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August 25, 2011


Last night I was invited to the US Open VIP Party so I asked my friend Sharon to join me.

We headed to Terminal 5 where they hold a lot of concerts. When we walked in we immediately commented on how much we loved the chandeliers. Adam, please buy me one..

Once we entered the concert room we were greeted with bags of trail mix, mini soft pretzel stands and butler served hors d’oeuvres. We made our way to the bar and I ordered a stoli vanilla w/ soda water.

I think I’m going to switch over to this drink because I’m trying to cut out soda and my regular is Captain and Diet which is VERY sugary!

After a couple of shenanigans

we headed to the dance floor where the concert was going on. In the middle of talking a guy came up and said “do you want to go upstairs” I replied “sure” (there were 3 levels and each level had different VIP perks). While we waited in what I thought was a small line for an elevator the security guard said “you ready to do this?” We were all like “yeah, duh??” then he said “Ok you have to dance the entire time…” Um, excuse me? At this point I asked exactly what he meant and he said he asked if we wanted to dance on stage not go upstairs. Oh, greaaat. What had we gotten ourselves into?

I tried to back out but Sharon assured me it would be fun. It was…a lot of fun.



We danced for a good 45 minutes and were absolutely exhausted. We headed home after our big debut 😉 and I was ready for some sleep!

I wanted to get up early to do a workout but I did Jillian’s 30 day shred yesterday and was SO sore. Goodness, I am out of shape!!

Instead I had breakfast and went into work a little early.

Fiber One 80 calorie honey squares w/ 1/2 of a homemade granola bar and some fresh strawberries.

Mila’s homemade granola bars are becoming one of my favorites so I suggest you check them out!

We’re busy prepping for the hurricane :/ and watching the Redskins whoop up on the Ravens! We’re on the ground level of our apartment and praying it doesn’t flood. Hoboken is in a mandatory remove your vehicles from the area and possibly a mandatory evacuation come tomorrow. Cross your fingers for us!!!

QUESTIONS: Is your area going to be affected by Ms. Irene?? When was the last time you felt like VIP?

PS: Fashion update – Dress is from Forever 21 and it costs 12 dollars. SCORE.

July 17, 2011


Friday I treated myself to a lunch out in Hoboken. I usually wouldn’t do this. Especially because I’m currently unemployed, but I had a Living Social deal so it was kind of free?

The restaurant’s name is Rejuiceanation. Their about us section on their website says “Rejuiceanation makes it a priority to promote nutrition and its vital role in helping people uphold healthy and active lifestyles.”

When I got to the restaurant I was overwhelmed by all of the choices on their build a salad menu… I had to be choosey though because everything was quite pricey. $1.75 for avocado? $1.75 for artichokes? $1.00 for asparagus? $2.25 for grilled chicken? $1.00 for sprouts? Add that to my $2.00 lettuce bed and we were looking at a $10 (HALF) salad.

The salad was small but good… It had a lot of avocado (not complaining) but I could’ve made the same thing for A LOT cheaper.

I also ordered one of their fresh squeezed juices. Red Velvet – Apple, Beets & Carrots

That was another $5. My total was around 16 or 17 dollars for the salad and juice. Whole Foods might even be cheaper than that!?

I’ll go there again, but only because I have enough left on my gift card for one more salad and juice. After that I don’t think I’ll be visiting there unless I’m feeling REALLY lazy. Which probably means in 2 weeks.

Adam got home early from work (weeeee) and we wanted to see Horrible Bosses so I made a quick Taco dinner.

Ground Chicken, Vegetarian Refried Beans, Romaine Lettuce, Salsa, Mexican Cheese, Greek Yogurt (used as Sour cream)

I made a taco salad with all the fixins and made us each half of a cheese quesadilla on a flat out.

We took public transportation to the movie (eh, i need to get used to this).

But the view ended up not being so bad.

Even if the people were a little creepy 🙂

Horrible bosses in our opinion was hilarious. It’s definitely a crude type of comedy but the laughs were consistent and I’m always down for a night of giggling. We snacked on a small popcorn which made my belly sad but there’s something about movie theater popcorn that tastes SO GOOD!

I think were heading out to explore NYC. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

QUESTIONS: Have you seen horrible bosses? What is your favorite type of movie? I like a good romantic comedy (typical girl)