King and Queen

This weekend was a good one. I may or may not have a food hangover from last night… Adam and I ate like King’s (and Queens) this entire weekend.

Saturday morning we got up early to run errands.. Ok, so really we only ran one errand and then hit up the outlets. I sent a batch of these to Miss Shanna.She sent me a pair of shoes in return

I think I won that swap 😉 These shoes are HOT.

After we dropped off the cookies we headed straight to shopping!

Adam’s a really good shopping partner. He doesn’t pick out the same skirt to try on as I do, he tells me that I look beautiful in EVERYTHING and he doesn’t complain about going in every store. He just asks for my iphone to play angry birds and finds a seat near the dressing room.

We did A LOT of shopping so it’s fair to say we worked up quite the appetite when we were done. We headed into the food court and found a place called Greean Leaf’s & Bananas.

We split the Acai & Blueberry Smoothie and I ordered a chicken and avocado wrap. I wrapped up half in a to go box and ate half  there.

Twas yummy.

After our big day of shopping we met Adam’s parents down the shore for some dinner at Shrimp Box. We called ahead so it wasn’t too bad of a wait. We all ordered seafood dishes that were extremely tasty. When we were done they offered to get ice cream… I clearly didnt decline 😉

I ordered that peanut buttery goodness. I highly suggest you get to a DQ and order this because it’s only available this August.

After our indulgent treats the night before we needed a good sweat! Adam and I went to the gym around 2 and worked out for a little over an hour. I threw some ribs in the crock pot earlier so when we got home the smell had taken over our teeny tiny apartment.

We waited a little bit before digging in but it was WELL worth it.

Ribs, Baked Potato, Salad AND

Sweet Potato Biscuits!

I had these for the first time in North Carolina and have wanted to recreate them since. I did a pretty good job because even though we were stuffed to the brim we still made room for one of these.

Oh, and this.

I swear we have separate compartments in our stomach that allow room for dessert. So, yeah I’m not doing too well on one of my goals… But I’m starting fresh today!

I’m starting my first day on the job today and was thinking of wearing this J. Crew dress.

Like my curtsy? Our mirror fell down and I didn’t have the patience to mess with it this morning.

Wish me luck!! Recipe for these coming tomorrow 🙂

QUESTIONS: Does anyone else feel like they ALWAYS have room for dessert?

22 Responses to “King and Queen”

  1. Same boat, girl, same boat. I think the beau and I ate our body’s weight in steak, shrimp, and potatoes last night at his dad’s cookout. We’re talking forks down, push plate away because I can’t eat more food stuffed…. But when I casually suggested froyo, all bets were off and we hopped in the car to haul it to Sweet Frog. It’s like my body just doesn’t understand “no” when it comes to dessert.

  2. Dang girl, you did WORK at those outlets! Good for you!

  3. good luck at the new job!! you’ll do great!

  4. i have been saying for years that my stomach has separate compartments for meals and dessert but no one ever believed me! glad to hear i’m not the only one who feels that way =) good luck at your first day of work!

  5. Yippppeeeee, smores cookies are on their way! I hope they are there when I get home tomorrow. Yummy!

    Dress looks fab — where are you working? Do tell.

    Oh and I want to see the shoes on girl!

    PS Thx for alerting me to the new DQ flavor — I must get!

  6. Cute dress! I always, always have room for dessert.

  7. Love those shoes! I want that crockpot ribs recipe 🙂

  8. always room for dessert!
    Good Luck on the job

  9. Oh I always have a dessert compartment! It’s crazy how I can claim fullness after eating a meal, but if someone brings out a cake it’s all fair game!
    Those shoes ARE hott! Lucky lady!

  10. cookies for shoes? thats just beyond amazeballs =) Glad you had a fab weekend!

    take me shopping!!!! =)

  11. I tried to leave this comment before but I dont think it worked so I apologize if it comes up twice =)

    Anyway, is every store in the Jersey Shore Outlet store? Some are listed as “factory” stores and some aren’t so just wondering! a JCREW outlet? I AM IN!

  12. I have two stomachs- one for real food and one for dessert 🙂 Yesterday, I was really full after dinner, but as soon as I thought about dessert I got magically hungry!

  13. Hahaha of COURSE I always have room for dessert!

  14. I WISH I always had room for dessert!!!! I get full pretty quickly so I often find myself sadly looking at a dessert I can’t finish. 😦

  15. sweet potato biscuits sound amazing!! and do you salt your potato’s skin, too!? yesss, love doing that!!

  16. oh WOW this pic is full of fooooood porn! yumm! EVERYBODY has room for dessert 🙂

  17. Good luck! I hope you like the new gig! 🙂

    And I always have room for dessert. Pretty sure it’s all psychological, but I swear I need something sweet at night, or I’m just on edge…

  18. psh. always have room for dessert. always will.

  19. Oh my, those RIBS. I’m the only one in my house that likes them, so we rarely have them (pout). And good call on that Blzzard, I’m all over it!

  20. YES! I always have room for dessert! 😀

  21. Getting in my car and driving to Dairy Queen right now…definitely always have room for dessert!!


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