Nice to Meet you

I’ve had some really weird google searches that have led people to my blog… Most of the time I laugh, sometimes I’m embarrassed and other times I’m baffled.

Top google searches that have led people (you?) to my blog:

1. ) Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked: Over 500 times. Really? I’ve only blogged about this onceΒ – it was actually my first post which is super lame!

2.) Onesie Pajamas – Oh you must’ve been looking for this post. I know you are jealous.

3.) Insane porn. They were probably very disappointed when they got to my website.

4.) MILF – this ones for you mom.

5.) Biggest pickle ever.

This picture looks perverted… and so are half of these searches. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!

6.) Fashionfitnessfoodie eats a lot of food – Yep, that would be. Hi! Welcome to my site.

7.) “Clearly tanorexic” – I’ll agree. I was.

That’s me on the left. This picture will haunt me forever.

8. Adriana Lima 2011.

Obviously we are twins πŸ˜‰

9.) Happy dance

Girls got moves.

10.) do not forget your breakfast do not forget your breakfast do not forget your breakfast

Got it?

11.) Baby & Dry Syrup wallpapers(what??), always using tube socks at gym & girl fondling dolphin.

Three words: Wrong website sicko.

QUESTIONS: Whats the funniest thing you’ve seen searched on your blog?


20 Comments to “Nice to Meet you”

  1. Haha I love this post- it’s so random what people search for. My most often is something along the lines of “girl with sprained ankle” why would so many people search for that?!

  2. haha so funny! your “tanorexic” photo is hilarious! i can’t even believe that’s you!! you look more like Tyra Banks than Adriana Lima in that one… but in all seriousness, Adriana Lima is totally your celebrity look alike. that’s pretty awesome.

  3. I’ve got:

    Sexy banana shoes
    Wussy hubby has a sexy wife
    overweight cats


  4. I get the weirdest searches too sometimes… a lot having to do with height of siblings because I wrote something about my younger brother being taller than me and how weird that felt I guess because it always ends up at my blog!!! These are super funny though. πŸ™‚

  5. Hahahaha those are some hilarious google searches. I’m always entertained by the things that lead people to my blog!

  6. oh my gosh, last holiday season there was something like, “dancing around merrily a wassailing” or something. I cracked up that someone searched that and found me.

  7. Haha, I love reading the search terms that lead people to sites. I always have weird ones about big bugs. Apparently I complain about those a lot. Oops. πŸ™‚

  8. I actually never checked nor do I know how to check that! lol! Im a little technology dumb, if you tell me how, then I can tell you what crazy searches led to my blog! I would have to say hello kitty would be one and maybe crazy girl would be another ; )

  9. OMG DUDE!!!! I seriously thought you were African American in the picture.

    That is 100% amazing.

  10. Totally cracking up, I don’t usually get such hilarious hits. But what is up with the B&J’s??? I feel like everyday I get a ton of hits about ice cream alone.

  11. ahahah. alyssa, you definitely look better as a non-taneorexic. πŸ˜‰

  12. Very funny and I can promise you that the prom picture will haunt you forever!

  13. Here is the yin to your yang for the taneroxic picture…
    You know her! πŸ™‚ Too funny, someone posted this on there years ago.

  14. Sexy Poop.

    That’s the worst one I ever had, hands down.

  15. I’ve also had sexy poop (I noticed a girl above me said the same thing)! What is the deal with the pervs out there?

    I’ve also had sexy sweat. Just gross gym terms in general… weird.

  16. After I read this post I went to my blog to see what I could find and this was my favorite search- sport butt crack. Interesting… I am amused lol

  17. Those are hilarious searches. I’m still waiting for some funny ways for people to find my blog!

  18. This is hilarious! Saw a link to your blog via Belle Maison and had to check it out. Love your writing style (and the “tanorexic” picture, woah). xo, Karley

  19. My blog used to be in the top three search terms on google for “Ted Mosby Hair” True story.

  20. my most random search term to my blog – demotivational poster. i didn’t even know people searched for that … but then i got curious seeing it led people to my blog so i tried it, too – they’re so funny!

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