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September 8, 2011

I take it back

I know I said I was Craving Fall last week….but I take it back. Can I take it back? I’m not ready to put away the bikinis and flip-flops or buy overpriced produce and fruit.

I’m pretty sure I had my last summer-type meal on Saturday 😦

Grilled chicken, grilled corn salad, fresh fruit, and potato cobb salad..mmm

Ever since then it’s been raining, flooding, cold and dreary aka miserableness I’ve unpacked all of the coats and filled the storage closet.

I’ve had to wear my rainboots for the past 3 days

I’ve bought tea 30404 times a day. I don’t exaggerate.

I’ve drunk marshmallows hot chocolate every night for dessert

Eaten comforting foods such as soups, grilled tomato and cheese sandwiches and mashed potatoes.

Oh and these pumpkin enchiladas – I posted the recipe in January but felt it was time for them to make a comeback.

My outfits have consisted of jackets and jeans or plaid shirts.

So now I’m craving Summer… I want my tan, my dresses and the fact that I’m soaked by the time that I walk to work because of sweat, not rain back. Bring back the sun, I beg of you!

This post goes to prove…a girl is never satisfied.

QUESTIONS: What’s your favorite rainy day meal? I’m going with Grilled Cheese with tomato and Soup!