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January 1, 2011

Make it count

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope everyone was able to ring in the New Year with the ones they love…I sure did 😉 Looking back on this past year it wasn’t so bad – but it could always get better. I have plenty of goals for the new year and I hope to stick to them… Here are a few:


  • Live a healthier life-style (starting off with meatless mondays and maybe eventually turn it into vegetarian/vegan if it feels right)
  • Do 1 type of new workout a month that I’ve never tried before. I never attend a new type of class because I’m always afraid that I wont know what I’m doing
  • Experience the outdoors this year more than last – I enjoy hiking, camping and would love to go white water rafting and skydiving.
  • Try new foods – I used to be a picky eater. A year ago I wouldn’t even touch a mushroom, peppers, tomatoes or even put sauce on my pasta (and a lot of other things) – I’d like to continue branching out.
  • Cut down on my shopping and sweets eating by 50% – Which still wouldn’t equal to a normal person’s percentage. But you gotta start somewhere 🙂

I hope to succeed in these goals!

We got to the airport yesterday morning and our flight was a tad delayed so we grabbed some breakfast. Thank you to potbelly for having something other than fried egg, cheese and bacon sandwiches! I ordered a cup of Steel Cut Oats w/ raisins and cinnamon. I cut up a banana and of course topped it with a scoop of Peanut Butter.

Our flight was fast (just about an hour) and we had TVs at our seats! I’ve never flown JetBlue but I think that their way of doing things runs a lot smoother than the airline I’m used to flying on. *CoughSouthwestCough*

When we arrived to the hotel they greeted us with this…

I reallllly tried to hold out on snacking on this warm, chewy, chocolate chunk cookie – but it took us a while to figure out where we were going to go for lunch – So i happily gave in. I’m glad I didn’t save it. It wouldn’t have been as good if it wasn’t warm!

We decided on Faneuil Hall. Good choice! There was a lot going on there… Ice sculptures of Tom Brady, steel drum bands, plenty of shopping opportunities and a million of different food vendors. Yep, a million. We walked up and down drooling over the food, but we wanted to make sure we saw all of there was to offer before we chose. We decided on Pulled Pork Sandwiches from one place and Fries from another. Healthy right? The Pulled Pork was SO good…very salty but I love salt so it didn’t bother me. The fries were perfect – they reminded us of Boardwalk Fries. We had plenty of dipping options. I went with the vinegar. More salt! I definitely needed to start chugging some water after that meal.






On our way out…We eyed up some dessert. Duh. I’ll let you know tomorrow if we actually ended up purchasing one of these monsters.

IF we did purchase one – which one do you think we would choose?

We still had time before our dinner reservations (i swear all we do is eat) so we walked over to the Aquarium. This one was 1000x better than the one in Baltimore. They had sharks, penguins, huge turtles, octopuses and so much more. Can you guess my favorite?

They were having a serious conversation. They way the speak to each other is similar to the noise a donkey makes. There were also a couple of scraps between others. Drama in penguin world.

We headed back to our hotel to get ready for dinner… I desperately needed a nap. But there wasn’t time so I rallied. Our reservations were at Post390 . On our way there our elderly cab driver told us that if he was going out for NYE that’s where he would go… That worried us. Upon arrival our fears were squashed. The place was beautiful. Young, trendy and festive! They had a lot of good options. I chose the special – Bacon wrapped scallops with a lobster succotash. We also had crab and spinach dip w/ pita chips as an appetizer…and of course dessert – which was a drunken spice cake with caramel chocolate glaze and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. No complaints here!

The bar area downstairs was a little crowded so we took a walk around outside to find somewhere we could sit down. We found one… Let’s just say we were odd man out. We ended up having a great time and ended the night with these. 






No hangover here 🙂 Were going downstairs to have breakfast at the Cafe and then were off to find more good eats! Make your first day count!!