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July 8, 2011

1 week of NJ

Well, my laying out didn’t go as planned… It wasn’t very sunny 😦 Whomp Whomp.

But I still had a nice view!

I snacked on lunch while laying out. Tuna mixed with greek yogurt and old bay, a fuji apple and 100 calorie pack of brownies for my sweet tooth teeth.

I haven’t been feeling well so I came home and took a nap after a 4 mile bike ride. Adam texted me he was on his way home from work so I figured I should act like I did something worthy today and made the bed and prepped dinner.

Turkey Sloppy Joes (99% fat free turkey, 1/2 white onion diced, favorite bbq sauce), sweet potato fries and some cucumber slices. The only thing that could’ve made this more summer like would’ve been a glass of lemonade and some watermelon for dessert.

Silly me, we all know I don’t count fruit as dessert! We enjoyed our respective ice creams while watching Grown Ups…Which I thought was hilarious 🙂

Favorite Friday

I’ve made it an entire week of living in Jersey! Yes, we’ve had a couple of hang-ups, spent a million dollars on this move and I’ve driven endless miles only to make a u-turn because there are no left turns but all in all it’s been a great week. Here are some of my favorite things about living in Jersey!

1.) The obvious.

Waking up to this face everyday.

2.) The city is a square mile so everything is in walking/bike riding distance. I rarely have to use my car!

3. My morning runs look like this

4. I’ve found lots of free workouts outside! Yoga, Belly-dancing, Hip-Hop classes and Kickboxing.

5. There are SO many good restaurants around here!

6. I’m a hop, skip and jump away from this fancy event

7. The beach is only an hour away

Speaking of the Jersey Shore… Were headed there early in the morning so I’ve gotta get some sleep! Will you still love me if I come back looking like this?

That’s OK… I wouldn’t either.

Enjoy your weekend!

QUESTIONS: What’s your favorite thing about the city you live in?

July 7, 2011

Blender Mishap

This morning I got up and headed out for my run… It was a little rough. I’ve been slacking on the stretching and boy could I notice. I ran about 3 miles and had to walk the fourth. I can guarantee I’ll be doing some of this later.

I came home sweaty as ever and wanted something nice and cold! I pulled out our new blender to make a smoothie bowl. I must’ve not put the blender together correctly because as soon as I pressed the blend button…I had a big mess.

Awesome. Happy Thursday to you too.

I ended up figuring it out and gave it another shot.

Whew, much better.

Strawberry Cake Batter Smoothie Bowl: 1 1/4 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop cake batter protein, 5 fresh strawberries, 2 pinches of xanthan gum (for thickness)

This one looks prettier than the first anyways 🙂

Summer to Do List

This morning I was thinking about how fast this year has gone by (especially Summer) and decided to jot down a quick list of things I want to accomplish before Summer is over.

1.) Find a job preferably as an Event or Wedding Planner in NYC – my dream

2.) Make new friends – Since I just moved to a city where I only know my boyfriend and his guy friends I’m going to need a little girl time here and there too!

3.) Have a picnic in Central Park

4.) Get a chocolate chip cookie from Levain’s Bakery in NYC

5.) Visit the Peanut Butter & Co. in NYC

6.) Take as many free workout classes outside as possible. I’ve already found yoga and belly dancing classes

7.) Visit the beach at least once a month

8.) Do a DIY project for our bedroom – ex: make a headboard

9.) Take a cooking class

10.) Read a book from start to finish. I have major ADD and usually get halfway through and start another.

I still have things to cross off my to do list but there is not a cloud in the sky and from the looks of yesterdays picture of myself i DESPERATELY need a tan. To lay out or run errands? That is the question.

QUESTION: What is something YOU want to accomplish this summer?