Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA – We got back from vacation Monday night and yesterday we had to go grocery shopping because we had absolutely no food in the house…so unlike me! For todays WIAW I am going to show you everything I ate on vacation.

Day 1: Lunch at Saloon on the way there – Pulled Pork with sweet potato waffle fries – ate all of the fries in place of the bun 😉

Day 1: Dinner at Bocca – AMAZING. Greeted with warm pita bread and dipping oils

The best salad I ever had – Trying to recreate the dressing which was a lime vinaigrette

Half of a phenomenal  capri panini – so mad i forgot the other half there 😦

Split Dessert: Fried puff pastry filled with blueberries and served with a scoop of gelato

Day 2: The best tasting beer I’ve ever had…and I’m not a beer drinker

Dinner: Ordered a Salad – They brought out lettuce only. Hate when places do that!

Ordered the Mac and Cheese as my meal

You can bet I ate every last bite!

Split Dessert: Waffle with gelato, hot fudge and whipped cream – Amazing…

Day 3: Salad with tons of veggies – yum

Lunch: Cup of chili – I ate around the meat.

Dessert at lunch time? Sure, why not – We were heading out so it would be our last one! Reese’s Ice Cream Pie. Um, yes…no words.

With travel time totaling up to over 10 hours in the 3 days and the food we ate I could not wait to get to running yesterday. On my plan was a 3 mile run but I ran a little more than 3.5 because I NEEDED the movement.

Oh by the way – We did more than eat in Cooperstown. I promise…

We went a cider mill

Went to a beer tasting (most amazing beer)

Went to the hall of fame

Where I clearly had fun..

I stuck it out for 3 hours – By then my attention span had shrunk to the size of a peanut.

We also saw some AMAZING views. I couldn’t get over how pretty everything was! I feel as though I never captured the true beauty of the mountains.

Now I’m back home to city life – where people honk outside of our apartment every 12 seconds.

QUESTIONS: What is the best meal you’ve ever had on Vacation? On this particular one I would say the salad from the first restaurant… Yes, it beat out desserts. Who am I?

18 Comments to “WIAOV”

  1. Super fun pictures! My favorite vacation meal to have is Chicago-style pizza. It’s totally indulgent. And totally worth it11

  2. I think I would feel about the same way in a Hall of Fame. Haha. Those views are incredible. When I lived in the mountains of NC, I got to see that every year. I don’t know if the NC will do the same, but here’s hoping!

  3. I love your pics and the food looks awesome, as usual! Dying over that ice cream cake!

  4. So glad you’re back! Sounds like an awesome time…I am drooling over the Reeses ice cream pie. YUM!

  5. That Reeses Ice Cream pie looks A-MAZING!

  6. Wow where do I even begin with the food in this post?! I have to agree with Lauren and say that the ice cream pie looks the best!

  7. I love this post…all the food looks amazing! The best meal I ever ate was pesto bruschetta in Cinque Terre, Italy….to die for!! 🙂

    Welcome Home!

  8. Such pretty pictures! And holy crap I want that pita/oil combo plate in front of me right now.

  9. I do believe that is the most beautiful slice of cake I have ever seen!
    Great eats 🙂

  10. That Reese’s Cream Pie looks incredible, my mouth is actually watering! Loving the generous portion, nothing worse than being served up a teeny dessert!

  11. Those are some really great looking foods! I want that Reese’s pie now! 🙂

  12. You had me at “sweet potato waffle fries”!

  13. How fun! It looks like you had an amazing time and some delicious meals!! Especially the pita plate. Yum!

  14. I WANT that blueberry dessert! Yum!

  15. I want that waffle and piece of pie in a room by myself with a fork and a spoon. Oh my word. I might just be drooling. =D

  16. Glad you had fun! That waffle is incredible.. I neeeeed to have waffles like that at least once in my life. Probably starting this morning 😉

  17. Beautiful pics! Especially of the fall foliage. Oh, and of that capri panini. That thing looks *awesome*. I always forget my leftovers when I request a to-go box at restaurants! Every. Single. Time.

  18. omg all of those eats look AMAZING. especially the desserts:)..the best meal I’ve ever had on vacation..gahh I don’t know if I can choose one, it would definitely be one of the meals I ate from my trip to france this summer though

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