Legal Documents

Yesterday started off like any normal day – with a delicious pumpkin breakfast, duh! Seriously, my days are not complete with pumpkin lately.

Whole wheat waffles, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin granola and sugar free syrup.

I threw on some new clothes that I received in the mail yesterday (shhh, don’t tell Adam!)

Flowy tank: J. Crew Outlet

Camel Cardigan: Forever 21

Rust Corduroy Skinny Pants: Forever 21

Camel boots: Nordstrom

Pearl Necklace: J. Crew

Sweated my heiny off (not literally, unfortunately) in Spin class and when I came home I found a letter from Reebok..huh?

The letter was to inform me I should file for the class action suit against Reebok. I had NO idea what this was for so I used the ever so trusty google and it read “Are you upset you never got the bum you were promised with Reebok Easytones? File your suit now”

To be honest, I never thought I would get an amazing butt JUST because I walked around in a shoe.. It kind of baffles me that this many people in the US thought that they would and have now teamed up to sue Reebok because they never looked the way the fit woman did in the commercial.

I don’t think I will be jumping on board to get money from Reebok because I’m not upset and would’ve never even knew about this class action suit unless they sent me paperwork.. Which makes me question how they even knew i bought the shoes (3 years ago) and that I now lived in New Jersey?? This world is crazy.

QUESTIONS: Have you heard about this Class Action Suit against Reebok?? What would you do?

26 Comments to “Legal Documents”

  1. I heard about tihs lawsuit. My fiance actually bought a pair of the men’s version of those Reebox. I think he might have worn them all of 2 times because he didn’t think they were comfortable at all. I think he is going to get his money back because he felt like he wasted it because they were so uncomfortable. He didn’t realize that when he bought it.

    Cute outfit! 🙂

  2. LOVE the boots! Super cute!

    Happy Thursday love! xo

  3. Wow I have not heard of this law suit but it was just a matter of time until something like this came out!
    Loveeee those boots 🙂

  4. Haha omg seriously?? What is the world coming to? I always maintain that the best way to get a nice booty is to go running 🙂

  5. I didn’t hear about the lawsuit, but I completely agree with you–it is pretty ridiculous that people think shoes will somehow work miracles for you. Diet and nutrition–that’s all there is to it! Unfortunately, most people want instant gratification, a quick fix. I’m interested to see what comes of the lawsuit!

  6. I heard about the Reebok thing on the news, and since I have a pair I researched it and found out the lawsuit is not only because the shoes don’t tone, but because they cause knee injury! I actually noticed my knees hurt more than my calves/butt when wearing them. I think that’s kind of legit, so based on that I filled out an online form. I didn’t get any lawsuit info in the mail, so I’m not sure how far I’m willing to get involved. Now I’m kind of nervous to wear those shoes, I have had some major knee problems since high school!
    But I do know what you mean, people take things out of context and think that a shoe is suppose to solve their laziness! And in that aspect that is def nonesense!

  7. i saw those pants a F21 and want them so bad! I might have to go grab a pair this weekend!!

  8. I heard about his lawsuit and kind of wish I DID buy a pair of these, would have been awesome to get free shoes.

  9. As a student of the law (and aspiring fashion lawyer!), here’s my take. On the one hand, people should not expect a miracle “quick fix,” as you and the girls above note. That’s absolutely true — how can you go against the laws of physics and sports science to “spot treat and shape” a butt just by wearing these moon shoes? You can’t. (Unless you work with Tracy Anderson for 3 weeks, that is!) That said, companies cannot make empty promises about their products, especially if they know that their claims are unsubstantiated. If the shoes were marketed as “sneakers that make you FEEL more toned,” or “when combined with diet, exercise and padded underwear, sneakers may help aid you in acquiring the perfect bum,” then there would be no grounds for a fraud suit. Since the shoes were clearly marketed as miracle butt shapers, their maker is vulnerable to serious criticism (and lawsuits). Further–and I didn’t know this–if this shoe can cause injuries, such as what happened to Loftyappetite (sorry about that, girl!), then not only is Reebok liable for fraud (false advertising) but strict products liability (knowingly creating and selling a faulty product that causes injuries). Depending on how affected you were by the purchase of the shoes (and by the discovery of their futility), you can decide whether or not it’s worth it to pursue the suit. Hope this helps! 🙂

  10. Wow seriously? I figured there would be a class action suit for false advertising or whatever- but still participating in a lawsuit sounds time consuming and potentially fruitless. I did actually a couple of years ago get a similar letter asking if I wanted to participate in a class action suit against Abercrombie & Fitch (i used to work there) for not providing their employees with proper 10 minute breaks etc

  11. Pumpkin granola?! Where do you get such a thing?? Give me your boots. Too cutee!! I haven’t heard about that suit that’s wild.

  12. ugh. I’m so over people trying to get money any way possible.. I feel like suing is pretty immature. but that’s just me. 🙂 and I agree with you.. no one will get a nice butt JUST from walking around in certain shoes from time to time.

  13. I knew that whole shoe thing was going to end up like this. I mean, i contemplated buying them too if they made my ass look like a VS model, but still. A magic shoe? Those only worked for Forrest Gump.

  14. I would say if the paperwork is easy enough to fill out and you’re gonna get $ out of it then why not?!

  15. I did not hear about the lawsuit – but that is absolutely ridiculous. Why would people seriously believe that a shoe would improve their butts? I think the point of the shoe was that people would wear them and exercise more – thus improving their bodies.

  16. I was just reading about this lawsuit! So ridiculous. Obviously there’s no shoe out there that will magically give you the “perfect butt”. You gotta work for it!
    Mmm…that breakfast looks delicious, by the way. Waffles + pumpkin = perfection!

  17. That’s crazy! I had no idea that there was a lawsuit over this. But yeah, like you said, never would expect those kind of “results” just from wearing those shoes.

  18. I looooove those rust pants!

  19. My days aren’t complete without pumpkin either. I’ve been hoarding cans in my pantry, just in case there’s another shortage. I was going through major withdrawals a few months ago when I couldn’t find any!

    LOVE the new clothes! The boots are super chic. The boyfriend can’t and shouldn’t complain about these purchases because his girlfriend is looking hot hot hot!

    I think that the Reebok lawsuit is so silly. Companies make ridiculous claims every day! We either need to sue them all or take ownership of our own decisions. Then again, a little extra cash wouldn’t be so bad! 😉

  20. I hadn’t heard of the suit before this, but I think it’s pretty silly…we just love to sue here in the states!

  21. Remember when you bit it in Bootcamp that night, I think it was because of those shoes 🙂

  22. i almost bought those exact pants, but i was afraid to wear red! i like them paired with the brown cardi though, that would be a good work outfit

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