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July 5, 2011

Why so happy?

After Regis and Kelly ended I headed out to start my errands…

First up on the list? Home Goods. I LOVE this store. I could spend a million dollars in there. But, I don’t have a million dollars so I’ll settle for a shower rod. I had a couple of more things in my cart like a bamboo salad bowl, tongs, a bag of jelly bellys and an ipod alarm clock but then I remembered I didn’t have a job. Whoops.

I snacked on a clif mountain mix bar (my new obsession) while browsing a furniture store across the street.

Good news, we finally have a dresser and can stop living out of boxes 🙂 I found one on clearance at the furniture shop and we can pick it up tonight! Wahoooo.

I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things and then almost gnawed my arm off because I was so hungry. I came home, made a quick lunch and sat down to watch a little TV.

Leftover pulled chicken with buffalo sauce, spinach and pickles on a sandwich thin. I also had an un-pictured banana while making the sandwich so I didn’t fall over and die. Have I ever mentioned I was dramatic? Hm…

I was craving a little something sweet so I added peanut butter to a rice cake and topped it with a few dark chocolate chips.

OK, OK a lot of dark chocolate chips. I can’t help it if the bag accidentally tipped over geesh.

While I was eating my lunch I couldn’t help but watch the final decision in the Casey/Caylee Anthony trial. I am truly disgusted that our justice system has chosen to find her not guilty. Why else would someone report their 2 year old daughter missing a MONTH after she went missing? I’m 26 years old and live in a different state than my mom and I can guarantee she would know that I was missing in less than 24 hours. The defense team smiling as they walk out and Casey’s lawyer saying “I just saved someone’s life” almost made me vomit up my lunch. How could Casey be SO happy to be found not guilty? Now she doesn’t know who killed her daughter? But she left smiling. I hope karma does bad bad things to her.

OK, I’m going to pick my jaw up from the floor now and stop the rant. I need to get in the shower before Adam gets home from work!

QUESTIONS: Did you follow the Casey Anthony trial? How do you feel about the outcome?

February 21, 2011

It’s Empty…

I’m pretty sure today was the longest day of my life! I am feeling overly tired and need to get a good night’s rest so my cold doesn’t sneak back up on me!

Tonight I realized I have one of these…

An empty Peanut Butter jar… I’ve seen lots of OIAJ and OOIAJ posts by you girls and I need to know your BEST recipe so I can go ahead and make some tonight. I’ve been dying to try it and even though I go through peanut butter jars like it’s water this is the first time I remembered to save the jar before licking it clean. So please let me know your favorite way to enjoy so I can join the craze!

Last night I had a pizza party – for 1 – with 2 pizzas. Sounds about right, right? I made buffalo chicken on whole wheat with cheddar and pepper jack cheeses and a Margherita on whole wheat dough. (all pics from iPhone – sorry!)

My favorite was the buffalo chicken! Franks Buffalo Sauce is the bomb dot com. Yes, i just said the bomb dot com. The Margherita one was really tasty too but I don’t think I rolled the dough out enough and it was a little under-cooked in the middle. Somehow that didn’t stop me from eating half of both!

This morning I decided to have pancakes in honor of presidents day… I tested out the lo carb banana supreme mix I received over the weekend… Major fail. I don’t know if I made them wrong or if they were just weird in general. The recipe called for 3 tbsp of heavy cream and 1 egg added to the mix but said you could substitute fat-free sour cream and an egg white for a healthier version. I decided to go that route and use greek yogurt and the egg white. They were dry, thin and just plain bleh. I tried to be creative and add cocoa almonds for a crunch – I also failed with that. You win some you lose some.. I think I’ll stick to my Pumpkin Pancakes!

I was probably the only person who had to go to work today – The girls and I headed to the mall to see gnomeo and juliet…Everyone else clearly had the same idea – there were no parking spots, tickets were sold out and screaming children were outnumbering adults 4 to 1. The girls were upset so i quickly suggested we get fro-yo!

Fro – yo fixes everything. This might surprise you but I didn’t have any! I think I had enough tasti d-lite within the past 3 days to last me throughout the week.

Lunch was a whole wheat tortilla wrap spread with roasted red pepper hummus and packed with vegan peppered steak, mushrooms, avocado & sprouts. Not the best wrap I’ve ever had…Vegan peppered steak – not my thang. It had a weird texture… But it was meatless monday so I had to! Meal Fail number 2.

I skipped the gym today… It was my rest day! Instead I treated myself to a tanning session. It was a spray tan, so it was healthy 🙂

Dinner was boring so we will call it Meal Fail number 3… Spinach, apple, golden raisins and candied pecans with a blueberry pomegranate dressing. It doesn’t sound so boring when I write it out… But I had planned to make a Spinach Artichoke Pie with tofu and it was on a different level. Tomorrow is a new day with new meals and I guarantee they will be better than todays!

For my self-love appreciation day number 2 I wrote a list of 5 things i love about myself.

1. My smile – I used to have crazy summer teeth (some are here, some are there). In 6th grade a boy actually told me he wouldn’t date me because I had crooked teeth! I went home crying and my mom took me to the orthodontist and I got braces shortly after. He ended up “dating” me (really what is dating to 6th graders!?) and I ended up with pretty teeth. Thanks mom 🙂

2. My ability to cook good meals – Um with the exception of my meals today! I enjoy cooking, healthy living and enjoying each and every bite!

3. My eye for creativity – I don’t think a lot of people can look at a cardboard box and think of 50 different things they can make with it!

4. The big ole heart in my body – Even though I’m hard on the outside I am very soft and loving in the inside. I try to see the good and beauty in everyone and help others out and volunteer as much as possible!

5. My leadership skills – I have never been one to follow… If everyone jumped off a bridge – it would be because I told them to. (Which I obvi wouldn’t do!)

What do you love about YOURSELF?!

Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs

  • About us – Brooke Hogan
  • Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk
  • Nobody But Me – Blake Shelton
  • Heartbreaker – Pink
  • Gimme More – Britney Spears
  • Mama’s Song – Carrie Underwood
  • I Run This Town (Feat Kanye West & Rihanna) –  Jay-Z
  • Shimmy Shimmy Ya – Wu-Tang Clan f. ODB
  • Waking Up In Vegas – Katy Perry
  • Bad Romance – Lady GaGa


I think I can go ahead and take Brooke Hogan off my ipod…I sure hope I didn’t waste 99 cents on that!

I’m going to finish watching the Bachelor (Team Emily!!) and go to bed earlier than midnight tonight so I can hopefully feel better tomorrow! Have a great night everyone.

QUESTIONS: How do you show yourself love? Do you ever have a day where none of your meals satisfy you? Are you a bachelor fan? Who are you rooting for? Don’t forget to share with me your OIAJ or OOIAJ recipes 🙂