Wednesday already!? I feel like I just did I WIAW post! I’m linking up with Jenn to show you what I ate…all day Tuesday.

First let’s start with the workout because that came before any food – I headed out for day 2 of my 1/2 marathon training plan and tackled 3 miles. Recently every single time I’ve run I get a horrible pain in my hip flexor. For the rest of the day it throbs and I have to semi-limp (I’m also a tad bit dramatic) and it is extremely uncomfortable. Any ideas from you runners??

Breakfast: Protein Shake from the gym – Banana Protein, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Soy Milk, Ice & Fat-burner supplement

Speaking of peanut butter – I posted some useful information on my FB yesterday – Time to stock up PB lovers!

Lunch: Whole Wheat Tortilla w/  bbq sauce, caramelized onions, leftover chicken & mozzarella cheese

Snack: Popcorn

Dinner: Zucchini noodles w/ meatless meatballs, marinara and nutritional  yeast. I also baked zucchini sticks with marinara (egg whites & whole wheat panko)

Dessert: S’mores bowl – graham cracker sheet, marshmallows, dark chocolate chips – Microwave for 20 seconds

If you can’t have the real thing, this will satisfy your craving!

The weather is starting to cool down so I wore this

Long sleeve shirt with lace back: Forever 21

Ripped Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

Tan Boots: Nordstrom

Necklace: So old I can’t remember but probably Forever 21

Short hair: Unfortunately, me.

Adam kept telling me my hair was getting too long (pretty sure he was annoyed it was everywhere in the house) so I decided to cut my hair.. Well i made a quick decision and just said cut 5 1/2 inches off. WHY? I always do this and get mad at myself.. I like long hair because my hair is thick and looks like a poof when its short…so long story short I will be growing it out, again.

QUESTIONS: Have you ever regretted a haircut?

23 Comments to “WIAW”

  1. I got a haircut once in 7th grade and when I came to school my best friend asked if I got in a fight with a lawnmower. I never wanted to get a haircut every again. 🙂

    Also, love the idea of a s’mores bowl!

  2. I need mine chopped, haha! Its annoying, but I think I need to keep it longer, it stays less crazy that way! My hair being naturally curly, its better ; )

    I think your hair cut looks great! Beautiful!

  3. First of all your hair looks great! That’s a good long hair length to make your hair more manageble, yet still long enough to do fun updos with too. My hair is your length and I consider that long! Second of all, I regret almost every haircut I get (that’s not a trim)! For the same reasons you said, my hair get so poofy when short it’s so much more maintenance to smooth it out, when it’s long, the weight keeps it smoother. Everytime I’ve decided to “switch it up” and cut my hair (usually because I’ve seen someone with an adorable bob), I’ve been sooo mad at myself! And short hair makes me look like a soccer mom, so I’ve sworn, no short hair until I am a soccer mom. 😉

  4. I’ve never had an awful haircut, but I have gone crazy before and chopped 10 inches off at once. I think your hair looks really good and it frames your face well! I always have to give a new cut two weeks to grow out a bit and soften up.

  5. I love your hair lady! You look great. I cannot wait to go stock up on PB tonight… not like I needed an excuse for that anywways 😉

    I always regret cutting my hair cause it takes so long to grow. It’s real long now but I think when I graduate or when I deploy I’m going to CHOP it off. I’m sure I’ll regret that one but… you only live once. Xo

  6. I am so tempted to cut my hair these days but I just cannot do it. I’ve been growing it since high school. And that was like … an embarrassing number of years ago.
    I think it looks really cute though! Get some good styling gloss and that will keep it sleeker, that’s what I have to do too.

  7. I once gave myself “bangs” as a small child. In reality, I gave the front of my head a buzz cut…so hot.

  8. oh wow that s’mores dessert bowl looks right up my alley! Big changes on haircuts always take me a few days to get used to, but your’s looks great!

  9. You are so beautiful it takes my breath away! xo

  10. I think it looks great! Super healthy and chic..and still LONG!

    Yes I’ve definitely regretted haircuts at the time, but then I look back and think, oh that was kinda cute 😉

  11. that bbq tortilla sounds so absolutely wonderful right now.

  12. Oh I have DEFINITELY regretted a haircut before; once my split ends were pretty bad but I only wanted a tiny bit chopped off, a “dusting” if you will but my hairdresser thought it would be best to chop even more and…it was a disaster :/ Luckily hair grows back. And your haircut doesn’t look bad at all 🙂

  13. Great eats, great outfit and great haircut! Your hair looks thick and really healthy — 5 inches will grow back in no time! You’ve totally made me crave zucchini sticks now 😀

  14. Yummy eats! I HATE when I cut my hair short and always regret it because my hair is poofy and looks extra crazy short. Yours look good though, I love it!

  15. I have definitely regretted a hair cut! I decided to make it really short one day, because I was sick of how long it took me to straighten… but of course it was too short and poofed!

  16. Your hair looks fabulous! and so does your zuke pasta!!! =) Happy wiaw gorgeous!

  17. Those zucchini fries look amazing!!! I love that idea!

  18. I’ve definitely had my share of bad haircuts that I regretted. Yours looks awesome though! Rock it. (:

  19. You need a foam roller! It will change your life and help soooooo much with your hip flexor- literally just rolling on and around it after running makes a huge difference

  20. i’ve had bad haircuts that i didn’t know were bad at the time. it’s only after looking back that i was like, “dude, why did my hairstylist hate me?” 🙂
    btw – i LOVE that shirt!

  21. I love your hair! I think it looks beautiful! 🙂 I really like your outfit too. So cute!

    I have most definitely regretted haircuts. I had the worst haircut in my entire life when I was in 6th grade. It was the worst ever. I wish I could go back and fix it. Luckily, I don’t have too many pictures from that terrible memory. Right now, I’m growing my hair out so I can wear it the way that I want for my wedding. It’s getting annoying though because it’s so long.

  22. Yummy eats! I love popcorn as a snack! 🙂
    Loving your outfit!!

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