Saturday Plans

Whew, I’ve been a big time slacker on the blog front. I’ve been so busy at work I haven’t really been cooking, or making it to the gym to be honest. I think I maybe worked out 3 times last week?? Lame.

Saturday morning Adam and I wanted to go get breakfast in the city… Well we woke up SO early that literally nowhere was open. We headed back to Hoboken (wasting 16 dollars in tolls :/ ) and found ONE place that would seat us (btw, it was 930am).

The Turning Point was located right on the water and had a clean chic cottage atmosphere. Adam and I always order two different meals so we can try both.

I went with the Wilbur Skillet – Filled with crushed bacon, potatoes, avocado and diced tomato. Topped with Monterey jack cheese and 2 eggs your way.

Good choice if I do say so myself. I ate about half  of the egg part and one slice of toast before I passed it on.

Adam ordered the Lobster Eggs Benedict – Succulent lobster meat, crispy smoked bacon, avocado, tomato slices and poached eggs on an english muffin glazed with a cilantro hollandaise sauce

I only had a couple of bites because it was SO rich I knew I couldn’t eat much before getting a bellyache.

I think my dish was the winnnner.

When we got home it hit me that I had signed up to bring something to our block party – Not just one thing but two things. I always do this to myself…I went to the grocery store and made pasta salad AND cookies in 45 minutes. How? No idea. I’ve always worked better under pressure though.

Our block party got kind of ruined because of the rain but since we had no other plans on a Saturday night we grabbed an umbrella and walked to get some dessert.

COLDSTONE! We roll hard on Saturday nights. I haven’t been here in over a year for sure. I got my usual – Cake Batter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and gummy bears. I’m a kid at heart.

Adam’s choice was different from his usual brownie sundae

Strawberry Shortcake Funnel Cake. This dessert was literally the length of his torso. Intense. I snuck a couple of bites and it was yummy!

In other non-related food news:

Every public restroom should have these

Adam found my first gray hair. I’m about to be 27 and officially old.

I want this dress to wear when I turn officially old in 3 weeks

and since I found my first gray hair I made a mid-life crisis decision and got a tattoo

Yep, nothing but classiness here.

It’s been raining all day here so we’re ready for dinner and the couch!

19 Comments to “Saturday Plans”

  1. Damn those cookies look good and I love coldstone!!!! I always get a waffle cone dipped in chocolate with sprinkles and a yummy Oreo ice cream combo!!

    Love that dress! Super hot! U are NOT old!

    Love u!

  2. I turned 27 this year and also found my first gray hair-devastating! In true best friend fashion Danielle told me it must have turned white from being out in the sun so much…and I will choose to run with that story haha! So maybe that was where yours was from too =P That dress is ADORABLE!!!!! I hope you bought it or intend to buy it for real!

  3. Lobster eggs benedict! Yum that’s like all my favourite things in one- and I agree Coldstone’s cake batter is the best ice cream!!
    Love the dress, tres chic 😉

  4. oh you’re just a baby! I’m gonna be 29 this year so that should make you feel a little better…also I’ve been getting random grey hairs since i was 21. So lame. Hopefully you have at least 3 of those cookies left bc that would make anyone feel better.

  5. Ooo love the dress — it reminds of a dress I saw at H&M — is it the same?

    And 27 is not old! I’m 31 girl! And sadly, I’ve had greys since I was about 20 =(

  6. You’re not old!! That dress is really cute and I LOVE your tattoo!! 😉 Disney princesses all the way!

  7. Aww you worked so hard for a rained out block party!!! Not good. Don’t worry about your gray hair, it’s probably just one blonde hair bleached from the sun. 🙂

  8. wow- that’s some fast cooking/ baking! Those chocolate dipped cookies look really good!

  9. I found my first gray hair at 25, so consider yourself lucky! The only downside is that my hair is way dark and the random grays are obvious, I had to turn to highlights to make them all bend. Jerk grays. On the upside, I heart diner food and about every other thing you ate in this post. Gummies and cake batter are also my fave at Coldstone!

  10. That’s an awesome dress, where is it from?
    I love how you dressed up the cookies. Everything looks more appealing dipping in chocolate:)

  11. That place sounds great! I’ll have to try brunch there 🙂
    And Coldstone’s! Swoon! Always so great!

  12. Love the new tat hahha… and I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Turning Point!!! I am turning 27 in a few weeks too and am totally trying to avoid thinking about it.

  13. Punkin’ embrace your age….. Life only gets better! Hope you washed off your new tattoo before work today. Love you and miss you!

  14. I turn 24 in 3 weeks and I have been feeling the same way!! My boss likes to tell me that 24 = MID twenties and no longer early twenties. Poop. Love the dress you found!!!

  15. Well we know that if you’re old, I’m ancient! Of course, you will always be….wait…here it comes….
    Forever Young! love you!!

  16. I’ve been 27 for a couple of weeks and have had some minor meltdowns because I feel like it’s the first time I’ve noticed signs of aging (bags under eyes, feet hurting after flip flops, yeah totally sad stuff). I know it sounds super pathetic cuz i’m totally still young and fabulous, but I thought I’d share since you brought it up 😉 But besides that 27 is totally awesome and deserves anything disney princess related and super cute pink dresses, for sure!

  17. Your chocolate-dipped chocolate cookies look amaaaazing! I always over-commit too…This weekend I promised a friend I’d bring appetizers to a party, but ended up going to Trader Joe’s and buying spanikopita triangles because I had no time to make something from scratch. Laaame!

    I totally know how you feel about getting old…When I turned 25, I had a mini-crisis. Mid-twenties?! Eeep! I’m halfway to 50! That’s SCARY!

    I love your Disney princess tattoo. Clearly the best remedy for aging anxiety. Haha! 🙂 xoxoxo

  18. COLD. STONE. aoirhalugh, it’s been too long. and I want a matching tat. please? 😉

  19. Dude! I need those tattoos! I heart disney princess!

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