Weekends seriously aren’t long enough. Whoever made the rule we should work 5 days and only be off 2, clearly had no job.

Unfortunately Adam had to work all weekend so it was up to me to entertain myself for part of the day. I started off with a trip to Trader Joe’s… I was honestly shocked at how much I got for $67!!

I thought the cashier forgot to ring up some items but I’m just THAT good of a shopper 😉

But then I went to Target and bought 9 things for about 80 dollars so that was a FAIL. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

I headed to Michaels after Target to buy some things for a project I saw on Pinterest .

Patterned Scrapbook paper, Sticker letters and a 8 collage frame equals:

Our new menu dry erase board! It’s so cute and I love it! I have lots of paper and letters leftover so I’m thinking of making something else. Ideas?

After the pinterest project I headed to LA Sunset to be airbrushed. I won a free airbrushing session ($55) last weekend and I never turn down a tan!

Although I may be a little too tan? :/

Crafting, grocery shopping and tanning sure do work up an appetite so I decided to make some pizza. I got the idea from Cooking Light – I absolutely love their recipes!

Started off with a whole wheat thin crust pre-cooked dough (I’ve been having a rough time with raw dough lately 😦 )

Spread with organic tomato and basil marinara and added pepperoni (adams) to half of the pie

I then sauteed up the following veggies w/ garlic/evoo and added them to the pizza: corn, asparagus, red pepper and onions

Sprinkle some crushed red peppers and add some fresh mozz

Bake for 8 minutes

MMM MMM good. Dear Cooking Light – Please make a fall version ASAP.

After the pizza deliciousness we headed to Yogurtland. What would a weekend be without a little dessert??

Yes, this was the line to get into a fr0-yo place!! Did I mention it was 50 degrees outside? People (we) are crazy.

We made the wait worth it and loaded up.

Our eyes may have been bigger than our stomachs?

so what’s in the cup bigger than my head? Oatmeal Cookie fro-yo, strawberry cheesecake fro-yo, cookies and cream fro-yo and red velvet cupcake batter fro-yo with way too many toppings to name 🙂

If you have a yogurtland near you GET the Oatmeal Cookie. Adam and I agreed this was the best fro-yo we’ve had…and we’ve had A LOT of fro-yo.

Now it’s time for bed – with the windows open! Weeeee.

QUESTIONS: Who else is addicted to pinterest? 

18 Comments to “Entertainment”

  1. That menu board is So darn cute! I am loving fro-yo right now!

  2. Oh no…a Yogurtland just opened up in Palo Alto. I think I may have to go…like NOW!

    How does the dry erase board work if it’s fabric or paper? I’m confused :-/

  3. I just discovered Pinterest and love it- so many great ideas on there!
    They just opened a yogurtland near my house here in portland; right next to my favourite fro yo place (Portland has the most fro yo stores per capita or something ridiculous…im not complaining)

  4. Yogurtland is my FAVORITE frozen yogurt shop! All of their flavors are amaaazing. I’ve never tried Oatmeal Cookie though…Next time I’m in California (or maybe NJ?), I’ll go hunt some down.

    Love your Pinterest project–such a fun, creative idea! And the same thing happens to me every time I shop at Trader Joes: I get WAY more for WAY less than I expected. I love high quality, delicious bargain food! xoxo

  5. I like pinterest but not addicted yet, not enough time! lol!

    LOVE yogurtland but NONE near me : ( I would die to try the oatmeal cookie!

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Oatmeal cookie frozen yogurt sounds heavenly! Yuuumm!

    I’m staying away from Pinterest [for now] because my trip to NYC is catching up to me! I have mile-long to-do lists!

  7. I signed up for pintrest forever ago but only recently have been sucked in.
    Cannot. Stop. Pinning.

  8. love it! my sisters roommate found an antique map and framed it in their kitchen to put notes on. it’s a great idea! dry erase markers work magic!

  9. Totally addicted to Pinterest…so I try not to get on every night or I will waste too much time! And no Yogurtland here in Kentucky…but I am putting a card in the comment box @ the fro-yo place I go to and will be asking for the oatmeal cookie kind- sounds delicious!!

  10. what a CUTE idea for a menu board! I just posted a ton of my DIY pinterest ideas. 🙂 I’m a maniac.

  11. i’m confused. where are you going to yogurtland!?!? denville???

  12. My yogurt messes tend to cost at least 8 dollars at those kinds of places… and proud of it 🙂

  13. your froyo looks fabulous and i’m pretty sure i need to venture over to yogurtland asap to have the oatmeal cookie flavor!! trader joe’s is awesome – did you know they have their own cookbook? i saw it in barnes and noble the other day.

  14. I’m addicted to pinterest! love the ideas it has given me for wall decor! And I am crushing on your idea…. so fun! so you write with a dry erase marker on the glass? is that how it works?

  15. Lovin all of these pics! Great pizza idea and you can’t go wrong with froyo!

  16. I LOVE Yogurtland!! I still haven’t tried the oatmeal cookie flavor, but I am dying to! Did they have the pumpkin yet? It’s my favorite 🙂

  17. I love that trader joe’s has so much food that you can;t find anywhere else, and even the staple items are usually inexpensive too! im thinking i NEED to go to yogurtland..that cup looks awesome!

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