Winning Weekend

Hope you all had a great weekend! It went by way too fast but that seems to be the norm these days as it’s already mid September and I feel like I was just here a couple of weeks ago…

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise

It made me feel better about the weekend ending.

Our weekend was great as always. I’m a huge football fan and the Redskins played the Giants (the team Adam likes) on Sunday so I threw spicy turkey chili in the crockpot

got our game gear on

and watched the redskins spank the giants bootay!

I did feel bad for my boyfriend so I made him some fresh brownies and added some fro-yo on top.

Good food is the way to a mans heart! Remember that ladies 🙂

Before I served up dessert we ate our bowls of chili with a hefty scoop of plain greek yogurt and some healthy Honey Cornbread

I make my cornbread with applesauce instead of oil, almond milk instead of regular milk and egg whites instead of a whole egg. I also drizzle some agave nectar over the muffins before they bake.

They turn out perfect! Here is the recipe i use.

Sorry, I got so excited about Sunday I forgot to mention Saturday.

We woke up early and headed to a charity event I had set-up at work.

I’m so lucky to have a supportive boyfriend!

Since he woke up early to go into work with me on a Saturday I agreed to attending the italian street festival

Adam loves pictures.

He played lots of games

and ate lots of food

Sicilian steak sandwich and swedish fish slushie! I had a few bites of both – we shared wings earlier and I was still stuffed.

Things we didn’t indulge on:

Fried Oreos.

I’m usually all about the crazy sweets but this honestly grossed me out. Anyone ever had one??

We headed to the mall to find me some boots and became ravenous while shopping. What’s it about shopping that makes you so hungry? Everywhere had a line but Johnny Rockets…joy. Since we were trying to be healthy after our lunch I ordered a salad

Romaine, dried cranberries, almond slivers and grilled chicken

But I guess Adam didn’t get the healthy memo..

eek. That boy loves his meat.

Since I was so healthy at dinner I wanted some fro-yo

I can finally say I’ve been to 16 handles! I think it may be my favorite fro-yo place so far… Now for the questions of the day – Can you guess which one is mine? What is the name of your favorite place to get fro-yo?

19 Responses to “Winning Weekend”

  1. Haha! He looks like he is in a food coma in that pic! SO funny! U feed him good ; )

    Hmmmmmmmmm the one on the right?!!

    xoxo ❤

  2. Yours is the one on the right…unless you have hairy wrists 😉 I’m a vanilla girl too!

  3. my friend got a fried twinkie at a haunted house we did last halloween– it wasnt that good!

  4. Oh my goodness I am soo so jealous you have been to a 16 Handles!! I am rather jealous of your life girl

  5. Yep, fall is definitely chili season! Your corn muffins look great!

  6. Hmm is yours the one in the left (I’m looking at the nails 😉 16 handles, do they actually have 16 flavours?! My favourite froyo place is called Peachwave, I think they also have 12 or 16 flavours, their fro yo is the PERFECT taste and texture, and rather cheap at only 35 cents/ounce.
    Oh and deep fried oreos…whyyyy?

  7. I tried a fried Oreo in junior high school and it was, meh, just okay. Good decision skipping it and saving room for more delicious things like FRO YO! I think your cup could be either, however I spy lots of delicious chocolate candy on the right (plus pretty colors), so I’m going with that one. Plus, I think I see hair on the left arm, which I’m assuming isn’t yours. 😉

    Your chili looks aaahmaazing! And cornbread is one of my true loves. Mmm. xoxo

  8. How cute are those heart shaped bowls!

  9. Fried oreos??? Hmm I think I’ll pass 😉

    Those brownies you made look incredible! Did they have peanut butter cups on them?? 🙂

    I think yours is on the right – more colorful 🙂 And fave fro-yo place = Spooners

    ❤ ❤

  10. Looks like a fun weekend! That’s an adorable pic of you two in your team gear.

  11. I can’t believe you didn’t even try one fried oreo!! I am craving Oreos right now 🙂 You look pretty as always!

  12. Hahah my friends had fried oreos last weekend too!!! I didn’t try them but I DID try a fried pickle which I surprisingly really liked! haha

  13. Fried oreos sound gross. I also get sick at the idea of fried twinkies. I mean, I love sugar like it’s going out of style. But even I have my limits.

  14. wtf? why have I not tried putting pb cups in my brownies before?!

  15. My fav fro-yo is Ice Dream from Chickfila..mmm I want some now 🙂

  16. Sounds like such a great weekend! But then again, what weekend with italian ice and fro-yo isn’t great? 😉

  17. we have Red Mango here but there’s a place on campus called Campus Candy that now has a fro-yo bar and I am going to test the waters this weekend!

    Fried oreos.. that sounds horrible. WI State Fair has fried everything. Vomit central


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