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July 23, 2011

Date Night

Date Night started off with a bouquet of long stem roses 🙂

How did I get so lucky 😉

We planned on taking the ferry to NYC which actually turned out to be nice and not sweltering hot.

OK, maybe a little sweaty but for 110 degrees it wasn’t THAT bad. The cab to the restaurant was actually 67 times worse.

We arrived 5 minutes late and the couple we were meeting were already there so we didn’t have time to sit in the bar area which I thought was very charming. Next time we’ll have to be on time!

We started out with a bread basket, some wine for the ladies and beer for the men.

I picked a piece of bread that had cranberries, it was REALLY good. I also had a bite of Adam’s which seemed to be a pretzel roll that was also good.

Appetizers for 3 of us were the mixed greens salad

It had a nice kick to it which we all agreed was some type of horseradish flavor.

For our main meal Adam and I were going to split so we could have a little taste of everything. I ordered the crab cakes while he chose the filet mignon and a lobster tail.

We also got a couple of side dishes to split at the table.


The hash browns were also delicious. The potato was perfectly cooked. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

This rich meal didn’t stop there. We all ordered dessert…

I chose the cheesecake

which was absolutely amazing. You can tell everything is handmade.

Adam ordered the chocolate mousse cake

It was also really good but when it comes to chocolate cake I’m not that big of a fan. The desserts left us really full and wishing for someone to roll us out of there and into our beds.

Unfortunately we still had a trek back home… On the ferry back with our full bellies we admired how pretty the city looks at night

and remembered just how lucky we are to have a nice dinner out, with good friends, in a beautiful city. Even though it was hot, things could be a WHOLE heck of a lot worse.

Date Night success. I’m off to the Outerbanks with my family! Weeeee.

QUESTIONS: Where was your last date night??

January 3, 2011

My NEW New Year.

How is everyone doing with their New Years Resolutions? I’ve decided to let mine start today. I wanted to have fun and experience things (aka food) in Boston with my boyfriend and didn’t want to hold him (ha) back. Boy am I glad I made that decision. I had THE best meal of my life. I’m not exaggerating – I would consider driving to Boston for this. I would move here so I could eat this weekly. I would pay them a million dollars to ship this to me on demand. I would bathe in it. Do you get my point? I thought so. The restaurant’s name is Neptune Oyster. It’s a teeny tiny place in Little Italy with about 5 tables and THE best food you will ever come across. My boyfriend is not into food like I am and even he couldn’t stop raving about it. It got to the point where I felt awkward to be there with him because I thought he was more into the food than me 😉 We ordered a Lobster Roll w/ fries and 8 different oysters. 

You know how girls always post a picture of their engagement ring and say “The picture doesn’t do it justice.” Well that’s how I feel about this sandwich. It was jumbo chunks of lobster on a hot roll doused in butter served with a side of fries. Thank you Neptune Oyster for making everything I eat from this day on never be as satisfying as this. If you are ever in Boston, you HAVE to go here.

Speaking of engagements… We went out to dinner (more eating!) at the Prudential Center to a restaurant called Top of the Hub. It was 52 stories high and had stunning views of the entire city. Once we were seated we witnessed the guy at the table next to us get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend. Were you thinking I was going to say it was me? I would’ve written about that BEFORE the lobster roll if that was the case….Maybe. It was sweet – but she ended up telling him that she knew the entire time and saw the ring at home. I’m still confused as to why she did that… and yes, I was all up in their convo. Dinner consisted of a Spinach salad with candied walnuts, goat cheese, pears and a wine vinaigrette and a piece of Vegetable Lasagna. Everything was phenomenal – the view, the company, the food and the DESSERT! Since the restaurant was ritzy I didn’t want to pull out my camera and start snapping photos – but by the time we reached the dessert course I was over it. 

Boston Creme Roll. The creme inside was…creamy? I don’t know how else to describe it! I was very pleased with the waiters suggestion.

The view from the 52nd floor.

Earlier in the day we went to Mike’s Pastry… It’s Boston’s famous bakery so naturally there was a line.

With visiting Carlos Bakery and Georgetown Cupcakes within the past few months we’ve become pros at waiting in-line. Everything in the shop was extra-large sized and super cheap. If I would’ve known that before we paid I would’ve ordered more 🙂

They had sooo many choices. When we finally reached the counter I felt the pressure so I just blurted out some things that were in the case directly in front of us.






Creme Brulee, Chocolate Covered Lobster Tail, and a Chocolate Chip Cannoli. We split the Creme Brulee and then I had the Chocolate covered Lobster Tail and my boyfriend enjoyed the Chocolate Chip Cannoli. My favorite was the lobster tail. This was my first time having a dessert with a Seafood name…but fortunately there is no seafood involved 🙂 *We didn’t eat all of these at one time… but we could’ve for the record.

On our way back to the T we noticed a Farmer’s Market! I would LOVE to live here for this simple fact… Look at the prices.

2 pounds for a dollar!? At Whole Foods it’s 2.69 per pound. There were some serious deals going down here. 10 mangos for a dollar… a box of clementines for $1.50. If my suitcase wasn’t already over the weight limit I would’ve stocked up!

Some other things we did:

  • Watched football
  • Had cheese pizza & buffalo wings
  • Ran into a friend from Florida (random)
  • Visited a brewery – where the tour was sold out for the entire day 😦 But we still managed to get a couple of free samples.

Mmm. Raspberry Beer.

  • Took a walk in the rain…Thankfully I had my Hunter boots on!
  • Saw some old school way of transportation

So romantic 🙂

We’ve enjoyed our time in Boston to say the least… Our flight takes off at 3:30 today but we might just rent Life as we know it and relax before we head back to separate states!

Don’t forget today is Meatless Monday! I’m starting the day off with a Luna bar and a ginormous Honeycrisp Apple. I might even venture to the gym downstairs so I don’t have to go later tonight. One thing I cant wait to do when I get home is eat a home cooked meal! Anyone have any suggestions of something quick I could put together after traveling?

For all of you back at work make the most of it – Start this year off with a positive attitude. Heres to my New New Years today ❤