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April 22, 2011

Egg-citing Friday!

Happy Friday!!!! I am enjoying an unexpected paid day off 🙂 No better way to start your weekend then with that type of news!


I made myself a quick breakfast…

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thin w/ PB and 1/2 a banana on one side, Sugar Free Strawberry Preserves on the other and Chia seeds sprinkled all over top. I love the added crunch!

I’ve already thrown dinner in the crock pot…

BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches (forgot about the whole no meat thing on Fridays)

Prepared a smaller (healthier) version of my Overnight French Toast Casserole for tomorrows breakfast…

It’s layered 3 times…Think that’s enough for two people!? 😉

and made some “Reese’s” easter eggs…

um, hello peanut butter and chocolate =)

Speaking of Reese’s Eggs WHY do they taste so much better than the cups?? Is it because there are no ripples? more peanut butter? or am i being tricked to overeating them because it’s Easter and on Easter you eat candy…right? Either way, they are my absolute FAVORITE Easter candy.

This morning the radio station was talking about What your favorite easter candy says about you… Reese’s wasn’t one of them but I guess it could be counted as the last one? Here is their list.

Jelly Beans:  You are a kid at heart.  You have to dig deep thru an Easter basket to get them, you big kid!!

Peeps:  You always hope for the best.  A never say die optimism.

Chocolate Bunny:   Fans of these guys, maternal feelings run very high.

Cream Eggs: You are a deep thinker, maybe because you have to dig in there to scoop out the cream.  YUM!

They also had some Easter facts I thought you might be interested in..

How do people eat their Chocolate bunny? 74% Start at the bunnies ears, 13% the feet and 10% go for the chocolate bunnies eyes. 90 Million bunnies are made for Easter every year.

Jellybeans didn’t become an Easter tradition until the 1930′s.  Kids say their favorite jellybean is cherry.  Young girls are more apt to eat jellybeans by the handfuls!

More than 50% of kids get up before or at dawn to check out their Easter baskets.

Favorite Easter tradition: the sunrise at church, followed by..Easter egg hunt, and coloring eggs.

I still get up before dawn to check out my easter basket. I’m a kid at heart 🙂 Even if my favorite easter candy isn’t jellybeans!

Yesterday the girls I nanny for gave me an Easter basket filled with my favorite things – Reeses, Cadburry mini eggs, Lindt hollow bunny, godiva chocolates, a headband we saw in the store the day before (how cute?) and a $50 gift certificate to a new store in the mall. They spoil me! I don’t hate it.

I also brought them Easter baskets filled with toys and planned an Easter Egg hunt…It was a good day 🙂

I was going to wait to post the Reese’s egg recipe until I made my Egg Shaped Funfetti Cake but I’m not a tease – No matter what my friends think 😉

(I was presented with the tease mask at the bachelorette party this past weekend)

So here it is! You can thank me later… Actually, thank me now – you might hate me later when your pants are tight. Kinda like mine. Right now.

PB & Chocolate Shaped Eggs


  • 1 1/2 cups of Peanut butter
  • 1 (16 oz) bag of powdered sugar
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk (for consistency – i used about 2 tbsp)
  • Chocolate for dipping (I used Wilton’s)
  • Mix everything in bowl ( I suggest doing this with your hands!)
  • Scoop with an ice cream scooper and shape into eggs
  • Freeze for an hour
  • Melt your desired color of chocolates and dip each egg into them.
  • Sprinkle immediately
  • Let chocolate harden in fridge
These are for Sunday’s family party but I may have taste tested 1 or 2…or 4. I had to try every color. Clearly. They are GOOD. Make these for your family – They will love you forever.
I’m picking up my boyfriend in about 6 hours and I’m VERY excited. We haven’t seen each other since Key West. Ugh yeah, that’s 7 weeks! Our plans include dyeing easter eggs ( he doesn’t know about this one yet ), hiking at Great Falls, trying out a new Vegan restaurant in DC, maybe an O’s and Yankees game if the rain holds off and of course church and slipping into food coma’s on Sunday!
OK, time for a big veggie lunch so I don’t feel so guilty for eating my weight in PB eggs today. Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!
3 cups of romaine lettuce, 1/4 cup black beans, 1/4 cup white corn, 1/4 of an avocado, 5 flax tortilla chips crushed, 4 grape tomatoes halved and a drizzle of enchilada sauce.

QUESTIONS: What are your plans for Easter? What is your favorite Easter Candy? Do you make anything for your family? Feel free to share the link!

March 25, 2011

Cheese Stuffed Buffalo Turkey Burgers

Hello Friday. I love you.

Am I too young to have a bucket list? It seems morbid, but I have a lot of dreams and I’m a visual person so to me its necessary. I’m 26 years old but I feel as a good portion of my life has passed. 1/3? 1/4? Who knows. I think no matter what age I am I will always still feel as if I’m “too young” to have written a list.

When I was 18 I honestly thought I’d be married by 22 years old with 2 children. (ridiculous) Good thing I wasn’t because a. I’d most likely be a poor single divorced mom and b. I would have never met a genuinely nice guy who knows how to communicate and have a two-way street relationship. Basically my point is, life passes you by and things you thought you would accomplish or dream of doing just don’t get done. So girls (and boys) – I’m making a bucket list. I’ll be adding it as a tab up top so I can cross things off once they are done.

