friends and fun activities. BAM.

7. Use your bloggy connections!

If you’re a blogger, you’ve got tons of friends from all over the country at your fingertips. Tweet it out! Ask them if they live nearby, if they ever have, or if they have friends in the area. I bet you’ll come up with more than you think.

Fun Fact: I met one of my closest friends in Virginia Beach thanks to blogging. Jamie found me from Julie‘s blog, and now we’re gym buddies, bar-hopping partners, and, well, I love her. She’s my VBBFF.

And know what’s weird? She’s from ONE TOWN OVER from me in New Jersey. We went to rival high schools and played on the same field hockey field together!

 And now we just can’t stay away from one another.

So get on out there, be friendly, and people will just be begging to be friends with you. Let me know when you do, too. 😉 I’ll be over at Life of bLyss waiting for pictures of you hugging your new bff.


8 Responses to “Good Advice from Alyssa #2”

  1. Great post thanks for sharing luckily I the only time I’ve not known anyone was when I started college but I quickly made friends.

  2. Useful post considering I’m job searching in multiple cities and might have to move somewhere new…that’s always my lingering fear is “how will i meet people?”

  3. These are great tips- I’ve been in one place so long that the only time I’ve ever had to meet new people was when I went to school in Madrid, and then I had a whole school of people so it was pretty easy. I like the idea of reaching out to the blog world!

  4. Great post! It can be really difficult to make new friends after moving to a new place. Love how you keep things lighthearted and fun too. 🙂

  5. Great post! I’ll be sure to use these tips, since I’m moving to a new state in two weeks!

  6. Love these tips!! I love that last picture, too 😀

  7. AW I just saw this I am honored- LOVE YOU ALYSSA this is such a cute post!!!! 😀 -Jamie


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