What is a flexitarian you might ask? My definition is someone who will eat vegan, vegetarian and occasionally eat meat. That’s exactly what I do. I’m flexible – I will eat it all!! 🙂 Sometimes I have cereal and salads all day, sometimes I’ll have a bacon egg and cheese bagel for breakfast and steak for dinner – I eat what I want.

Yesterday I had a vegetarian (almost vegan) kind of day which means I had NO meat and very minimal dairy.

Breakfast (the only time i had dairy):

VitaMuffin sugar-free chocolate top w/ 0% plain greek yogurt, 1/2 a banana and raisin almond Love Grown granola.


Organic quinoa, meatless meatballs, organic marinara sauce (the meatballs are still frozen in this picture)


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes and tortilla chips


Cereal combo: Kashi honey almond go lean crunch, fiber one 80 calorie squares and unsweetened almond milk


Dairy-free ice cream sandwich by Tofutti *very aware i need a manicure*

To be honest, when I eat this way i feel 100x better than if I had chicken or meat during the day – but sometimes my body craves bacon so that’s what it gets! The only thing I would really miss if I did go full vegetarian would be pork.. So for now, this works for me. Maybe one day I’ll go balls to the wall full on veg-head. Until then expect to see a variety of meals!

On my to do list: Find the perfect birthday dress & pack for a weekend getaway – oh, and work.


QUESTIONS: Do you ever eat full vegetarian meals all day? If you’re vegetarian do you eat vegan meals sometimes?


19 Comments to “Flexitarian”

  1. I need to do the same!! Mine is Wednesday 🙂 ans I agree, I feel better when I get no meat but sometimes I crave!

  2. I don’t think I could ever give up meat. I love the IDEA of vegetarian. But I love the REALITY of being a carnivore. ❤

  3. Hmmm, flexitarianism was something a presenter talked about at the HLS. She suggested doing some bean math to calculate the beans you needed to replace the meat in your life among other things. While I normally feel good when I don’t eat me (like yesterday when I inadvertently had 3 meat-free meals [and 2 pieces of deli turkey snack, oops]) I tend to feel pretty satisfied and good when I do. I bet that everyone’s body reacts differently, but there’s no harm in a little bean math now and then.

  4. I am definitely more towards the veg-side of the scale, but I do crave meat sometimes and it’s so easy to throw a roast or some chicken breasts in the crockpot. And you’re not the only one who needs a manicure.. my nails are jacked!

  5. I’m a vegetarian, but I’m also like an 80% vegan. I don’t really LIKE cheese and stuff that much. However, I LOVE greek yogurt. And lately, I’ve been eating egg whites and cheese, because it’s so good for me! I think being flexible works best, because you can get your cravings and eat healthier! I’m sure if I ever DID Crave meat, I’d consider eating it!

  6. you will never be a full veg head! 🙂

  7. jenn is a vegetarian and she’s gotten me into trying a lot of different foods, so now i buy some real meat products and some imitation ones. however, there’s nothing quite like a good filet mignon! =)

  8. I am a eatwhatIcravetarian !

    I just listen to my body and eat what I like!

    Love ya girl! Happy holiday weekend! xoxo ❤

  9. I’m definitely a flexitarian- though I love my meat, I do have some days I go without, but I agree with Katie above, I am most definitely also an eatwhatIcravetarian; last week when I was in Sweden I went 5 meals in a row vegetarian (unintentionally)…then did lots of steak and seafood the following three nights.

  10. I started a new diet and I have been eating no dairy this week and minimal meat… I feel and look so much better! I do miss eating a nice steak though. That’s what treats are for.. I think Sara has it right on the I’m an ‘eatwhatIcravetarian’!!

  11. I’m a vegetarian (Ok, ok, I’ll admit that I eat fish like 3 times a year, usually when there is pretty much nothing else on the menu and I dont want a plain salad!) and I would say I never eat vegan. I just love cheese too much! I dont drink regular milk anymore but I dont think I could give up my cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt etc!

  12. I eat what I crave almost 100% of the time. Some days I eat meat and dairy at every meal; others I’m 100% vegan! It kind of fascinates me how my body wants completely different things on a day-to-day basis. One thing I ALWAYS eat: chocolate. I can’t go 24 hours without it! How do people give up sweets for weeks or months?? I’d go nuts!

    Love those Tofutti ice cream sandwiches!

    Have a fab weekend, girlie!

  13. OOo I’ve never heard of this and I like it. I’ve heard of “pollotarian” and posted about it a couple of times- basically it just means occassionally eating white meat. But flexitarian definitley more describes my eating style, too!

  14. I consider myself a flexitarian too because sometimes I eat fish but most days I’m a vegetarian and some I’m vegan! I just go with the flow!

    I would love a fro-yo date next week! Are you available Thursday afternoon?

    Have a good birthday weekend 🙂 xo

  15. I eat vegetarian every day 🙂 I don’t really eat that much dairy- I’m trying to cut back on cheese but I can’t give up my daily yogurt!

  16. I don’t know anyone else who eats vitamuffins. I just ordered some, and got these fudgy peanut butter chip ones. They are awesome. They also sent me free pumpkin spice ones as a bonus, which are good too!

  17. i think you and i have opposite reactions to meat & veggie filled days. i naturally gravitate towards all veg and have to force myself to eat meat because my body feels better when i get a lot of protein from animal sources. i went vegan for about a year but spent the whole time dreaming of sushi! 🙂

  18. Love that you are so flexible with your eats. I dabbled in pescetarian for awhile. I loved it, but my body started craving more meat, so I started again. To this day I’m not a huge meat eater, but when I crave it, I eat it.

    It’s so great that we listen to what our bodies need! Gotta take care of these suckers are they are all our own 🙂

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