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July 8, 2011

1 week of NJ

Well, my laying out didn’t go as planned… It wasn’t very sunny 😦 Whomp Whomp.

But I still had a nice view!

I snacked on lunch while laying out. Tuna mixed with greek yogurt and old bay, a fuji apple and 100 calorie pack of brownies for my sweet tooth teeth.

I haven’t been feeling well so I came home and took a nap after a 4 mile bike ride. Adam texted me he was on his way home from work so I figured I should act like I did something worthy today and made the bed and prepped dinner.

Turkey Sloppy Joes (99% fat free turkey, 1/2 white onion diced, favorite bbq sauce), sweet potato fries and some cucumber slices. The only thing that could’ve made this more summer like would’ve been a glass of lemonade and some watermelon for dessert.

Silly me, we all know I don’t count fruit as dessert! We enjoyed our respective ice creams while watching Grown Ups…Which I thought was hilarious πŸ™‚

Favorite Friday

I’ve made it an entire week of living in Jersey! Yes, we’ve had a couple of hang-ups, spent a million dollars on this move and I’ve driven endless miles only to make a u-turn because there are no left turns but all in all it’s been a great week. Here are some of my favorite things about living in Jersey!

1.) The obvious.

Waking up to this face everyday.

2.) The city is a square mile so everything is in walking/bike riding distance. I rarely have to use my car!

3. My morning runs look like this

4. I’ve found lots of free workouts outside! Yoga, Belly-dancing, Hip-Hop classes and Kickboxing.

5. There are SO many good restaurants around here!

6. I’m a hop, skip and jump away from this fancy event

7. The beach is only an hour away

Speaking of the Jersey Shore… Were headed there early in the morning so I’ve gotta get some sleep! Will you still love me if I come back looking like this?

That’s OK… I wouldn’t either.

Enjoy your weekend!

QUESTIONS: What’s your favorite thing about the city you live in?

July 5, 2011

100 calories

I’m glad that most of you agree with me on the Casey Anthony trial. I just wish there was some answer to this horrible tragedy!

Moving on..

When Adam got home I went for a quick ride on my sweet new bike to pick up an ingredient we needed for dinner.

I know this doesn’t look like my old bike that I bought a few weeks ago…and well, that’s because it isn’t. My grandma had taken it in for a tune-up and they told her it was “extremely unsafe” and I should not be riding it. So my grandma/mom bought me a new one. I’m a little spoiled πŸ˜‰ I got tons of compliments while riding it! I think I’ll take it on a long long long ride tomorrow…

Dinner was a recipe I saw while stalking browsing Jessica’s blog. Honey Crunchy ChickenΒ stir fry was on the menu tonight and it did not disappoint. I served mine with brown rice and it was completely gone in about 10 minutes.

These are Jessica’s pictures because I forgot to take some AGAIN. Doh! Let me tell you something… Jessica knows what she is doing! I’ve made a couple of her recipes in my blogging days and I have never had any complaints.

After dinner we headed straight to pick up our new dresser! It’s officially in the house and ready to be stacked with my our clothing πŸ™‚

Earlier I saw a post on twitter of 100 calorie snacks. The first thing that came to mind was brownies? yogurt covered pretzels? chips ahoy cookies? I used to live on these snacks so that is what was familiar to me. But these were 100 calorie vegetable snacks… You get a whole lot more bang for your calories with these.

Proof: What does 100 calorie of brownie bites look like?

7-8 brownie bites

What do 100 calories of vegetables look like:

2 ears of corn

18 stalks of celery

3 zucchini

10 cups of Spinach!!

Now clearly I’m not telling you that you should eat 10 cups of spinach if you are craving brownies.. But if you are looking to add something to your meal try adding 100 calories worth of vegetables rather than sweets. Did that just come out of my mouth?

See you in the morning!

Questions: What is your favorite 100 calorie snack?