Old and New

Happy Saturday loves! Adam and I woke up this morning with one thing on our mind: Working out. We both were feeling a little sluggish this week so we knew we needed a good sweat. There is a gym on the corner of our street that offers free CROSSFIT classes on Saturday so we tried it out.

There were 60 people in this class which was great motivation. I really enjoyed that everyone in the class was extremely fit and nobody gave up during the hour-long workout. My bum is already hurting from the air squats. We are going to look into attending more classes although I think its VERY pricey so we shall see.

After our CROSSFIT class I made some Funfetti Protein Pancakes. Have you seen these yet?

I added 2 scoops of cake batter protein and 1 cup of water and it turned out pretty amazing if  I do say so myself.

The package claims to make 12 cupcakes…But it only made 6 for us.

After running some errands and doing “chores” we ate lunch so we could head to the movies!

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna (recipe coming soon)

Plan was to eat before we got there so we wouldn’t want popcorn.

We held out for about 20 minutes. Adam and I split the kid’s meal which comes with popcorn, fruit snacks and a drink. Perfectly proportioned for the two of us and it was fitting we got the kid’s meal since we went to see this

Lion King in 3D baby! We were definitely the only people in the theater above the age of 4… No joke.

Since the movie theater is so close to Trader Joe’s/Target Adam agreed to getting the grocery shopping out-of-the-way. Only new thing I bought:

But I bet you it’s going to be a good one! Thinking of whipping up some pumpkin cream cheese to go with it. Jealous? I’ll share my creations.

While we were grocery shopping Adam volunteered to make dinner. I knew that meant he wanted some red meat (which I wont cook) so I agreed.

Steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes and asparagus… I never knew my boyfriend was such a good cook. He may have just gotten himself into trouble because I’m going to request this happens A LOT more now 🙂

We’re going to enjoy an ice cream sandwich and watch a movie. Big day of apple/pumpkin picking tomorrow!!

QUESTION: Do you order popcorn at the movie theater or do you have more will power than me?

22 Responses to “Old and New”

  1. I have never seen the funfetti pancakes, boo that they only made 6, I think its because they consider it 12 tiny pancakes, I do not roll with tiny, haha!

    Happy Weekend!

    I wanted to see Lion King in 3d! Such a classic movie!

  2. I want that pumpkin spice bread, like now!
    We went apple and punkin pickin today:)

  3. I haven’t seen the funfetti pancakes–I’ll have to look for them the next time I go grocery shopping!

    I don’t order popcorn at the movies because I usually just bring my own snacks. The prices alone are enough to keep me away!

  4. Oh my goodness those pancakes… cannot wait to get some for myself! The Lion King is my most favorite movie (as you know 🙂 ) I hope you enjoyed it!

  5. You have no idea how bad I want those funfetti pancakes! I haven’t seen them yet, but nice protein addition!

  6. I pretty much love every single thing about this post! I’ve heard crossfit is a killer workout! A trainer at the gym I used to work out opened up his own crossfit gym and said I could go for free but I never took up the offer! Those pancakes got me cravingggg yummy pancakes now! Danielle and I are doing a 5K next Sunday and already decided to reward ourselves with delicious pancakes afterwards =) Can’t wait for the spaghetti squash recipe-I am really in need of more recipe options-I feel like I’ve been eating the same thing lately. I can’t believe I didnt know that pumpkin bread existed! I know that company also makes a cinn swirl bread that is also yummy. I need to be on the lookout for this! Whew, longest comment ever!!! haha

  7. i bet that pumpkin bread would be great as french toast or pumpkin bread pudding! 🙂 hope you have fun apple picking & that you’re not too sore! i’m secretly scared to try crossfit because it looks so intense!

  8. I hope I find that pumpkin bread. I am making pumkin mousse tonight. I love all things pumkin! Could not hold out, yes, I got the popcorn (with butter) yesterday so fattening and saw 50/50, funny and dramatic movie,love Seth Rogan.

  9. I just said Whatttt out loud when I saw the funfetti pancake mix. I LOVE funfetti cake, cupcakes, cookies- anything! Good thing I have to go to the grocery store later cause now this is on my radar.

  10. I want to try cross-fit!! I have never seen those pancakes or that bread. The bread looks yum. I’m not a huge popcorn lover so I never get it at the theatres!

  11. I love that your lunch carried you over an extra 20 minutes. I was cracking up at that one.

    The thing is that I cannot stand popcorn – not sure why? I especially don’t like movie theater popcorn because of the fake butter taste so I never get it.

    Bread on the other hand poses a much bigger challenge for me….

  12. Funfetti protein pancakes! Love the looks of that! And haha only twenty minutes? It’s been years since Ive got movie theatre popcorn; and like Ameena I can’t deal with that fake buttery taste- as a kid though I would ALWAYS get an ICEE at the movies

  13. I try to be good but someone inevitably orders popcorn of which I eat half of. I’m a good friend like that.

  14. Oh my gosh I would’ve loved funfetti pancakes when I was little. I’m so sad that those are about 15 years late. I am so envious that you went to see Lion King 3D! I just didn’t have the chance. Sadness 😦

    I’d say I get popcorn half the time. It really depends who I’m with. My ex used to buy like $30 worth of food. It was ridic. I was used to my sneaking the popcorn in like my cousin taught me growing up.. immoral, I know. Now I just kinda skip it all together if it’s up to me.

  15. i wanted popcorn soooo bad on friday but they opened a new froyo place and i walked up to the concession stand to get coffee and was able to resist… i am proud of myself! haha. and I didn’t overdo it with the yogurt… banana nut bread froyo at a new place in ohio called Spoon Me. so good. Good luck with the cross fit stuff… it’s hard on the body be careful!

  16. I sometimes try and bring my own popcorn! but if not I definitely order! I can’t watch a movie without! And I cannot wait for that spaghetti squash recipe! Spaghetti squash is my favorite

  17. We have a crossfit class here too, but it IS so expensive. Ugh!
    & those funfetti pancakes look like the pancakes that Jess made @ How Sweet It Is. YUM!!!
    I JUST spotted that pumpkin cinnamon bread- did you try it yet? Do you like it?? Worth trying it? 🙂 (sorry, it must be 20 questions day 😉 )
    Oooo CANNOT wait for the spaghetti squash lasagna recipe!

  18. Free CrossFit classes?! I want in 🙂

  19. I’ve never seen those funfetti pancakes! I’m going to have search for them along with that pumpkin swirl bread! I can’t find it anywhere.

  20. I don’t order popcorn at movie theatres, but only because of the price!

    I WANT that bread!


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