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September 15, 2011

Mini Martha

This past weekend I spent a little time getting jiggy crafty with it. I bought some simple items at Michaels and turned them into masterpieces. Ok, not really but they’re cute and easy and ANYONE could do them.

Wreath – made with a twig round wreath, glue gun, berries & leaves. SO simple – Just glue everything where you want it.

Leaf Ribbon? No idea what to call this. I bought a package of leaves and a small thin silk ribbon. I attached the leaves with paperclips and hung it over the mirror. It was so simple but it really looks great in our living room.

Adam got crafty with it too – He built this buffet and hutch! It took a while because there were a million bajillion pieces but it looks so good. All I did was paint those letters you see up on top. You will need paint, paint brush and letters – See? My projects are so simple! I also painted some wine & martini glasses you see up there but we’ll get to that a different day.

More letters – More Paint – and added glitter!

Um, have i mentioned I’m obsessed with monograms?

and this I bought. But I thought you needed to see my last fall decoration (so far).

I have ideas in my head for a chandelier over the bed and a couple of other things so hopefully Adam will agree to Goodwill this weekend.  Last weekend he told me I am banned from Home Goods but I think he will be OK with Goodwill – It means I have to work on a project and he gets the TV to himself to watch all things sports related. Win-Win situation.

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QUESTIONS: Have you done any crafts lately? Any fall ideas for me?