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September 17, 2011

Fashion Friday

Happy Friday! I have been slacking on posting the daily outfit pictures so here you will get a weeks worth in ONE post. Lucky you ūüėČ

Monday: When it was still warm out

V-neck sparkle strip top: Ann Taylor Loft

Black pencil skirt: 7 for all mankind

Tuesday: Still warm w/ a slight breeze

Black Dress: Banana Republic Outlet

Pink Cardigan: J. Crew Outlet

Feather Belt: Boutique store

Jeweled Flats: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet

Wednesday: Starting to get chilly

Peacock feather off the shoulder tee: Forever 21

Army Green Chino Pants: J. Crew Outlet

Rainbow Flip Flops

Thursday: Debated on bringing a sweater to work

Navy blue/Tan Lace top: Francescas Boutique

Skinny Jeans: Forever 21

Peep Toe Flats: Nordstrom


Polka Dot ruffled tank: Forever 21

Orange Cardigan: J Crew Outlet

Black Skinny Jeans: Joe’s Jeans

Boots: BP from Nordstrom

Flower in hair: J Crew Outlet

Now that summer and fashion week are over I think we need to start looking for some fall favorites. If you gotta freeze, you might as well be cute while doing so. Below are some of my favorite fall trends. I suggest spending less on a trend than you would on a staple piece. If you’d like to see my fall staples click here.

colorful chunky scarves Р$27

colored jeans Р$21

the color gray $29.99

(Faux) Leather skirts $20

Over the knee boots $129

Geek chic glasses $15

flesh tone nails $0.99

plum tone lips Р$3.99

Looks like I’ve got some shopping to do! What is your favorite fall trend?

September 1, 2011

Craving Fall

Even though I love summer and don’t want it to end I have to admit that I do love the beginning of fall. Maybe the seasons could go fall, summer, fall summer. Who’s with me?

Yesterday I was in full fall mode – I woke up and it was 70 degrees outside which is perfect running weather. I headed out and hit the pavement for a solid 4 miles.

Ah, long sleeve running t-shirts – my fave. When I finished I came home craving a warm breakfast! A cinnamon protein pancake? Yes, I think so.

I wasn’t in the mood for syrup so I made a peanut flour sauce and drenched the pancake.

Packed with protein!

Cinnamon Protein Pancake w/ Peanut Flour Sauce



1/4 cup egg whites

1/4 cup instant oats

1/2 scoop cinnamon bun protein powder

1 tbs ground flax

1 tbs unsweetened almond milk

1tsp cinnamon

Peanut Flour Sauce

1 tsp of peanut butter

1 tbsp of peanut flour

2 tbsp of unsweetened almond milk (more or less if you want it runny or creamy)


Mix pancake ingredients (first 6) in one bowl

Spray pan with non-stick cooking spray

Pour mixture into pan and cook for 3 minutes or until slightly browned

Flip and repeat.

While pancake is cooking add peanut flour ingredients (last 3) to a bowl and whisk until combined.

Pour sauce over pancake.

This no joke kept me full for 6 hours!  Which is good because I ran around like a crazy woman all day at work.

At work my urge for fall was shown by the outfit I wore.

Navy blue blazer and navy blue shorts from J. Crew РYellow silk like ruffled tank  from Forever 21

Braided belt – Forever 21

Jeweled necklace – Nordstrom

When I finally got home from work I decided I wanted to change our living room around to have a warmer feel.

It’s still a work in progress, but we’re getting there!

I also started some fall crafts – Watch out Martha, girlfriend is on a roll over here.

After all that I was starving so I needed to make dinner and it needed to be quick. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make something that reminds me of fall so I braised some chicken and peaches

Side Note: Peaches are amazing right now. I served the peaches, chicken and sauce over couscous with a side of broccoli

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – You can find the recipe here.¬†Definitely on the “make again” list.

Next thing you know I’ll be busting out the pumpkin.

I’m sure most of you won’t mind.

After my run, the pancake, working 8 hours, doing crafts, redoing the living room and making dinner – I crashed. If Fall makes me a productive woman I’ll take it – But only if we can skip winter and spring.

Happy September!!

Questions: Which season is your favorite?