The Bucket List

  1. Visit Italy and speak Italian – I think its romantic!
  2. Volunteer Somewhere for a Full Day Done
  3. Get Married BEFORE I’m 30.
  4. Skydive
  5. Drive up the California Coast and stop at Pebble Beach, LA, San Diego etc
  6. Enter a cooking/baking contest, and win of course
  7. Have 3 children
  8. Run a half marathon (Princess in Disney!)
  9. Run a full marathon, somewhere other than where I live
  10. Be my own boss
  11. Camp in the Grand Canyons
  12. Visit Australia
  13. Stay in Fiji
  14. Vacation in Bora Bora
  15. Take my mom to Hawaii for her 50th birthday
  16. Be a mentor to someone
  17. See a sunrise and sunset in the same day Done
  18. Teach kindergarten
  19. Plan weddings
  20. Take up Salsa, Ballroom or some other type of dancing
  21. Swim with dolphins Done
  22. Experience Brazil’s Carnival
  23. Try the CSD (Crazy Sexy Diet) for 21 days
  24. See a psychic
  25. Paint a picture for my bedroom
  26. Live on a sailboat for a week
  27. Play Football
  28. See the Redskins in a Superbowl
  29. Watch my kids graduate college
  30. Have my 15 minutes of fame.
  31. Touch an iceberg
  32. Bungee Jump Done
  33. Grow and Eat my own vegetables
  34. Spend thousands of dollars shopping in one day and not have anxiety about it. ( I wouldn’t mind if it was grocery shopping!)

I’m going to stop there. I want to be able to add things as I cross things off. That way it keeps it fun. If you don’t have a bucket list I personally recommend you create one. The whole point of a bucket list is to maximize every moment of our existence and live our life to the fullest. It should be a reminder of all the things we want to achieve in our time here, so that instead of frittering away our time in pointless activities, we are directing it more toward what really matters to us.

OK, enough seriousness. Yesterday the 5-year-old and I went on an adventure! Her cousin had sent her a paper robot named Olivia who was interested in checking out Annapolis (they are from Illinois) so we visited a bunch of places Downtown.

State House

Rode Bikes

Enjoyed Fro-Yo (the no sweets thing? not going so well)

Watched the boats

Ooooed and Awwwed at a sweets display

Relaxed our tired feet

While downtown I noticed they opened a Jimmy Johns! I’ve always heard great reviews so I’m excited to try it out soon.

I also noticed that CVS dedicated an entire shelf to me – How sweet.

I’ve been slacking on the Favorite Friday portion of this blog. During the week I ramble on about food (let’s be honest, that interests you WAY more than fitness and fashion) so on Friday’s I like to dedicate a teeny tiny section to them. Today? Fitness.

MY favorite Fitness Apps for the fancy iPhone (backdoor brag)

1. Google Goggles
Snap a picture of a food label on your phone and this app tells you everything you want (or maybe don’t want) to know about that product: Nutrition information, the company’s website, where it’s sold, and more.

2. Map My Fitness
A GPS for your runs, hikes, bike rides and other activities. No running buddy in your city? This application lets you share and compare stats (duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned) with friends around the world.

3. Tap & Track
This comprehensive app calculates exactly how many calories you should be eating each day, factoring in things like your job to determine how active you are. You enter what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising, and Tap & Track creates graphs that make it easy to see your progress, even if the scale doesn’t dip that day.

The first two are free. People love free things… So even if you hate it, feel free (no pun intended) to at least try it out! The second one is 2.99 or 3.99 – but worth every penny!

I think I enjoyed peanut butter in just about every single meal yesterday.


1/2 0% chobani Blueberry Flavored & Bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins w/ Strawberries

By the way… The strawberries are monster sized. That is just one strawberry in that bowl of cereal!


A Protein Disc… Seriously obsessed with these.

Note: There are only crumbs left

Lunch: Flax sandwich thin w/ Dark Chocolate PB and banana slices and Honey Nut Cream cheese squished into a delicious sweet sandwich

Dinner was peanut butter-less… I figured my jar(s) could use a break. However dinner was the best turkey burger I’ve ever made in my life. I love to make turkey burgers rather than regular hamburgers but sometimes they can get dry. These however are juicy, flavorful and make you feel like you’re having a cheat meal 🙂

I’m going to share the recipe with you since it only has 3 ingredients. Yes…just 3!

Cheese Stuffed Buffalo Turkey Burgers


  • 1 lb of ground turkey (Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s)
  • 1/3 cup Franks Buffalo Sauce
  • 5 pieces of Muenster Cheese


  • Place ground turkey in bowl
  • Add 1/3 cup of Franks Buffalo Sauce to mixture
  • Mix well
  • Shape into pattys
  • Break 1 piece of Muenster Cheese into 4 mini squares and place on top of each patty

  • Mold the ground turkey around the cheese so it’s a stuffed burger
  • Grill (look at the cheese oozing out!)

  • Add a slice of Muenster Cheese to the top of each

I’ll probably never make a different type of burger again. I’ve made these 3 times in 3 weeks… They are that good! I gave the leftovers to my brother before I left for vacation and he ate all 3 in one sitting and texted me “Thanks for lunch – Please send Mom and/or Grandma your recipe immediately”. He doesn’t even like Muenster Cheese or ground turkey – I love tricking people!! muhahaha

We rounded these out with some butternut squash fries! I prefer these over sweet potato ones..

Yesterdays meals made me happy and satisfied 🙂

I also wanted to dedicate a piece of my Favorite Friday to you all! I am going to start a blogroll of my favorite blogs… If you would like to be added just leave me a comment with your blog name and headline. Ex: Fashion Fitness Foodie: Staying fit while eating good food in stilettos

Have a good weekend!

QUESTIONS: Do you have a bucket list? What is your favorite iPhone app? Do you want to be added to my blogroll? Leave your link!