Egg White Muffin Cakes

Friday mornings are similar to a Saturday or Sunday morning for me. I don’t have to be in to work until 12 so I have plenty of time do whatever I need to get done. Instead of going grocery shopping or returning some things at Target I took the time out to create myself a new breakfast.

Egg Cupcakes? That sounds disgusting. Egg Muffins? Kind of reminds me of McDonalds. How about Breakfast Muffins? Ground breaking, I know. If you can think of something more exciting feel free to let me know 😉

These are SO simple and really don’t take much time. They’ll also last you for a couple of days which is great when you are always in a rush and almost late to work (not that I would know or anything….)

Breakfast Muffins


  • Egg Whites
  • 2 pieces of bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • Salsa ( I chose chunky)
  • Pearl sized Mozzarella balls
  • Non stick Cooking spray (Olive Oil)
  • Silicone Pan
  • Fresh Ground Pepper


  • Spray your silicone muffin pan with cooking spray and preheat your oven to 400 degrees

  • Cut up your bacon and start to fry while you prepare other ingredients

  • Fill up muffin pan about 1/2 or 2/3 of the way with egg whites. I did 1/2 but it wouldn’t hurt to do 2/3.

  • Drop 2 pearl sized mozzarella balls in each

  • Your bacon should be done now and looking like this (if you are vegetarian you would leave this out, duh)

  • Add a sprinkle of bacon to each muffin compartment evenly and add some fresh ground pepper on top. I don’t recommend adding salt because you are adding bacon and mozzarella

  • Lastly add a spoonful of salsa to each and stir well

  • Stick in oven for 28 minutes (depending on how much egg you used)

  • Let cool for however long you can stand it and then gently remove
If eggs could be cute these would be the cutest eggs ever.
Bacon, Cheese, Egg Whites and Salsa in the form of a muffin…yummmmay.
I ate two of these and wrapped the other 4 up for Adam because I know he’s going to be jealous I made these while he was hard at work. I’m so thoughtful 🙂
When you save your leftovers just wrap them individually so you can just pop them in the microwave.
I should also mention that I was impatient when the muffins were cooking and made my new favorite peanut butter sauce with an apple.
I’d say its a Happy Friday indeed.

QUESTIONS: What is your breakfast of choice when you are in a rush??

14 Comments to “Egg White Muffin Cakes”

  1. Ooh these sound easy and yummy-perfect for me =) I might try them with some veggie bacon and shredded cheese! My breakfast in a rush is usually something ridiculous like one banana lol I try to plan out my breakfasts when I can or end up eating nothing or something really bad!

  2. These look delicious! My on the run breakfast is usually a Fiber one bar.

  3. Those look really good! I love the idea of putting in the mini mozzarella balls.
    I made something similar today in my muffin pan- individual veggie fritattas- yum! Love muffin pans.

  4. come make my friday happier and make me some? liiiike, now? 🙂

  5. Thes e look very interestin g and worth a try!

  6. Mmm these look great! And a convenient thing when you are running late or need a faster breakfast.

  7. These look so good!!! I like to make overnight oatmeal and then in the morning just grab it and go!!! Also a banana with almond butter + a yogurt is super speedy!! 🙂

  8. Girl, you are so creative! I love the egg white muffin cakes- & mozzarella in them too?! YUM!!! 😀
    & just checked out your ‘peanut butter sauce’- ummm, can I tell you how much I need to get peanut flour??! Because I want to make that 🙂
    Happy Friday girrrrlfranddd!

  9. LOVING these muffin cakes. Heck, I love anything with bacon though! 🙂

  10. i love egg white muffins but i usually make them with sweet ingredients (pumpkin puree, cinnamon, & vanilla) since i hate bacon! 🙂
    i always try to have greek yogurt portioned out w/ protein muffins on hand for b-fast on the run. plus my purse usually has a few bags of almonds or beef jerky.
    not my fav b-fast but it definitely does the trick in a pinch!

  11. I LOVE this recipe!! I bet those fresh mozzarella balls make the muffins amaaaazing. Pockets of ooey gooey cheese? Umm, yes please! I have a mini spinach and parmesan frittata recipe that’s similar, but it doesn’t call for bacon. And that automatically means yours are better. 🙂

    Peanut butter sauce?! I’m so making that when I get home!

  12. Yum, the addition of mozzarella sounds so good, and what a fun idea! When I’m in a rush I just go for my puffins with kefir 🙂 Quick to prepare, quicker to eat!

  13. These look delish! I should make something like this to have on hand for breakfast or even a healthy snack.

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