1/2 Marathon Training

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted about a workout. Why? Well, to be honest I haven’t worked out like I used to. I’ve been ranging 0-1 workouts a week, eek! My exercise has been walking a total of 2 miles to and from work everyday (lame). By the time I get home from work I just don’t feel like working out… So, I’ve decided to set up a plan. I will get up every morning and do my workouts first thing so I have no excuse at the end of the day! I need to start training for the princess 1/2 marathon or I’ll be walking the 13.1 miles…and that’s no fun to watch.

Workout Plan: 6 days a week – 5:45 am M-F. 7am on Saturdays

  • M: Bootcamp Class and 20 minutes on elliptical
  • Tu: 3 mile run (Oct) 4 mile run (Nov) 5 mile Run (Dec-Feb)
  • W: Spinning and Leg workout
  • Th: 3 mile run (Oct) 4 mile run (Nov) 5 mile Run (Dec-Feb)
  • F:  Spinning and Arm workout
  • Sa: Long run (Increasing mileage by 1 mile a week)
  • Su: Off + Stretching

I’m hoping this plan holds me accountable!

Dinner: With all of the leftover chicken I decided to make a quesadilla… I sautéed some onions and placed them on a whole wheat tortilla with white chicken and cheddar cheese and pan-fried them with some olive oil spray. Dipped in greek yogurt of course.. I also had a side of green beans – I could eat pounds of these!

Now onto that run…

QUESTIONS: Have you ever trained for a 1/2 marathon? What was your plan like?

20 Responses to “1/2 Marathon Training”

  1. I love quesadillas. They are such a quick and easy dinner. I could eat a pound of green beans too! I keep buying them at the supermarket and roasting them almost every night. I cannot get enough of them 🙂

  2. I’m hoping to start training for a 1/2 soon. Hoping! I just ran my first 10K and loved the race so much it inspired me to do more, but I have yet to pick out a training plan to stick to!

  3. “except a 2 mile walk”?? um that’s kind of a workout! I wish I had any form of walking incorporated into my day, it would make me feel way less guilty about coming home and sitting on the couch watching the Kardashian wedding for 3 hours instead of going to the gym 😉

  4. Good for you! I am not a morning person, but I give my mornings to working out and never once do I ever hate myself later in the day for it.

    I have done a few 1/2 training plans and my 50+ year old mom just completed her first. She really got into the training plan, totally surprised me.

    Wishing you all the best!! Looking forward to cheering you on!

  5. I love your plan! I’m in the same excercise boat! I think I will follow your plan, if you don’t mind me stealing! I wish we were running the same Disney 1/2, we could meet up. Oh well. Maybe next year! ❤

  6. Hi love! Happy Tuesday!

    I have never trained for a race, but Im sure you know what your doing ; ) and looks like you have a plan!

    Hope your day is great! xoxo ❤

  7. I just ran the Denver 1/2! I love your training schedule….I’ve realized how important strength training is and how much I’m lacking!! 🙂 So, good job on getting that in your training! You’re going to be great. 🙂

  8. Your training schedule is great… its so important to have ST in there, I can’t believe the difference it makes!

  9. I’ve never trained for a 1/2 marathon- running isn’t really my thing. But I do find that making a workout schedule like you did really does hold me accountable and I stick to it!

  10. Mine was pretty similar… slowly increasing on the weekends and switching off with running and crosstraining/strength during the week. You’ll be great!

  11. I have never done a half-marathon, but I used to be quite the runner. I enjoyed it, but it was really rough on my knees and feet, so I had to stop. I am an avid weightlifter now, though, which I love!
    Good luck with your training. 🙂

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. I have never trained for a half-marathon but I am in the same boat with the 0-1 workouts per week ugh. Need to get back in the workout boat STAT.

  13. Never ever, so no advice! Your dinner looks good though 🙂

  14. Congrats on deciding to run a 1/2 marathon! I’m still training for a 1/4, haha. Baby steps! Your plan looks great, especially if you haven’t been working out for a little while. Once you’re used to the longer runs, you will find what’s comfortable for you in terms of distance. You never want to over-train (that’s what my running advisors tell me). If time permits, you could split mileage to 2 runs a day (but that’s not very fun in the dead of winter!) Good luck with your goal — when’s the race?

  15. I’ve never trained for anything athletic in my life besides high school sports- and that was MUCH shorter races when I was a runner 🙂 Your game plan looks impressive though!

  16. That looks like an awesome workout plan! You’ll do great if you stick to that.
    For my first half I used Hal Higdon.. really liked it. For the second one I did a Runners World plan that incorporated speed work and I noticed a drastic drop in time. If only I hadn’t gotten injured mid-race! Happy training =)

  17. When I trained for my half, my trainer was a marthoner and taught me the best trick- Fatiguing your muscles. She’d make me run a couple miles and then when the muscles were already tired, I’d do 20 reps of something that was relatively easy if you only did 10 reps un-tired. Also, any exercise I could do standing on one leg, I did one-legged. You spend your whole half on one leg (if you’re not walking). Good luck. Always mix it up.


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