20 percent

Happy Monday boys and girls!

No, I’m not blogging from a beach – but my dad sent me this picture this morning and it was too pretty not to share!

This weekend Adam and I really took our 20% of eating non-healthy seriously.

Saturday I went into work for a few hours to set-up for a private party and Adam came for the last half so we could grab lunch somewhere close. We went to a sushi spot we remembered seeing a couple of weeks ago.

As always we ordered meals to share. We started off with crab shumai.

and a peach Bellini that was seriously yummy.

Our main meals at lunch were a  brown rice spicy tuna roll topped with shrimp tempura and tempura snapper tacos.

We ate so much (fried) fish i think I turned into one.

Adam thinks I’m funny.

We ended up going out Saturday night which always leads to an unhealthy day after for me.

Breakfast: Bacon egg and cheese on wheat toast

Lunch: Fruit Smoothie – We were so lazy that we ordered 2 smoothies for delivery.

Then we took a 3 hour nap… I know, we are pathetic right?

When we woke up around 6pm we were starving so we headed to outback to use up some gift cards I had.

Ohhh you know bacon, cheese fries for an appetizer. We split the half order. Yeah, thats a half.

Then we had “salads”

Aka cheese and croutons with a veggie or two.

Enjoyed some bread w/ Honey Butter

and had steaks w/ sweet potatoes as our main meal.

We decided to forgo their dessert menu because I picked up some yummy treats at TJ’s the day before.

Yep, we really didn’t eat one healthy thing all day long.

I see a lot of veggies in our future this week!!

QUESTIONS: Do you feel weighed down after a day of unhealthy eating? I’ve just recently started to notice this feeling and it makes me really think twice about eating this way!


22 Comments to “20 percent”

  1. Sometimes you just need a day or two like this! 🙂
    But yes, when I visit friends for the weekend or go overboard with unhealthy stuff at a party or whatever I am always antsy to get back into my regular healthy eating habits!
    It always boggles my mind to think most Americans eat like this (actually MUCH worse) on a daily basis.

  2. Yes I feel the same! I definitely binge ate some monkey bread yesterday evening and felt horrendous the rest of the night…the worst part is, even though you know how it makes you feel you do it anyways–the food tastes too good sometimes! 🙂 Like Emily said, I’m always ready to get back to healthier eating later that day or the next day though

  3. I was just at TJ’s yesterday and didn’t see these…not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing 😉

  4. Whenever I have a low veggie/ high fat or carb day I crave fresh produce, I find. I can get stomachaches pretty easy from eating too much too so I always feel it haha. Doesn’t always stop me though!

  5. Your weekend is making me hungry. I love Sushi Lounge – those tacos look amazing. I’m always too scared to stray from my usual orders. Anddd those s’mores, oh my god. I will be making a trip to Trader Joe’s asap!

    EVERY time I go out I eat disgustingly the next day. Ugh.

  6. Ahhh! My husband and I are addicted to the smores ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joe’s. Aren’t they amazing?!

  7. I definitely feel that way! yesterday I decided to have a “cheat day” and sorta just eat whatever I wanted. I was in the modd for crappy food! However, I felt so stuffed all day and so blah! I need to learn to eat crappy food in moderation rather than shovel it in lol

  8. Every. Single. Time.
    But it’s good to splurge sometimes and just be prepared for feeling like crap 🙂

  9. Often… because I get overly excited and overdo it. My bad. 😛

    However, that being said, I heart Outback. It’s fantastic. One of the few chains I’m down with frequenting as much as I’m asked to go!

  10. You are gorgeous! I LOVE sushi :). And I definitely feel kinda blahhh when I eat too much unhealthy food.

  11. You are so gorgeous girl! I do feel quite blahh after a day of unhealthy eating, but sometimes it just has to happen 🙂 I love sushi so much, definitely my favorite cuisine when I dine out!

  12. I know that I feel much hungrier & weaker when I eat too many carbs in one day so I try to remember that & eat lots of protein.
    Ps- love the fishy face!

  13. Your food is always sooo amazing. I am DYING over the TJ’s treats, are those new?! I MUST have those in my life (and stomach).

  14. hey girl – thanks for the birthday wish!! and btw my clothes from my post the other day were from forever 21 – i love a good deal!!! and i can totally relate to feeling weighed down after an unhealthy meal. I am usually such a healthy eater that I find it hard to let myself enjoy the occasional deep fried greasy french fry or chipotle bowl! but we must indulge every once in a while!

  15. Ooooh yeah – I feel bloated and sluggish after a whole day of it. I can handle a meal, but weekends sometimes get the best of me. At least it was good, right? I can usually pass up the butter, but honey butter is a whole other story!

  16. UGH, I can’t NOT eat that way…. but yes, I totally notice a difference when I do so. those fries look unreal.

  17. Yeah, I feel weighed down after bad eating, and unfortunately, I feel that way too often. Haha. I am trying to eat better, so instead of the toaster strudel Shane has in the freezer, I made some roasted broccoli. Win one for Katy.

  18. I love indulgence days every once in a while, but definitely do hate that weighed down feeling that you get after one. It reminds me that it’s not really worth it to go so overboard, and I try to remember that for the next time!

  19. I definitely feel weighed down after a few days of unhealthy eating – but I still do it! Especially after a night out! I love that you guys ordered smoothies! haha 🙂

  20. 1. You are gorgeous.

    2. That food looks delicious!

    3. Yeah, I feel that way sometimes after not eating great for a couple of meals. Like our cruise food was fabulous, but now all I’m craving is simple veggies and fruits! 😉

  21. I definitely feel weighted down after a bad day of eating, my stomach just starts to hate me. And you are so pretty girly 🙂

  22. I definitely feel a little gross after a day or two of bad eating, but I can’t say “I’m never doing this again” because I’ll just set myself for another bad day…the next day! Instead, I embrace days like that with open arms and try to not exceed 2-3 of them a month!

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